Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hollywood Studios- "I see Mickey!"

Our first day in Disney was spent at Hollywood Studios.

It was a crazy morning! One, I slammed my toe in the door as we were leaving, and started bleeding everywhere (which called for a change of shoes...that had already been packed in the depths of our luggage). Hylan had a blow out right before we left (I actually was thankful for her timing ... in the park would have been much worse!... Not that it didn't eventually happen...) And it was our first time doing any of this... so finding the best way to pack, get to the resort, parking, and the men folk figuring out the best way to fit our GINORMOUS strollers on the buses was a learning experience. 

(Yes, I brought double BOB, and YES he was worth every uncomfortable bus ride to the park and back!) Danielle rented one too, and we were both so happy we had these with us! 

We decided to sport our favorite team attire that day. :) We got a lot of "War Eagle"'s!

Our first interaction with characters. :) Burke was in awe... and just wanted to pet them. :)

The boys frequently hopped in and out of whatever stroller they wanted.

Hylan did the same... I was just her legs. :)

And then...
he spotted Mickey for the first time.

I almost lost it. So glad I had sunglasses on!

We also found the Honey I shrunk the Kids playground... it was AMAZING. 

Not many people told me how awesome the playgrounds would be. I'm pretty sure Burke had just as much fun playing in these as he did riding the rides! You can kind of see it in the background behind this smiling face. :)

But don't worry... she wasn't always this happy. Take away this girl's quite crib time and she eventually cracks. THANK GOODNESS for those baby centers in each park. I don't think we would have survived without them ... and the grandparents! The baby centers were always cool, clean (expect the one in Magic Kingdom struggled a bit), and quiet. The one in HS was significantly smaller, but I loved the private nursing rooms with rocking chairs. 

For lunch we ate at the 50's Prime Time Cafe'.
Out of all the meals, it was my least favorite, but it may have been what I got. Ryan said his roast was  fabulous. However, the dessert made up for it. I got a peanut butter cake that was to die for... and the kids got ice cream with Micky Mouse sprinkles. 

Hollywood Studios was mostly shows, but out of the rides, Buzz Lightyear, was Burke's favorite.  It was one of our Fast Pass rides... thank goodness, because the wait was ridiculous! And those grandparents... yep, they watched Hylan while this all went down. So thankful for them!

As we were leaving, Burke saw Woody through a window.
 I started realizing that he was REALLY into the characters and adding to his autograph book. I remember saying "I would never be the person waiting in line forever to get a picture with a costume."... but here I was... completely melted by this boy's excitement in getting to meet them.

(This was in the line to see Woody)

The wait time posted was 50 minutes. However, we waited for about 15 and didn't move AT ALL. So I mentioned going to get a sucker at the gift shop, and that's all she wrote folks. (We would later get to meet Woody and Jessie in Magic Kingdom).

All in all this was a pretty easy day. Knowing what I know now, I would have put this park in the middle of our week, (as a breather... because the next days were crazy full!) OR park hopped to another park since there is not a ton to do here.

In addition to that sucker that was promised, Burke and Daddy eyed a souvenir must. :)

And one for sister. :)

Once we arrived back at the resort, the boys got baths in Ree and PaPa's room and were dressed in their Mickey PJ's in anticipation for the next day in Magic Kingdom!

And since it's Wednesday...
Burke: " Mommy, I want to show Micky Mouse my Micky Mouse." were his words right before he drifted off to la la land.

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