Thursday, September 1, 2016

What He Said Wednesday

And yes... it's Thursday, but this was supposed to post last night! :)

Burke has been changing a lot lately. I have heard little ones change a lot in their four year old year, and I'm here to say that is completely true. He more of his own person, and thinks on his toes pretty quickly... which can either get him in trouble or be really, really funny. :)

This weekend:
I was getting ready in the bathroom....
Burke barges in (nothing new) and tells me something.... turns around and sees Ryan's clothes behind the bathroom door.
Burke: "Ugh." Grabs them and leaves.
Ryan: Walks into the bathroom (I have no privacy here.) "Do you know what our son just told me?" 
Me: "No, what?" 
Ryan: "That I need a chore chart."

I was dying.... and completely agree, son.

My favorite new phrases that he says are...
"That's terrible." - In the most in opportune times... 
"Now, let me tell you the plan." - When trying to talk you into something...

He can recite the pledge like a champ!

And is doing well on his school bible verses. They are on the letter C this week. "Children, obey your parents." :)

I love that he is learning these wonderful things at school! Thank you Mrs. Jacks and FUMC. Any opportunity to take in God's Word is so wonderful.

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