Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Disney- Round two!

Last week, we embarked on our second trip to Disney in two years. After our last trip (you can read about here, herehere, here and here), we knew it would be awhile until we returned.... (famous last words). Well.... Ryan (the person who says his favorite ride at Disney is the ride home) WON a free stay in Orlando last fall at the deer expo in Birmingham. (No, this did not thrill him. He would rather have won a rifle. haha)

However, this meant we would be visiting Disney much sooner than either of us had anticipated, and I was pumped! This was the first vacation we have taken with just the four of us and we were excited about it!

I decided against telling Burke since the day I found out about the trip. We did the whole count down calendar last time (which was so fun!), but that was mainly because he had no background knowledge of Disney... so it was a great way to introduce characters, movies, and learn a little about where he would be visiting. This time- I knew he would drive me bat crazy if we told him! lol So, a planned surprise it was!

We scooped them up at 5am last Wednesday morning and began the trek. When Burke awoke he did inquire about all the stuff in the back of Libby and where we were going, but we just told him it was a surprise. 

We arrived at 3:00pm. I'll let the pictures and video do the rest...

(Glad we did this before he can read! :)

Day 1- Disney Springs

We checked in and then headed to Disney Springs! I vaguely remember it (when it was much much smaller...). It's basically a huge outdoor mall, but it does have a lot for the little ones to do (that won't cost you a dime!)

The Lego Store being one of them!

(Sidenote... when we asked Burke who his favorite character was, he said "Buzz." Well, sister adopted it as well, and listening to her trying to pronounce "Buth" is the cutest thing!

Burke's car came in a close second!

And upon Hylan Marie's first princess sighting ... this was her reaction.
I had a strong feeling seeing something better than a statue the next day would send her into princess shock. :)

After playing a bit, we ate at The T-REX Restaurant! I was bummed because I had been searching for a table on the My Disney Experience App with no availably for us since I was told about it a month prior. Come to find out it was only a 25 minute wait... and it was so worth it! The food was SO GOOD and the kids (and Ryan and I) loved the cool and B.C. atmosphere! We passed the time in the restaurant taking it all in!

Afterwards, dance parties ensued. (Sister has got moves. ;)

We headed back to our hotel to get some zzz's around 8:00pm. 
Magic Kingdom awaited!

Day 2- Magic Kingdom

We woke up fairly early, and headed out. We chose to drive in and park ourselves vs. riding the bus or shuttle our hotel provided... and let me tell you, it was MUCH less stressful! No fear of being left, leaving something behind, or being uncomfortable! I intended on us opening the park at 9am, but things always move slower than you anticipate, so we missed it. sigh....

But we did ride the ferry over (which is why we probably missed the park opening by 5 minutes. :)... it was a bit slower, but so much more roomy (HELLO double stroller!) and scenic!

We rode lots and had a grand family time! It wasn't too crowded either!

First ride was the carousel. :) Hylan Marie couldn't get past it, so we broke and rode the ride that you can ride at the nearest carnival. :) If there is one thing I have learned with kids... don't make too many plans. haha

And as you see- it was worth it. #biggestsmilesever

Sister insisted she link arms with daddy in the Buzz Lightyear ride line... getting ready for Homecoming Court already! :)

We ate lunch at Chef Mickey's!

(See that autograph book??? I got a Silhouette and it was my first little project! :) Not to shabby, but I have LOTS to learn!)

This was fun, but the food struggled. We ate here last year as well as this time around... it's a classic! But this will probably be our last time to eat here... the other character meals are so much better! However, when you come upon faces like this...

when you're going through your photos... it makes me rethink that decision. 

Hylan Marie was not scared of any one of them... she actually whined half the time because she wanted to hang out with them constantly!

Snow White and her prince charming. :)

As soon as we finished lunch, we put sister in the stroller and she fell asleep. So Ryan and Burke decided to head to Splash Mountain while sleeping Snow White and I hunted the perfect spot to watch an upcoming parade.

When she woke up, we took a few pictures, minus the guys. :)

She loved being so close!

(I ADORE the three fairies!)

Characters came and interacted with us!

Snow White spotted her mini-twin too!

Burke and Ryan met us after the parade (Splash Mountain was the only ride we had to wait in all day!), but it got rave reviews by Burkeman! :) 

We then rode some more and used our Fast Passes at Peter Pan.

And rode sister's favorite ride again. :)

We stayed at the park until we couldn't move our feet and Burke was starting to fall apart. haha I believe he started crying because he wanted a balloon. Que time to leave! It was closing early (7) for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but we left around 6pm (and should have probably left much sooner, but what's a Disney Trip without pushing your children's limits??? lol

Next up, Day 3- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Day 4- Hollywood Studios!

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