Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bittersweet week

We have been super busy enjoying the last week of life without a schedule.... 
but these last few days... my heart has hurt. 

On Thursday, I received news that a former student was killed in an automobile accident. Her name was Olivia Roberts. I have memories of Olivia's sweet, sweet smile etched in my mind. Anyone could easily see she was one of THOSE students... the one you would trust to return to the classroom and grab the keys out of your purse because you were already mid destination, or the one who would lend her last sharpened pencil to someone if they weren't as prepared as she was, and were on the verge of getting in trouble. 

She was SO smart. Really smart, but her kindness, respect, and BIG heart, are what I remember most about Olivia. The world lost an amazing young lady Wednesday night, and my thoughts and prayers have been constant for the Robert's family since I heard about the news. Her mother, Beda, was a mother figure to many of us young teachers at the school...and how I wish I could hug her neck right now and cry with her. Olivia will be missed beyond measure, but one sweet day the pain will go away and we will be in her beautiful presence again! And until then... her light will shine through the lives of those she touched. 
Love you Olivia.

And on Saturday night, our friend and children's music minister, LaKeisha, lost her mother. The family has let God take over from the beginning and it was evident since the first worry. What an amazing testimony that says about their mom in itself. I didn't know her, but she must have been amazing to raise daughters with such beautiful hearts! 

Please keep these families in your prayers. 

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." ~Revelation 21:4

Since I was super busy with band camp the past three weeks, we had some summer bucket list check marking to do before school started.

We've been to McWane with friends,

(And is this not the cutest thing ever? Sister loved this center. :)

we've been swimming with friends in their beautiful pool,

and Mary Grace and HM are so excited to match their hometown majorettes this fall with matching tape. :) #perks

and appointments of all kinds... 

First up, Monday was Hylan Marie's Endocrine appointment at Children's. I, along with everyone we've shared this with, have been praying for her! We are so thankful for the prayers, and are happy to report that her thyroid labs came back NORMAL! We are elated. However, we have some questions about how accurate her lab results were that even sent us into this panic in the first place. No one should have to worry over things that are not accurate! We will be going for a 6 month follow-up to make sure everything is still normal, which the doctors seem to have no doubt that this is the case.

To make the visit more about others and keep the mood light, SugarBeanScout personally delivered some hair pretties and HotWheels to those waiting in the lobby. It was a blessing. Burke loved handing out the "gifts" and when he ran out of people to give to, he waited at the end of the hallway for new people to walk in so he could hand them a surprise. :) I think we will always try to make this a habit when going to a "serious" and scheduled appointment. It took the kids' mind (even a little of mine) of where we were and why we were there, and we got the biggest smiles and blessings.

 (Sister, right before the blood draw. She was spinning "doll doll" around and around and thought it was the best thing ever. :) And would you believe she didn't shed a tear through the process?? Honestly, she watched the man (who was dreading sticking an 18mth old) and seemed totally into watching the process. Do we have a future medical student??)

We also had a dentist appointment last week.
(B's first x-ray... handled like a champ and loved seeing his "teeth bones" come up on the screen. :)

It was sister's first visit and she did great.
(She had just watched Burke get his teeth cleaned and was "preparing" hahaha... They were also watching a movie on the ceiling. :)


We also been getting excited about school around here... official back to school post coming tomorrow! 

I can't believe he's in Pre-K!

We met Burke's teacher on Friday morning and I was so impressed with her organization and classroom. I've heard nothing but amazing things about her and just know it's going to be a great year!

We quickly headed to our favorite local barber for that back to school cut!

We went swimming at the lake on Saturday. Ryan has been super busy at work, so taking a family day was much needed! Burke spent the night with Ree and PaPa the night before, so he was already there with "tousin Cade." :)
We arrived about 10:30, Ree packed us a lunch, and we headed to find "the beach." We parked and stayed and played for hours.  

Burke has really started to love the water. He's getting more and more confident in his swimming, and we hope to have one more swimming lesson with Mrs. Ami before school is full swing.

And then sister showing off her apparent cheerleading skills. ;) (Ignore floppy, soaking wet bonnet. :)

We had a great time, but today, Sunday, the kids showed signs of wear.... haha... HM had a fever all day and was pitiful. :( Ryan stayed home with her while Burke and I went to church and then taught Sunday School.  Then B was found curled up sleeping in our bed without us knowing late this afternoon (which never happens), but he seemed to just be extra tired. Hopefully he just needed some extra rest, because he is so ready for school tomorrow! 

I pray for my children and yours as they start a new school year! 


  1. I am SO happy to hear that HM's tests came back normal. What a relief for you all!