Monday, June 22, 2015

Sweet Summer Time!

I LOVE summer.
I don't care if it's 150 degrees on the first official day...
I love it.

Flip flops, warm evenings, longer days, .... I LOVE it.

We've been busy enjoying every minute, and trying to make sure we hit some things we haven't done before (camping out, drive in movie, visit some nearby attractions), by making us a summer bucket list.

We've also been crafting.
(This was the beginning of our caterpillar to go along with our Eric Carl-The Very Hungry Caterpillar book)

And getting ready for July 4th...

 We've been to the dentist .
(no cavities, yay!)

 Making memories with precious neighborhood friends.

Choreographing some majorette routines
(Coming to a half-time show near you. ha!)

We've been picking veggies at the farm.

Staying up late... blowing raspberries back to mommy... and the later. eek!

Staying in our "jammies" till noon.

Epicly failing this photo challenge (Hey, I made it to day 11. )

Going to my friend, Kimberly's, wedding and getting our dance on with beside cute girls.
Aren't Anna Bell's curls to die for?!

 Celebrating daddy!

 Burke gets REALLY excited at the mention of a birthday. Any opportunity to wear a pointy hat, blow out candles, and open presents makes his day.

We've been berry picking at Holmestead Farm with some great friends... and may I say it is the best U-pick farm I've ever been to! We are so lucky to have it so close to us! We will be visiting frequently.

Thanks to Payne playing my "other child", we were able to get a decent picture!

They even had a playground for when the little ones get tired of picking berries. Not to mention, they told us to eat as much as we wanted while we were picking, gave us all bottled water, gave us samples of other produce they had picked, and discounted our berries because we didn't fill our buckets to the top. 
Like I said... we will be back!

 We try to get in a walk before it gets too hot outside... or we go with Laura and sweet Hobbs (other great neighborhood friends) in the evening.

I've also managed to take out a handicapped pole and put a nice dent in Libby.
I'm so glad my husband said "It could have been worse." instead of what I thought his reaction would be. :)

We've been to Airwalk (and will be going back). It's awesome.

We've also been spending lots of time with family...

And this past weekend, I drove ALL these muchkins to Cullman for Father's Day Weekend. 
All I can say is, we made it. 

 Saturday, we visited my grandma and grandpa Moyer and then hit the aquatic center for some water fun.

This girl is starting to get the hang of food. Here she is killing a tomato on Saturday!
I need to do a separate post on the baby lead weaning thing... we are only just starting, but skipping the puree stage is going surprisingly well!

And we celebrated Father's Day this weekend!
The first one for Ryan with a little girl wrapped around his finger. :)

Sweet Summer time!

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