Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Back from a blog-cation

Because I took a little blogging vacation apparently.... and you KNOW two weeks of my children's lives can not go undocumented ;) 

SO ...picture overload ahead

Burke has been extra sweet in the big brother arena lately. Now... that doesn't mean he won't do something to really tick her off, but more often than not, he is playing with her, reading to her, and being extra protective. It melts me.

Making rice crispy treats to send to school!

We went to another Wee Folks production, and we got to go on Jack's birthday! It was a super fun day filled with fun, friends, and Chickfila (yes, another iced coffee. :)

We visited GeGe and Pop's grave, and she loved hearing about her great grandparents.

We formally invited the grandparents to Grandparent's Day at School. :)

Which was a hit...

I'm thankful we celebrated grandparents day on a Friday and my parents were able to stay and hang out with them until Ryan got home!

And if you live in Sylacauga and haven't signed up your K-6th grader for this....
You will not want them to miss it! It's going to be so fun and great exposure for the little ones to perform under Friday night lights at a (super cute) age!

While I've been super busy with the SHS Auxiliaries in the afternoons and  getting ready for the clinic this Sunday, it has never been more evident that these girls are the BEST bunch you can ask for, and the band and staff are top notch... so it's hard not to want to give 110%! 

See our band director and my sweet friend (the interviewer) tell you all about it here on our local library connection!

It has been a bit of a struggle managing the littles with this side job (although I wouldn't call it a "job"... it's definitely a passion!), but thankfully my awesome husband, amazing family, friends, and a great babysitter has been helping out in this arena, plus our band director is super understanding of those times when they have to come to practice. :)

Ree and PaPa have been a staple on those Friday's when I have a gab of time I need childcare until Ryan is able to get home from Birmingham, and my parents have helped out too.

On one of those times when I had to drive to Birmingham to get the kids to my mom before a Friday night game.... we stopped at Chickfila and OH. MY. WORD... tell me you've tried this! It was so good, that I got one the next day when I had to meet mom to pick them up!

Move over Starbucks... iced coffee perfection.

 We had our first Auburn Gameday of the season!

Sister loves her some Wes.

Little Miss stayed back with Nana and PapPap because the game STARTED at 8pm. I was sad about it to start with... it didn't seem right not having her there, but thankful we made that choice because we didn't get home till after midnight.

I'm sure she got some more good quality time with Ree and PaPa's new additions. 

Dan and Little Ann are the sweetest things!

That picture cracks me up!

Sister ADORES them!

The big boys at the first game!

(I think he was giving the coaches the death stare. I mean... HOW many QB's can you play in one game?!)

Enjoying Burke's favorite treat!

One of these past Sunday's... HM was sporting her new MJ. (I HEART THE COLOR MUSTARD!)

I also cooked like I have not cooked... well... in a long while.
The deep freeze was unplugged and I had lots of meat and blueberries to make into something! :)

Lots of errands have been run, and a highlight was when a sweet dog named Maggie hung out with us while we got our oil changed.
We've decided HM is sure to be in the medical field. Either her love of animals or lack of emotion about blood and throw-up (details coming below) is bound to push her in that direction.

Last Friday, we made a trip to McWane! 

This is the face I get when she is doing something she shouldn't be doing (i.e. drinking the water :P)

Daddy made an appearance and was welcomed well. :)

I mean... I can't stand the cuteness! She is growing up so fast!

Daddy builds the best structures.

Then this past weekend we went to Auburn (yes... we have FIVE home games in a row!) and I posted this on Instagram.... those piggies... that puppy... 

But sister was not feeling very good at the game. :( She threw up a little before we went in (mind you... down the back of me and INTO my bag and shoes. Gag me. 

(I AM NOT made for the medical field.)

Ree captured this sweet picture! Burke sure loves Cade.

 Burke also started soccer (of which I have no good pictures of because I'm chasing around a one year old) but he and his buddies are having a ball!

I'll try to update more frequently (mostly for my sanity), but also so these posts won't be so random!
Have a blessed week!

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