Tuesday, August 9, 2016

First Day of Pre-K (it may look like Groundhog Day)

Looking at these pictures as I do this post, makes me think of GroundHog Day (see here)... but what can I say? I love traditions!

A week ago we started really "prepping" for back to school around here. Reason?
Well, when I mentioned going back to school, or getting a new backpack, etc... he sulled up and wasn't into it. I just think he loves summer, like his momma!

Anyway, I knew a good countdown and some bright and colorful decor would help (and gives me a reason to decorate my mantle! ;)

The day his backpack came in. :)

HM and I didn't sleep much because she was up all night because she didn't feel well, so when she woke me up yesterday morning, I jolted up because I had intended on getting up when I heard Ryan getting ready to leave around 5:30am... just to get a head start on everything. But apparently I was OUT because sister was the first thing I heard at 6:35am (que panic).
We spelled out the exciting news in pancake form...

And he was adamant about adding the blueberries. :)

Burke not sure about sister putting her "sick fingers" in the syrup. lol

I had intentions on making his chalkboard sign the night before, but since Hylan Marie started needing me starting at around 10pm... it didn't happen... and therefore had to be a quick draw before we left for school!

(And yes, these pictures are of the same child... same sign... but that cute little boy!) 

When he arrived, he instantly hung his backpack in his cubby.

Walked right over and started playing... and I overheard the cutest thing... 
The little boy in orange, stood up and said, "Everyone! I want you to meet my bestest friend, Burke!"
How sweet!
I pray Burke says some of those sweet words to others to make them feel special too!

Upon the return home...
Homemade monster cookies, (Recipe here!) and he told me all about his day... which mainly focused on the behavior chart and how he is DYING to clip up. :)

All in all, it was a great day... for him... sister, on the other hand was a hot mess. She just finished a 48hr fever and was so so pitiful all day (and night... yikes.)

Looks like we are on the mend though! Praise the Lord!

And not to forget... 

My name is ....... Burke

The grade I'm starting this year is.....Pre-K

I am most excited about ....when you pick me up. (lol)

When I grow up I want to be ..... an architect like daddy. 

My best friend is..... Daddy.  (I'm getting the point son...)

My favorite book is.....  "No, David." (They read that this morning in class! :)

My favorite color is..... pink. (haha... only because its the best color on the behavior chart at school.).

My favorite game is..... baseball, tennis, and soccer (well rounded ;)

My favorite thing to eat is ..... plums. (He had a really good one yesterday, apparently. :)

My favorite thing about school is ..... playing. (Can I say I love that answer at 4 years old!)

The best thing that happened today ....we went outside and we got to play on the BIG playground! (Moving on up is fun. :)

So excited for him as he takes on PRE-K with a great teacher and sweet classmates!

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