Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Take it in- even the crazy.

We are now in week three of school, and are slowly starting to get into a routine. It's been a little of an adjustment getting ready to head to the band field in the afternoon, making sure kids are taken care of, but it's starting to feel normal!

Most mornings we walk to school to drop off brother and meet up with sweet friends to get some girl time and little exercise in... I missed the routine of this during summer! 
And this little face enjoys those morning walks too!

I've noticed that Burke and Hylan Marie are enjoying each other's company more now... I'm chalking it up to the fact that they get a three hour break from one another during the day. :)

I mean... giving your sister the peanut butter spoon is true love. :)

While Burke is away.... we play dolls... A. LOT.
And I won't lie... it's so fun, and beyond adorable to see her "rock, rock doll doll," stroll her around, put her to bed (complete with turning on the sound machine), and swinging her outside. :)

I think we have Christmas presents for this one under wraps. :) (Bring on all the doll accessories!)

And as for Burkeman... he's loving school. He ALWAYS has me check his behavior chart before we can even get out of the church parking lot. lol He's all about clipping up! However, today he told me that he clipped down (he and another boy... whom Burke always points out as getting in trouble daily... hid in the bathroom. It was a good opportunity to talk about it... it went something like this:

Burke: "Well... I did get in trouble today."
Me: "Really? You have green on your chart..."
Burke: Well, I was good the rest of the day."
Me: "Oh, so what happened?"
Burke: "It's terrible. I can't tell you."
Me: "Burke, you can tell me anything. I will love you no matter what."
Burke: "Well, ____ and I hid in the bathroom from Mrs. Jacks."
Me: Isn't ____ the one who always gets in trouble? Should you be doing the ideas that ____ suggests? I mean... he always gets in trouble, right?"
Burke: Well, I love him mom.
Me: (Remembering our conversation just that morning about how to help people like _____... by being their friend, loving them anyway, but helping and modeling the right way to behave/talk, etc... to help them stay out of trouble too... I then learn a REAL lesson from my four year old... he really was trying to live it out.... (and NO, I'm not condoning his decision to hide in the bathroom with _____.... because that was definitely wrong on his part, but how many times do I tell myself to reach  out to the needy, the friendless, the troubled.... and just don't act? More often than I can count.) "Burke, you keep being his friend... just realize when you are doing something that doesn't feel right- you need to stop and make a better choice- help ____ make a better choice too if possible.
Burke: "Ohhhhh Kaaaay mom." and then it was off to the next thing... "When is movie night?!"

Besides obsessing over the class clip chart, he's been learning a lot.... My favorite is that he has memorized a bible verse for the letter they worked on last week- "A- A friend loves at all times."

I also made a few letter matching games this summer (that he totally thinks are new board games) and he asks to play them occasionally. :) #trickymomma

This past Friday was our first Aggie football game. I had to leave early, so I had them dressed and ready for Ryan when he got home.... the photoshoot of their cute little shirts went about like this...

Ree came to help bridge the gap between my reporting time and Ryan getting home... and I got to hang out with 19 of the best.... and our football team won too!

And the weekend was spent mostly recuperating, and soaking in the kids.

We were so lazy, that Burke man was not feeling school on Monday.... so what did we do? Park hopped all morning. :)

We hid ninjas in the dirt, built stick castles, played hid and seek, played tag, swung and swung and swung...

I know that this may possibly be the last year we get to take such a lax time with school.... so by golly, we may have our fair share of these days. :)

We had a great time playing, meeting up with Burke's friend, Jack, and just hanging out 
drinking Sonic strawberry slushies.  

Later, I brought them to band practice... where among the chaos of trying to wrangle two little ones in 90+ degree heat,
 this happened...

It may have been the cutest thing I've ever seen.

It was a great day.

I wouldn't trade these days for the world. I love taking in every ounce of their littleness.... don't get me wrong- there are parts that are not pretty, or exciting, or glamorous ... but being present in their little lives, while they are just that.... little- innocent, sponges, that are rapidly changing by the minute.... I'm here.... and are so thankful for the opportunity to enjoy these fleeting days!

Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12

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