Sunday, June 14, 2015


The next morning we said goodbye to our resort. (i.e. Moms everywhere mourn because you have to go back to a land where no one makes your bed and you are forced to provide fresh towels for your family.)

We drove to the Polynesian Resort and had breakfast at Ohana.

LOVE this ham!

The food was good, but the highlight of the meal was the fresh cinnamon raisin bread and the juice (which would later back fire on us.)

Then the characters came out!

One last hug for Mickey!

It was a great way to end our vacation. I'm so glad it worked out that a character meal was our last taste of Disney. With the age kids we had... those experiences were highlights of the trip!

We then loaded back up and headed for home with Mickey in arm.

We made better time coming back. However... the Ohana juice plus motion sickness apparently don't go well together.
Poor Cade got sick in the back of Libby. 
After a pit stop, we were back on track. 

We had planned to stay at the lake to recoup from the weekend, but all I wanted to do was get Hylan back into her routine! lol So we drove another 30 minutes to our house after unloading the rest of the crew, and were at our house before dark.

It was a magical trip for this sweet three year old. 

Our life post Disney is filled with sweet talks at bedtime about memories he has, begging to go back to ride the carousel or the Buzz ride, and the constant dressing up like Woody... and then preceding to ask "Do you want your picture with Woody?"  "Say cheese Hylan" "Who's next in line?" "Momma?"... 

How is this hilarious and creepy all at the same time???



  1. Have loved reading all about your trip! Sounds/looks like you had the best time!! Miss your sweet family!

    1. We did have a good time! I miss you too! I love that you are blogging now... it makes me feel a little like I get to talk to you (in some weird stalker way, Ha!) Hoping to make it over to Atl before summer is over! Hope to see you!