Our 1st House

Our lil abode was a 3 bedroom 1 bath home. It's in a great location... but needed some love in order for us to want to live in this "great location."

Here are the pictures before any changes:

the front: (this picture doesn't show: peeling paint, overgrown yard, and an enormous amount of pine straw... raking party anyone?)

Living room (great hardwood potential and fireplace!)

Dining (hmmm... I wish he would have left that rad skateboard)

The master bedroom (see that closet? How are we supposed to fit all our clothes in that???...It's now a walk-in, which you can read about here. Ryan also added a bathroom onto the master... which you can also read about here.

     CH... Ch... Ch... CHanges:

Master Bath
Read about it HERE and HERE

Kitchen and Dining

Read about it HERE

2nd Bedroom  (The Nursery)
Read about it HERE