Sunday, June 7, 2015

Magic Kingdom

We set off Monday excited for our first taste of Magic Kingdom with our kiddos dressed in their precious matching outfits given to us by our sweet friend, Amy.

We started the day at Chef Mickey's!
It was a huge hit with the kids and the adults.

The breakfast was buffet style, but so good!
The characters came around after you had a chance to eat, which was awesome!

Can you tell Burke was a little excited?
Character meals rock!

It was also Goofy's birthday! So the boys decided to hide under the table and jump out and yell "Surprise!" when he approached our table... only Burke didn't get the memo on how to quite go about that...

 Don't worry... Hudson eventually warmed up!

During their visit they got to sing and dance along with Mickey and his gang, and were encouraged to swing their napkin in the air. :)
So much fun!

A lot of the characters had special interest in Miss Priss. :)
It was so sweet of them. She loved it, and (as you'll see in later pictures), she would reach out and touch them and give the biggest smiles.

(Oh, and hair piece was custom made by Jameson Monroe. She got so many sweet compliments on it.)

After a lot of fun and full bellies we headed to the parks...

and so did the rest of the nation. 

As you can see, it was very crowded, but thankfully Danielle had us ready to go with an itinerary, and we had excellent scheduled fast passes. We headed to Tomorrow Land where we road Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.

This ride (somewhat similar to the one in Hollywood Studios), was Burke's favorite! The line was too long to ride it again once we used our fast pass, but we would get to ride it again later in the week multiple times!

(At the end of the ride)

We then rode the Astro Orbiter. 
Even HM!

(MOM, What are you thinking?!)
As we began boarding the ride, it started sprinkling! I felt so bad that I had Hylan out in it, but it did feel good since it was getting hot. 
Once we finished here, the rest of the crew went on to Monsters, Inc. and I went to feed Hylan at the baby care center, which thankfully wasn't too far of a walk from Tomorrow Land.

After all that went down, Ryan, Burke, Hylan, and I decided we better take a break, and head back to the hotel room. We wanted to watch the park's fireworks show and parade, and if we were to even get close to making it that long, B would have to have a nap. As we were unloading from our bus we noticed our bag (a merchandise bag that we had filled with drinks and changes of clothes) that was underneath our stroller was missing. :/ We are 99% sure it was taken. Thankfully there was nothing too valuable in it.

So we left after eating lunch, and returned refreshed (as refreshed as you could be) for a quick serve dinner at Pecos Bill's with the family around 5pm.

It worked out great, because Cade got to ride rides that Burke wouldn't be tall enough for! 

We actually realized we were ahead of schedule, so we began making our way to Adventure Land to mark off rides we had on the list to do Thursday (the next time we would be in Magic Kingdom.) There was little to no wait for rides at this time!

Burke liked the Jungle Cruise... and like the characters, he thought everything was real, which made it worth the ride (because let's face it... that ride is pretty annoying. :))

We then set out to watch the electric parade. We started hunting a good spot an hour before show time, but everything was already taken! We finally found a good spot, but it was not our preferred choice.

Aren't they cute. :)

Ryan mocking Hylan's expression 90% of the time.

And this picture just makes me smile!
The glow ears and swords were purchased at the dollar store before the trip!

They even honored our veterans with a fabulous eagle and American flag float.

The boys LOVED the electrical parade... but before the firework show was over...

Completely pooped.
Hylan was the only one still awake. (Hence why we are having a hard time with sleep...)

But the show was awesome. So glad we got to see it, but it's something I would only want to do once on a trip for sure!

We headed back to the resort, and arrived around 11pm.
Burke didn't even get a bath that night! Gross, I know! But the next morning would be going to Sea World and have a MUCH slower paced day!

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