Sunday, June 14, 2015

Magic Kingdom take two

So after the experience at Rain Forest Cafe', we decided to make a change of plans for our next day in Magic Kingdom. We originally had reservations for Be Our Guest at 9:00pm the next night. And no, it wasn't by choice... it was just the only time they could get a party of nine in! After our experience at an evening dinner... much less a 9:00pm reservation (with an appearance of the Beast, which might have sent half our crowd over the edge), we decided it best to cancel our reservation. 

Best. Decision. Ever.

When Danielle called to cancel they had an opening at Crystal Palace at 2:00pm for our whole family! So awesome!

We were beyond excited!
(on our way into the park)

The next day, we got to MK at 8:00 for the magic hours. Since we had only one "land" to visit (Fantasyland), we bee lined it to the Toystory ride in Tomorrow land since the boys LOVED it so much.

I'm not sure how many times we rode it... there was little to no wait! Meanwhile... little sister snoozed away...

Then we headed to Fantasyland... but not without some pictures by the castle first! 

My how different the crowd had changed. Soooo much better!
Shireen had the photo pass, and I'm so glad, because these pictures turned out great!

Burke was so excited to get to walk through the castle.

We picked up a late breakfast at Sleepy Hollow, which was delicious.

And after all bellies were full...

We hit the rides.

The boy talked about the carousel ride forever! Loved every second!

We rode almost everything in Fantasy Land...Peter Pan and the Winnie the Pooh rides were hits (mostly because of the AC!) and then they rode It's a Small World (Hate I missed this one, but I heard Burke loved it!) and another ride while I fed Hylan. 

We even stood in line to finally see Woody in person!

Later, we rode Dumbo... even HM!

AND the tea cups. 

Daddy really put the spin on... I just figured we were teaching Hylan how to spot while doing her three turns early in life.

(Warning... it's long, and might make you sick.) 

We took a little dumdum break (those are lifesavers... even in Disney World).

We also played in Dinoland one last time before heading to our reservations at Crystal Palace... which is conveniently right beside the baby center (bonus points from this momma. It was perfect timing, because the crowd was picking up and it was getting hot!

Crystal Palace was a hit. It was so magical watching Burke's face light up!

 (Blowin' it up with Piglet) 

And the food... it was the best meal we ate the whole trip!

As we were leaving we had to stop and get our Mickey Ears souvenir, right???
Well, Burke would not have it. This was his pick. :)

And Hylan's

Sweet little minnie, and Mr. Goofy. xoxo

 As we were leaving there was a band that caught Burke undivided attention.

It was kinda hard to say goodbye!
(Yes, my child has a light saber... another great investment.)

I'm sure the guys were talking about how much they were going to miss hauling these strollers around.

By the time we got back it was 5:00! 

They all went ahead while I stayed back to nurse Hylan and to go ahead and get her in her PJ's.

I met up with them at a little playground that we hadn't explored before... and the boys loved it.

We ate dinner at the dinner in our resort and had some more arcade play.

And sister decided to make me pay for my preplanning, and totally mess up her PJ's (Which... may be one of my favorite things ever. They were given to Burke by my friend and coworker, Natalie. They have held up so well and are still the softest things ever! I will be mentioning them again soon in a favorite things post.)

Well, I couldn't find my wipes (which turned out to be tucked underneath her carseat of the stroller!), and so we improvised.

Hey, it saved the carseat, and she didn't seem to mind until we got back to our room. ;)

Next up, breakfast at Ohana and our departure.

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