Monday, January 3, 2011

In the beginning...

We bought a house! We have been renting in Atlanta since we have been married in July of 2008. We have been living in a great apartment in the middle of Buckhead. It's right across from Publix, Target, and all the shopping you can imagine...but we were tired of throwing our money away, and ready for an investment property! Click here to see our home before any changes.

So the first thing Ryan did with the help of Sir Robert Bruder (home renovation guru) was draw up plans for our new home. (Ryan can post them here when he gets a chance.)
Next... the demo began... in the bathroom.

The crowbar is the BEST tool for demoing... and one of the cheapest we have bought! Our house is a 1940's home, and apparently they built their houses to sustain, because there was cement plaster behind the whole bathroom... and at least a foot of cement under the tile flooring! (See picture of Ryan in the hole below)

This is a good story: There was a cast iron bathtub in that hole... now there's not. Want to know how we got that 500lb tub out of the house? Glad you asked... Ryan pryed the tub up using the best tool...THE crowbar, then we followed up with balancing it on a set of garbage can wheels... all the way out the front door! Now that's creative.

And this is why we had to demo the bathroom... one word R-O-T.
From here, Ryan spent a good week or two replacing the wood and supports that were ruined. This was definetly one of the more challenging areas of the demo.

Just a sneek peek... now we are here!

Laying tile!

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