Monday, June 29, 2015

A few of my favorite things!

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs (besides my friends that you see in the sidebar) and decided it was about time I try this "link up" thing. It's a favorite thing theme (specifically shoes... you don't care if I get off subject, do you?).

They were a lifesaver in Disney World... like I wore them every day we were there!
Back in the real world, I wear them wherever water is involved, and the rest of the time my feet are spent in flip flops.
They are super comfy and the colors are so pretty (for this type of shoe at least!) I first saw them on Shireen's foot and knew that's what I wanted before we made the trek to Disney World.... and I'm so glad I did!

Now... to get off subject... 

Another favorite I must bring up... is this town!

This time last year we had just moved to Sylacauga. 

We are so happy here. I love this town and the people in it! It fits us perfectly... We are 40 minutes from the lake house and 30 more to get to God's Country, 15 minutes to the farm (where the garden grows and my hunter hunts), walking distance to school/church, library, friends houses, and SONIC. Baton twirling is back in my life (whoohoo!), my kids have a backyard, we joined and feel at home in church we love and see opportunities to grow (and as our pastor says) make Jesus real in our community, we have made some amazing friends, and most of all- it's my favorite because I get to do it with these peeps.

Another favorite thing would be that the house was painted last week!

What??? You can't see it because of that massive Azalea bush? 

Don't worry... it's coming out.
We are loving the new look. Ryan has some things to do (to make it Difference Architecture worthy) ... think cedar wrap, front porch revamp, lantern restored, GRASS!, and laser cut house number mounted...
(Isn't in cool?!)
More pictures and details coming once it's finished!

On a different note... my favorite thing this weekend was watching this girl roll over to her tummy! I remember when tummy time was DESPISED, and now she's choosing to do just that! Crazy!

She is so squirmy now... from diaper changes to being on the opposite side of the crib after a nap... I feel like this leap happened all of a sudden! And HOW is she going to be 6 months on Friday?! TEAR!

Lately, her favorite thing to wear when lounging around or sleeping is anything Kickee Pants. (Or maybe I just like snuggling her in this outfit.) My friend, Natalie, brought a Kickee Pants outfit and dinner over to our house after having Burke and I fell in love. Burke wore them constantly, and now they have been passed to Hylan. 
Look at that little bit!

(Yeah... that time I put her diaper on the outside of her clothes to keep a disaster from occurring.)

This brand gets better with every wash! She can still wear the 3mth size, but in fear of her growing out of it all too soon, I ordered two more in the 6-12 month (one seen in video).  :)

That's all the favorites I have time for... gotta get some sleep before my year of 32 starts!

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  1. I love hearing house updates! It sounds so similar to what we want to do. Can't wait for tomorrow!