Saturday, January 1, 2011

About this blog

This blog is going to be a place for us to document the newest chapter in our life... renovating a house, or should I say rebuilding? I struggled with what to "name" our blog, but as soon as I ran across the definition of abode, I knew that word had to be in the title.
We bought our house in October, and plan for it to be move in ready by Jan. 31st! Well, you might have to understand our idea of "move-in-ready"... it has to have a roof and a bathroom; the rest is just extra. ;) You see it went from this

to this
      Our "bathroom"

and no, ladies and gentlemen... that is not snow.

and through this....
 and now this!!!!
By our standards, it is almost move in ready! As soon as we finish that bathroom, we'll be set! ;)

HAPPY 2011!

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