Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Recap- The craziest happens in Jordan-Hare!

Whew! It was another whirl wind weekend.... starting with Friday! Because.... 
sickness is what most of the previous week ended up being. 
I think I got what HM had during the last Auburn game. She acted a little under the weather for about two or three days leading up to the previous Auburn game, but was just pitiful the Saturday before last. What I had lasted about three days, so I'm sure that was it.

Thank goodness for grandparents who swooped up the kids when I couldn't hang and sweet friends who bring you medicine and the perfect meal when you feel like you're about to die. :)

It sure made me feel better.

So, back to Friday... I was feeling much better!
I woke this one up early from her nap in order to make the high school pep rally with my two little ones. However, before we could leave... this one found my purse (and lipstick) and decided to make herself pretty. :)

Side note... I noticed a first freckle on HM during our walk that morning (See 3rd toe freckle on her left foot... so stinkin' cute!) . :) I love these sweet little toes. 

We made it to the pep rally, where we the majorettes performed and did a stellar job!

The kids had way too much fun. :)

 Then, we bee-lined it to meet Ryan at an event he was attending so I could leave the kids with him. 
It was a tailgate, and Aubie made a debut! 

It was HM's first time interacting with Aubie, and she LOVED him. How can you not?!

First sighting on video!

I mean... the hug was over the top on the cute-a-meter.

Sweet friends...

I had to jet in order to make the bus to Childersburg, but a friend sent me the following ...

She basically seems like Aubie and her were BFF. :)


Aggies won the game, BIG!

Saturday came quickly.... it 
was another game day on the plains!

Meanwhile, my girls and the band killed it at competition!
Best in Class and Superior Ratings!
I hate I wasn't there to see and hear the band, but we had tickets to the LSU game for a long while... and I'm so glad I was there! What a crazy ending!!!

We have a tough competition coming up Saturday, but these girls are ready! I will be missing a 70th anniversary majorette reunion and alumni band (tear!), but Saturday for the Aggie band is BIG, so I'm excited to be a part!

Sunday was church and the mini auxiliary camp. 
It went wonderfully and I can't wait to see all the girls on the field for Thursday's practice!

Then we started this week off with more band practice and Burke's first soccer games!

We slipped in a little library run today... it's been way to long since we've visited...
and this happened. #allthehearteyes

And to top off the day, we had a sweet neighbor come help me get the kids ready for bed. :)
They love each other so! 

Our days are jam packed, but we wouldn't want it any different!

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