Wednesday, October 5, 2016

First week of October? HOW?

1) WHAT happened to my friend blog links on the right side of my blog????? I WILL add you back! No idea how that happened.

2) I (yet again) am falling behind on the blog.... all you need to know is- kids. band. disney... (yes, again) in one week!

3) Lastly...
Last Friday's half-time show with the little ones went off amazingly well!

SHS Auxiliary looks to have a stellar future, and I'm so excited!

While I was with the band at competition Saturday, I got lots of pictures like this....

I mean.


this band got ALL 1's at competition!

I have never been more proud of the auxiliary. They did SO SO good... and had some last minute changes in the field show too! Boy, am I going to miss these seniors!

Sunday, after church, we celebrated our sweet neighbor's 9th birthday! 
I caught this pic of the girls acting to grown! haha!

The boys decided to take a break from the freezing water and sun bathe too! :)

I can't describe how much this sweet neighbor means to me and my kiddos. Hylan Marie pretty much thinks MG is her big sister and Burke thinks she hung the moon. In fact, our conversation went like this the other day while driving past their street....
Burke: Momma...
Me: Yeah buddy?
Burke: I really like Mary Grace.
Me: Me too.
Burke: You know why?
Me: Why?
Burke: Because she's so nice. I really like her.

Very thankful to this 9 year old for showing so much love to my kiddos. She is loved 10 fold for sure!

As for the rest of the week....
it's flying by because of the pace of things lately.

(Walmart trips are better when you have to buy pillows!)

We took advantage of the "free time" after school and before tonight's night choir practice and church to go to Birmingham to eat lunch at Chick-fil-a, run a few errands (Disney shoes- check!), and have a little fun at the "Halloween Store."

Burke LOVED the Halloween Spirit store last year. :) He has remembered it since, and so I believe this is a first of October tradition we will keep. What he didn't remember was the spider. :) I kind of knew how this was going to go down, so I whipped out the camera. :) I was DYING.

The rule is- we don't buy a thing, we laugh at everything that's supposed to be scary, and we leave with a better idea of what we DON'T want to be for Halloween. :)

Many prayers as we round the corner of the first week in October!

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