Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Animal Kingdom

This was our first time visiting Animal Kingdom.

It was awesome. Top of the list, awesome.
 It did not smell like a zoo, we had a laid back schedule, it was not crowded (we had magic hours that morning too!), and IT WAS SHADED, which made it feel 10 degrees cooler.

First... pictures in their cute shirts! (Thanks Holly! We got so many compliments!) 

The park is just mesmerizing to look at. We took our time walking through, and then made our way to Kali River Rapids. There was hardly any wait so early in the morning, and it's what we had our fast pass for! So we were going to drop our fast pass and use it later... until... they wouldn't let Burke ride. The height requirement was 38in., which he is according to our doctor's tape measure, and was the day before when he rode the roller coaster at Sea World, so I'm not quite sure if he shrunk or something was up with their measuring stick, but I could tell they weren't budging so I didn't argue and pulled him away to something else so he wouldn't realize what he was mission out on. He did ask "Where's Cade? I wanna be with Cade." the whole time I was walking him away, but we had some retail therapy (maybe more for him than me... why did I feel so bad about it???)  

got to meet King Louie and Baloo (the kid LOVES Jungle Book... he kept asking for Mowgli :)

and all was right with the world.

they had a blast!

Afterwards, we walked through some exhibits... where the boys were obsessed with the maps. :) 

This is the same area that Hylan had yet another blow out, and I had to change her inside an exhibit ... unknowingly next to a water fountain. I was already working on the disaster when it was pointed out to me... but, at least it was dark inside and her poop doesn't smell yet... right?  Anyway...

When we got out Burke and Cade were inspired by this man:

And we headed to our next adventure.

Our fast pass to Kilarmaroo Safari!

I tell you it was by far the best ride at the park. It's amazing how they make it feel like you are really on a safari ride, with the amazing animals, and the close proximity you are to them. 
I almost didn't get to ride on this one. It was one of those awkward moments where you don't know if your child is hungry or tired... and you freak out and change your mind a million times on what to do... go nurse or go through with the ride (that would be 20+ minutes long). I'm sure Ryan was frustrated with me... (because I was frustrated at myself!) Needless to say, she fell asleep and we all got to experience this amazing ride together!

After lunch, we hit up Daisy for an autograph...

Then went on a train ride and a little hike to another exhibit and visited a petting zoo.

(Daddy takes my bows off!) :/

We met Chip and Dale.

and Hylan got special treatment. :)
She LOVED them.

There was even some kid friendly live music. The man on guitar sang a song about Burke. :)

We saw lots more animals, and later went to It's Tough Being a Bug (at  4D movie)
(Where Burke would cry. because he was scared of the giant grasshopper... :)

 and we watched the Lion King. It was phenomenal.... and air conditioned!

We also went to Dinoland (twice).
The boys loved the playground!

We ended the day with the must have Mickey ears ice cream. 

 That night we had dinner reservations at Rain Forest Cafe'. It was very neat, however Hylan was a complete disaster, but who can blame her. She hadn't had a GOOD nap all day, so she was so over tired. So I don't even remember my meal or what it tasted like.

Danielle told me Hudson was a mess at dinner too, but I couldn't focus on anything other than my screaming child, so I'm pretty sure she just said that to make me feel better. :)

It was after that experience that we would change our plans for the next day at Magic Kingdom, and it made all the difference! (More on that later.)

Of course as you are leaving the restaurant you have to go through their gift shop. And what does my child want as a souvenir?

Oven mitts. Monkey head, oven mitts.

This was my favorite park, up until Thursday (when Magic Kingdom turned out to be magical!)  I look forward to visiting again when the kids are old enough to ride all the big rides... but then again they won't think Daisy is real... so everything has it's pros and cons, huh?
We had such a great time in Animal Kingdom!

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