Sunday, August 28, 2016

Must-Have Monday

It's been a LONG time since I've done a Favorite Things post.... mostly because of trying to just keep with documenting life and how fast these babies are changing. Seriously... look how much HM has changed! (But same outfit y'all!....  Gotta love the fact that girls clothing can be worn so much longer!)

 So I got the itch to share some things I LOVE because someone told me how to sign up affiliate linking with Amazon... and well... I thought this might be a good way to experiment! Hopefully you will find something you might be in dire need of, use my link when you purchase, and let's see if I get $.02 or something in the mail. haha!

So in very random order....

I am hooked. 
If you are at the end of your bottle or feel your current conditioner is just not cutting it... try this. You won't go back to anything else.

P.S. I just grabbed the matching shampoo here (because if you are like me, you like your shampoo and conditioner bottles to match) GET IT HERE!
 But if you have to pick one... go for the conditioner!

(Sorry for the small picture!)

I saw them first on Momfessionals blog, and wondered what all the hype was about.... well...

I can attest that they are worth all that hype.

Burke LOVES them because...
 He can throw them on himself, they are breathable, and there is no fear about getting them dirty or wet (you can wash them in the sink when they get dirty or start to stink!). 

I love them because... 
He can throw them on himself, they are breathable, I have no fear about getting them dirty or wet (yay, for easy cleaning!), and they last! :)

I mean... we even used them as pool shoes this summer! #multipurposeforthewin

The navy is on sale right now, but there are so many colors to choose from...we currently have the grey (they go with everything!), but I'm seriously thinking about getting the navy for football season, and of course the pink for Hylan Marie!

Everyone has these, right?
Writing with this rainbow in heavenly.
This was our back to school happy for Burke's teacher! They are perfect for her clip chart color method!

B has on the light blue in a size 5. He usually would wear a four, but we ordered up a size and they are perfect. I could not locate the exact ones HM has, but there are plenty of cute options to choose from!

(Did you know Kickee Pants in on Prime?! I did not, and so in doing this post have already used my affiliate link to buy new jammies for a baby shower gift. haha) #winning.

No other pajama is needed because it's the softest and most cuddly thing you will ever feel. Burke begs to wear his, and it may be coincidence, and has not been scientifically studied, but I'm pretty sure my kids sleep better in them. Plus, they are a GREAT organization that gives back to rare diseases. Love supporting them. Here are some cute ones I'm loving right now!

And these...

And these bloomers! (I think this experiment is actually costing me money...)

 I also had NO clue they had maternity clothes!
Can I return to 2015 for a bit please? 

5) I was going to leave you five, but upon finding (and spending) way too much time looking at all the Kickee Pants on Amazon, I must go to bed. 

I'm just sure you will love these things as much as I do! Remember to check out using the links provided (so I can see if this affiliate link thing even works!) :)

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