Hylan Marie

1 month old
February 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: So sorry Hylan... it was hard to get a good photo (Do you SEE the blurry hand in the photo???) Yep, that's your brother. As you have seen, he goes 90 to nothing when he's not sleeping. :) You are wearing Prada one of the few premie sized outfits that we own! It fits perfectly... but not for long! You have already grown out of some of those tiny clothes, however, most newborn things swallow you whole. You are wide awake (something that only lasts for about 30 min. at this stage of your life), and content with a full belly. :)

Weight: 6 lbs 6oz (3%ile) * You had a gain of an once a day since our week check up... so we're doing good, you're just a wee little thing!

Length: 20 inches (11%ile) *Sorry, but I doubt you make any Disney height requirements. ;)

Diaper size: newborn

Clothing size: Premie, but some newborn fit if they run small... such as Kissy Kissy.

Sleep: We go to bed around 9 or 9:30. Once in awhile you will go 4 hours, and wake at 1am to eat, but most of the time you wake every three hours (day or night) to nurse and a diaper change.

Eat: We got off to a rough start. Since you were SO small you had to wake every 2 hours (or sooner) to nurse. I was trying to make sure you had enough (because with Burke I struggled), so I was pumping in addition to nursing you, and feeding you from a bottle... it was exhausting. However, with time, I have realized my body is doing a great job nourishing you AND I am able to put up milk in the freezer! I now see, THIS is how it's supposed to work, and I'm so grateful it's coming easier this go around. You are eating every three hours, and will take me or a bottle. 

Favorite moments this month: 
- Watching your brother "play" with you. He even gave you his firetruck. :)
- You SMILE! No really... it's not gas! It just happened this past week... I don't remember Burke doing this until almost month 2.

-The pacifier if you are sleepy or cranky.
-To be bundled up/swaddled and WARM!
-To be held.

-diaper changes

It has been wonderful getting to know you, Hylan Marie. I will admit it has been tougher this time, with a two year old to care for too, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. You are another perfect gift, and we are so grateful! I can tell you are going to be one feisty little lady!
We love you so very much,
Mom, Dad, and Burke

2 months old

February 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: This is the outfit that I bought for you to come home from the hospital in! Hehe... two months later you fit into it. You look like a little baby doll- (swoon.):) 

Weight: 8lbs 1oz (-1%ile)

Length: 20.5 inches (-1%ile) I thought your head was tilted on the table... I say closer to 21inches... nonetheless... the only thing on the charts about you is your head circumference (which is 36.8cm-9%ile)

Diaper size: newborn... REALLY close to moving to size 1.

Clothing size: Newborn

Sleep: Ahh... sleep! Just last week you started upping your sleep cycle at night. We started the month waking every three hours... 12am, 3am, and 6am. Just last week you started sleeping SO much longer at night. I would put you down late- around 9:30/10 and you would sleep to 2... then it became 2:45... then 3... and while we were at the lake this past weekend you did it. You slept till 6am! Beautiful sleep. I don't know how long this will last (because I know sleep schedules change about as many times between birth and one year old as I change diapers) but you have been consistent for three nights straight! 

Eat: Nursing every three hours... sometimes more often in the morning. I think this is because you are needing more because you're not eating as often during the night.

Favorite moments this month: 
- Your cooing and playful screaming 
- Bringing you to church for the first time

-The pacifier 
- Boppy pillow
- Someone to talk to you... you give the biggest smiles!

- still baths
-to be burped.... you just want to keep eating!

You finally are an armful. :) You are turning into a squishy little thing... and I love it. Your smile is infectious. 
We love you so very much,
Mom, Dad, and Burke

3 Months

April 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: I've fallen in love with Matilda Jane. By the look of that smile, you have too! :)

Weight: 9 lbs 14 oz (5%)
You are on the chart! Yippee!

Length: 22 inches... that's a gain of 1.5 inches in a month! (6%ile) 

Diaper size: Size 1

Clothing size:  0-3/3mth clothes for the most part! (You're catching up!) However, some newborn clothes are still in the mix!

Sleep:  You have been sleeping so so well! You were sleeping from 8-5 for about a month... now you wake one time in the middle of the night to eat, but then again sometimes you sleep till 5am! Either way, you're a great sleeper! You WANT to be put to bed around 8... but I try to hold you off at least until 8:30 so you're super tired. We are following Moms-On- Call method for the most part, so when you wake up around 5 or 6am, you take another morning nap (if brother allows you!) around 9:30am, again around 1pm, 4pm, and then another nap before bedtime. Seems like a lot, but these snoozes are relatively short.

Since you are doing so well at night, we decided to put you in the room with your brother. This allows daddy to have his bed back ... he needs a good nights rest, plus he's not a fan of the sound machine.

We just recently stopped swaddling. Tear. You LOVE it, but are starting to break free... even with the death grip of velcro on those Summer Swaddlers! We tried out the sleep sack last night, and the only difference I noticed was that it took you longer to go to sleep- which is understandable. 

Eat: Nursing every two-three hours... in the morning and evening you tend to nurse more often (I think you are making up for not eating at night). However, I feed you on demand. We still aren't on a tight schedule. You are still so little, and I want to get every ounce I can in you! In the process of us getting this nursing thing down pat, you also decided the bottle was the devil. Looks like you and I will not be going far from one another for a long while. :)

Favorite moments this month: 
- Your interaction with others... you give the biggest smiles to anyone and everyone that will sit and talk to you for a minute. :)
- Brother asking how you are doing. 
-The sound of you laughing out loud.

- Your play mat
- Conversation... especially when you're talked to in a high pitched voice. 
- Someone to stick out their tongue and make a farting noise (1) you are proving to fit right in with all the males in your life quite well. 2) This bothers the germ a phone me when I think of all the spit you probably have on your face because everyone knows this about you. :)
-The amazing swaddle, but we have to give it up. :( Bye sweet baby burrito. 
- TO be held over the shoulder or facing out where you can see everything that's going on!

- being cradled like a baby... unless you're being nursed, you HATE it.
-Tummy time
- Being cuddled... right now you're showing you would much rather have your freedom and lie on your back and kick away than cuddle any day! I don't think you are going to be a cuddler like your brother, but I have hope that it changes! 

You really are such a good baby! I LOVE your sweet smiles and laughs that you so freely give. Your whole face lights up!

Hugs and kisses,
Mom, Dad, and Burke

4 Months
May 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead when I tried to take pictures before your 4 month well check appointment today. This is the only picture I got before it completely died... and you better believe I'm not going to attempt any more pictures for today! You and shots are NOT buds.

Weight: 10 lbs 14 oz (staying consistent in the 5%ile)

Length: 23 inches (10%ile) 

Head Circumference: 39.4cm (11%)

Diaper size: Size 1

Clothing size:  3mth  

Sleep:  HAhahahahaha. This whole month has been inconsistent! At the start of this month you were sleeping through the night 9pm-5am, or would wake once, around 2am, to nurse. Then you decided to  make me pay for bragging on you, and you hit that 4 month sleep regression early. Try waking at 12, 2, and 5. Boo-ya.

I will say I know in addition to this so call "sleep regression"... having to stop swaddling you because you were able to break free, and moving to a sleep sack (where you no longer are kept in a baby straight jacket) I believe, had a lot to do with it. Your little movements woke you constantly and I was afraid to let you cry for more than a minute in fear of you waking your brother (who shares the same room).  This state only lasted for about a week before I knew something had to give. We had a little intervention where you and I resumed sleeping in the same bedroom (you in the playpen and I in the bed about 5 ft from one another while daddy went back to sleeping with Burke for a bit) and you had to cry a little more than usual. Nothing serious... but when you woke 30 min. after I fed you, I knew it was nothing but a jerky movement that was the culprit. If you wake now because of something like that, you may wimper for a second, but then fall back asleep. It APPEARS that we are back to normal with you waking just once a night. Hopefully it stays this way ( or gets even better!).

Now you wake up around 1am, then around 5am, nurse, and want to go back to sleep until around 7:30/8, when you want to eat again, and then get up for the day. I like this schedule... I get up after your 5am feeding. It allows me to wake up before anyone else in the house and get a head start on the day.... and sometimes a little quiet time too!

As for naps, you take about four a day. One shortly after waking up around 5am, then around 10am, 1:30pm, and 4pm... sometimes you'll take a late evening snooze before I put you to bed.

Eat: Mostly, nursing every three hours. From when you start your day at 8am... you nurse then, around 10:30am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8:30pm, once during the night, and then at 5am. Multiple people have tried to give you a bottle, and you will NOT have it. Yes, you only wanting momma has it's downfalls... scheduling baton lessons around your schedule, no date nights, no long outings with friends, or a stay with grandparents for a short while... no break... HOWEVER. I wouldn't have it any other way. My body is nourishing another human! It's amazing how God designed my body to do just that for YOU! I'm in awe, and so thankful for how natural it's become for us. In two short months we will be starting solids and my roll will slowly diminish. SO... I'm going to STOP wishing it any other way and take in the rest of this wonderful experience. 

In other news, we were asked to be used as examples in a breastfeeding seminar. I love our PA. She has helped me so much through this journey and celebrated with me every step of the way, so I'm glad to help in any way! She is so proud of how far you have come since being born so very tiny purely from EBF.

Favorite moments this month: 
- Your awareness of daddy's voice. If you're nursing when he comes home from work, and you here him speak. You stop, turn your head around,  and give the BIGGEST grin.
-You REALLY loving to watch Burke. Especially when he talks or sings to you. :) You light up!
-Rolling from tummy to back... and watching your brother try to roll you over :)
- Hearing you experiment with your voice... you are going to be a talker! You can squeal for hours!

- To be tickled. :) One of the funny places that I've found you are ticklish is the palm of your hands. :) This was discovered during bath time. 
- You love attention... ANYONE to talk to you!
- Any funny noise made with the mouth
-You love to kick your legs in the bouncer. (See video below!)
-To chew on your fingers. I really need to invest in a Sophie the giraffe. I think you would love it.

-Even though you tolerate tummy time for a couple of minutes, you usually start hating it 5 minutes in... and push your self over.
- SHOTS people! Yeah, yeah... I know, who does? But it's as if you have an incredible memory or held a grudge for a REALLY long time. You wouldn't stop crying. It was so sad! I had to forgo making your next 6th mth appt. because you were screaming so! (Don't worry... I called it in... and those have shots too. :/)

-You can roll from tummy to back (mostly when you are mad at being on your tummy), and sometimes it looks as if you are trying to roll from back to tummy (which is kind of confusing since you are not the biggest fan of tummy time yet.)
- You can hold your head up like a champ, and can find daddy, me, or Burke when you hear our voice.
- You can hold your body up, but not stay upright without some help.

I really have no idea how you are four months old. Time is flying by... It's going to fast that sometimes I feel like I'm just watching it from the outside. Your smile melts me, and I love watching it appear over and over on your sweet face.

 Love you baby girl,
Mom, Dad, and Burke

5 Months

June 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: I love that you are showing your newest milestone... finding your toes! They will soon be in your mouth, I know!

Weight: We don't go to the doctor this month, but our scale says 12lbs 6oz

Length: Not sure... and I'm too lazy to get out the tape measure. ;0)

Head Circumference: ?

Diaper size: Size 1, but you NEED to be in size 2. We just have to finish off a box of 1's we have at the house, and our next shipment of diapers will be the next size up!

Clothing size:  3mth  

Sleep:  Oh... sleep... I miss you. One day we will reunite... I just know it.
I put you to bed between 8 and 8:30. You wake around 11:30, 3:30, and 6:00am. These times often vary, but it's been three times a night, most of the time. I am no longer getting up and staying up after your  last  session... I'm too tired. Something about that extra wake up... I can do okay with two, but three... takes it out of me! However, just recently you have started nursing for very short amount of time during the night hours... I'm thinking you are doing it out of comfort now, instead of hunger. I'm going to see if we can ween off of these feedings. We shall see!
None-the-less... I do love the quiet time with you when all the world is asleep. 

As for napping, you take about a 45 min. nap about an hour after you wake up in the morning. Go down again around 10, and again around 2, and then a little cat nap around 5. They are all relatively short, but your afternoon nap is always the longest.

Eat: Still nursing every 3 hours. Besides the night feedings, you are pretty predictable during the day. I really have enjoyed nursing. It is sometimes frustrating that I am the only one that can handle this job... never a break... but I know it will not last forever. You love momma because of it. :) and the amazing job that my body is doing for you is quite astonishing... not to mention it's saved us a ton of money! You will soon be starting solids, and my role will start to diminish. So we are going to make the most of this sweet connection we have left!

Favorite moments this month: 
- Watching you light up when Burke dances for you.
-Your HUGE open mouth smiles.
- The smile on your face when the characters in Disney World touched your little hands and watching you reach out to touch them.
- Finding that you are super ticklish. Just a light touch on your leg will get a giggle. :)
-Taking your first bath with your big brother!

- Your banana toothbrush.
- The blonde doll rattle.
-Your playmat. You have figured out how to pull it completely down. You like to examine it closely and eat it. :)
-Chewing on your fingers.

- Being without mommy.
-Being without a routine... I sometimes felt I was torturing you in Disney World!

-You are starting to WANT to be on your tummy! You try to turn over to reach things or look at something.
- You found your toes! You hang on to them all the time... it won't be long before they will be in your mouth.
-You hold your head yourself and can be pulled up by your hands to a sitting position.
-You are starting to scoot. You will not be in the same spot much longer!

 We love you so, Hylan Marie!
Mom, Dad, and Burke

6 months

July 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: Surprisingly, you are happy despite getting your six month shots today! Our past experiences with vaccinations haven't lent themselves to picture worthy days, but besides sleeping more today, you have been smiley. :)

Weight: 13 lbs even- 4%ile

Length: 24.5 inches- 11%ile

Still teeny tiny, but you're growing steadily on your own curve. 

Head Circumference: 40.6 cm- 7%ile

Diaper size: Size 2

Clothing size:  3mth and a few 6mth clothes

Sleep:  Not much has changed in this department. Bedtime routine starts at 7:00, and you are nursing by 7:30, and out by 8:00. You wake up... a lot. Most the time I stay up for your first wake up cal around 11pm, and try to fill you up the best I can. During the night when you wake up, you nurse for about 5-10 minutes before falling unconscious when you wake up :/... which leads to waking up 1-2 hours later (in most cases). Not good. I'm thinking once you are consuming more food and filling up at night this will change... but I'm not betting any money on it happening any time soon.

As for napping, you take two big naps a day. One around 9:00, and then another around 1:00. Occasionally you take a cat nap around 4 or 5, but I try to keep you from it if possible.

Eat: Still nursing every 3 hours, besides a four hour stretch in the morning from 7-11. Breastfeeding is going very smoothly, and I'm so thankful. Still not accepting a bottle... and I've basically given up trying. :) You will go straight to a sippy cup now! We have started Baby Lead Weaning as an introduction to solid foods and it's going GREAT. I have a whole post coming on your progress in that area soon.

Favorite moments this month: 
- Playing "get me" on the bed with Burke. We could play this for hours, because both you and your brother die laughing.
- Finding Burke had snatched your bow... only to wear it himself!
-Enjoying time with family for your first Fourth of July at the lake!

- Blowing raspberries. Burke thinks this is hilarious, and you two will spend five minutes entertaining one another with this lovely talent.
- Playing "get me" on our bed. You both crack up! There is not a sweeter sound!
- Playing peek-a-boo, using a blanket to sweep over you, and you love your exersaucer!
-Food: cucumber, tomato, squash, toast, applesauce, watermelon, banana, sweet potato.

- STILL- Being without mommy. You may have some attachment issues. yikes!
-Food: avocado (or so I think... you wouldn't have anything to do with it after tasting it.
-Not being full. You whine if you are not finished eating! (However, I'm thankful for this! It's a great help!) 

-Rolling from back to tummy like a boss. You want to MOVE so badly to keep up with your brother!
-Sitting up (almost!). You can balance for a short bit, but then fall forwards (and by forwards I mean fall flat on your toes. You are super flexible.)
-Grab at anything I'm eating or drinking.
-Bringing food to your mouth.
-Passing toys from hand to hand.
-There are no teeth to be found... still waiting!
-Your hair is starting to come in!

I can hardly believe half a year has gone by. You are such a sweet baby, and we love you so much!
Love, Daddy, Mommy, and Burke

7 months

August 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: I adore this outfit. One of my favorites! I had to take about fifteen shots before I got one where your tongue wasn't hanging out. The struggle is real.

Weight: 14 lbs 

Length: ?

Head Circumference: ?

Diaper size: Size 3... we only went through one box of twos!

Clothing size: Still 3mth and but more 6mth clothes are making their way into rotation.

Sleep:  Reading back on last month's post, I think you are making improvements! Lately, you go down between 7-8, and wake up at 11 or 12 (but last night it was 2:30!), then again around 2:30 and then sometimes you'll wake around 5... and then again sometimes you'll sleep till 8. On the nights where there are only two wakeup calls, I feel like a new person. I look forward to the day when I get a whole nights sleep!

As for napping, you take two big naps a day. One around 9:00, and then another around 1:00. I always time your afternoon nap with Burke's. I just lay you down in the crib, you cry for a minute, and then you're out (most of the time... as with everything in the baby world... there are exceptions.)

Eat: Guess who took a bottle?! That's right... you! One day, I knew I hadn't hydrated very well (and by the time you realize it... it's already too late!), and you were screaming. I felt awful. :( So I fixed you a bottle, and you drank three ounces like you had been doing it your whole life! So I've kinda kept it up and now you are a pro. 

As for the solids department... you're doing awesome. I give you solids twice a day at this point... at lunch and then an early dinner. 

Now... are you getting full off of food? No way. We are still nursing 4 (sometimes five times a day) because mommas milk is the best thing for you still, but you can handle everything I've given you without any issues. You have never choked, gagged, (or vomited) like Burke did when we made the transition to solids. I wish I had known about this BLW thing before Burke! I'm a huge fan. There is little to no prep (I may steam you some veggies if we are being bad and not having any with our meal) because you eat what we eat!

I don't think you even have a favorite food... you do seem to love lasagna (mostly the noodle) and bananas a whole lot though.

Favorite moments this month: 
- Watching you watch Burke. (I love watching your face when he's around. You smile the whole time.)
- Seeing you get the strength to sit up by yourself without much worry about falling over!
-Riding in a grocery cart with brother... all buckled in like a big girl!
-Watching you eat. It'a amazing to see such a little thing handle table food!
-Having grandparents over to watch the kids while I was away teaching baton. I think they enjoyed a new face!

-that tongue. :P It's always out, blowing raspberries, or rolled up in your mouth. :)
- Burke
-baths with Burke 
-The cup I use to rinse you off in the tub... you would rather play with it than a toy.
-to eat
-door jumper

- STILL- Being without mommy. 
-Being without your bath cup. :)


-Sitting up by yourself.
-Scooting (mostly in circles
-the food thing.
-Taking a bottle!
-STILL no teeth!

8 months


September 3rd

Story behind the picture: Despite the terrible cold you've had the past couple of days, you gave me sweet smiles and giggle for your photo shoot. (Thank you!) You are really such a happy baby, but you were completely beside yourself with that head cold. Even still you will cry randomly... it's like you just don't like the strange feeling going on in your head. I don't blame you!

Weight: 15 lbs 

Length: ?

Head Circumference: ?

Diaper size: Size 3

Clothing size: Mostly 6mth clothes, depending on the brand and you can still wear some 3 month stuff

-Your two bottom teeth broke through your gums last week! (IT'S BEEN AWFUL! LOL)
-You waved "bye" today! (I think!) Or else you just so happened to flap your arm at just the right time when we were telling our pastor bye at the hospital.
-Raise your arms to be picked up
-Sitting up by yourself without any assistance (although you fall back on occasion and bonk your head)
-gettting up on all fours, you just haven't the crawling thing yet. Instead you push to your belly and kick like crazy. :)
-trying to pull up on things

Sleep:  Still not making much improvements in this area... and especially right now because you caught your first cold. (Can we say that was a nightmare???!!!) You usually wake around 12, 2:30 or 3 and then at 5:30or 6. You were going back to sleep after that last wake up, but not in the last week or so. I've gotten used to the lack of sleep, and to be honest- you nurse for five-ten minutes and then are out... so I plan on putting my foot down on those night time feedings as soon as we're over this nasty cold and the teeth (because I just have sympathy for you right now!).

As for napping, you still are take two big naps a day. One around 9:00, and then another in the afternoon. Burke is starting to drop his afternoon nap... he is 1 for 4 this week... so I'm more flexible with your sleeping schedule in the afternoons now, but you usually go down between 1-2 and sleep for 2-2.5 hrs.

Eat: You are not nursing for nearly as long, which tells me you are taking in more solids. You usually nurse at 7:30am, 11am, 1pm, the 4pm feeding is slowly fading, and then your night time feeding around 6 or 7,... and then of course those night time ones. :)

You LOVE meal time (who doesn't?). You tried a few new things this month... plums being the biggest hit, but really I'm not separating your food... you eat what we eat and I may throw a few extra veggies or fruits on your tray. I did have to give you baby food this month. Your teeth gave you fits and when you would typically love to gnaw on cold veggies or chilled fruit, you SCREAMED. I assumed whole foods did not feel good putting pressure on those gums, so I bought a few pouches of baby food, and you seemed SO happy getting full without the pain. Just yesterday we went back to whole foods and you seemed perfectly okay with it. So maybe we're in the clear.

Favorite moments this month: 
- Still watching you devour food... it's so entertaining!
- Watching you get to what you want by getting on all fours, then belly flopping, to reach the toy of choice.
-Enjoying some mommy and daughter time as Burke has started school.

- to sleep on your belly... this made me nervous, but this is my second rodeo... so that nervousness went away after the first night you slept better on the tummy. :) Even if I put you on your back or side, you will ALWAYS roll to your stomach to get zzz's
-to hold onto your fingers and stand or practice walking (you are going to be the teeniest cruiser!) 
- people to talk, sing, or make zerberts at you
-LOVES the bath cup still
-baths with Burke (cries every time it's time to get out)
-to swing (you would do it all day)

- STILL- Being without mommy. 
-Being without your bath cup. :)
-the snot sucker/wiping your nose

10 months

October 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: Despite the sickness that has been in our house, this month has been my favorite so far. Your little personality is really starting to show, nursing has taken on a whole new level of easy, you made so many leaps and bounds developmentally ... you have just been so. much. fun. (minus the sickness... I repeat... minus the sickness.) I took this picture right before we went to your "well visit" (which was actually a sick visit... because guess who's baaaack??? That's right... the last antibiotic didn't do your ear infection in!) :(

Weight: 15 lbs 8oz (4%ile)

Length: 26 inches (8%ile)

Head Circumference: 42.5 cm (13%ile)

Diaper size: Size 3, and 4's at night

Clothing size: 6mth clothes... but still throwing in three month brands that run big.

- September 24th you started crawling... and actually while we were Face timing Ree and PaPa! ha! You went on to really get the hang of it quickly... and within 24hrs were into everything! You always have one foot on the ground guiding your direction, while the other knee is down... and then you switch occasionally. It's so cute! (Video soon!)
- Says "bye-bye" on occasion, waves, and said "dada" (Seriously??? I just spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT WITH YOU! ;)
- LOTS of babbling/talking... just don't know what you're saying yet!
- Pulling up on some things
-Can push to a sitting position from belly (no more kicking like a mad woman when you are stuck :)
- first pink eye, first ear infection, and possibly first flu??? We may never know. (What a great month!)

Sleep: When you are sick YOU DON'T SLEEP... which means... I DON'T SLEEP.  Really... you just wake about every 1-2 hours when you are sick, and only want to nurse for comfort and then go back down. However, when you have been well, you have only been waking once or twice. Last night you only woke at 2:30am! Whoohoo! Hopefully we are onto something reeeeaaal special my friend. 

Oh! And we officially put you back into your shared room with Burke. It's a work in progress- but daddy can't sleep on the couch forever. ;) I booted the pack and play out of our bedroom and I believe you are sleeping much better because of it.

Eat: We have turned a corner in this area as well! I feel like solids and I are now at an even playing field (as in, you get full from solids in between getting full on BM). It's SO nice... and a lot less pressure! I can actually see how the weaning process plays itself out (something that I didn't experience with Burke.) You nurse about 3-4 times a day )breakfast, lunch, snack (around 2), and dinner) and then once at night (on a good night.) 

I have also changed up how I'm doing your solids. Yes, we are still doing BLW, but I've added some puree's in. I plan on doing a BLW update soon to document the latest in this area. All in all, you are the best eater. No gagging, choking, and you devour most anything. I've said it before, and will say it again... I really wish I had started Burke out on the BLW method!

Favorite moments this month: 
- Witnessing so many firsts... first words, crawling, pulling up, playing games with mommy, daddy, and Burke...
- Making you belly laugh by jumping when you make the "AH!" sound... you think it's hilarious and will do it over and over and over!
- Watching you play with Burke (you think bath time is da bomb if Burke is involved)
-Taking you to your first Auburn game (you have rocked every single one so far!) 

- animal crackers (you are my child)
-corn (like brother, like sister)
-dancing on my or daddy's hip 
-"wrestling" or rolling ontop of brother
-Favorite toys: plastic bottles, bath cup, the Melissa and Doug firetruck with firefighters, the Leap Frog walker and playstation, and taking out Legos and waffle blocks one by one from their containers in the playroom :)
- being held upside down (weird I know)
-riding the rocking horse (you have crawled to it and cried until I put you on!)

- the changing table... it's like changing a stuck pig's diaper!
- messing with your nose (wiping it, suctioning, ... you hate it!)
-not a fan of pears, but we will keep trying
- waiting on food if you are hungry (duh!)
- being sick

10 months

November 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: You are so happy when you are not sick! You are finishing an antibiotic (for ANOTHER ear infection)... and after seeing the ENT Monday, are scheduled for tubes next week. :( I think we will be thankful when it's done!

Weight: 16lbs

Length: ?

Head Circumference: ?

Diaper size: Size 3, and 4's at night

Clothing size: Not much change in this area... mostly 6mth clothes... but you can fit into some 9mth. And the top in the picture is 12 months... it's just a dress on you. Oh the joys of girls clothes!

- You are pulling up on EVERYTHING. 
- You cruise on EVERYTHING
-You have even let go and balanced by yourself without knowing it a few times! You will be walking before we know it.
- You say Dada, hey, bye bye, and you call for Burke but it sounds like "Buh"... no MAMA yet!

Sleep: I've accepted the fact that you are not a good sleeper, and instead of whining about those middle of the night feedings, I'm going to take them in. Yes, it stinks that I haven't had a solid nights sleep in about 7 months now, but I know this will pass. You simply wake up, nurse for 10 minutes, and go right back into you crib without a fuss. You go to bed around 7 and will sleep till 8 on the days we don't have to get Burke to school. You wake anywhere from 1-4 times depending on the night (and if you ate something that made you gassy lol). I'm trying to take in every sweet second with you because I can see you changing so quickly lately! You are growing out of that infant stage quick!

Eat: We are still breastfeeding, and it's going wonderfully! I'm so proud of us! 
Your typical schedule is nurse when you wake up, eat breakfast sometime before 9am, nurse at 11am, eat lunch sometime before 1, snack around 3, dinner around 5, nurse at 6:30, and then to bed. You wake and nurse twice during the night... usually (unless you are sick or gassy and then it's more often). Just the last couple of days at home you have been eating more solids (like really taking some food down the hatch.) I'm loving it! I was substituting with puree' pouches once in awhile, but you really don't like it... so I've backed off and let you get back on board with just you feeding yourself, and you seem to enjoy it much more. 

Favorite moments this month: 
-The fact that you are quickly becoming more of a snuggle bug. You love to nestle your head under my chin when you are sleepy. It's the SWEETEST.
-"The Reach"- when you are picked up, you reach your arm out to whatever it is you want to visit. It might be getting a close look at pictures hanging on the wall or the window... you love to explore by touch!
-The way you "give"kisses... if we ask for a kiss you will bow your head like royalty, to receive it. ha! We joke that we hope you keep this arrogance until you are 30. :)
-You can be completely happy playing by yourself. It's amazing.

-When you wake up from a nap or in the morning, once I pick you up, you immediately reach out to touch Burke's Pluto hat that hangs on the post of his bed. You have the biggest grin and love to touch it's nose. :) Then you want to touch a stuffed dog that sits close by, followed by reaching out towards your bows that hang on your wall. :)
-your walker 
-BURKE... watching him, climbing on him... :)
-standing/cruising... you spend more time on your feet than on your bottom!
- riding with Burke on Thomas (video to come soon ... it's my favorite thing you two do together!) :)
- the Ikea tunnel
-a head rub... it will make your eyes toll to the back of your head and fall asleep in a second
-The remote and cell phones are favorites!

-not getting what you want :) You will make fists and squeal or grunt if things aren't going your way! 
- changing clothes or getting your diaper changed
- getting out of the bath tub

I'm trying to take in every sweet second. You try to hard to keep up with your brother and when you can't you love to sit back and watch and laugh. I love you to bits!

11 months
December 3rd, 2015

Story behind the picture: You are everywhere. You were all over this chair... standing up, trying to reach the snowman nightlight, ... busy body! :)

Weight: 16.5lbs

Length: ?

Head Circumference: ?

Diaper size: I just jumped the gun and ordered 4's

Clothing size: You seriously can wear 3mth clothes... but at the same time I can put you in a 12 mth top to wear as a dress too. If it's smocked, you wear 6mth (they tend to run big), but if it's a sleeper you are in 9mth.... Clothing is tricky!

- You added "dog" (thanks to Buddy) to your vocabulary.
-You say "Hi" all the time to random people... it's the cutest.
-You blow kisses (or at least make the noise)
- Are still playing with the idea of walking... not there yet- still cruising and getting around super fast on your knees.
-You can mimic sound really well (like you can carry a tune!) So funny! (THIS IS A REMINDER TO GET THIS ALL ON VIDEO!) ha!
-We are officially in the pooping in the tub stage. haha... it almost happens every time, and it's disgusting.

Sleep: It has gotten better now that I have basically cut off feeding you at night. You were sick with another cold recently (and pink eye- AGAIN), so I feel terrible if I let you cry when you are sick. When you are well, you still wake up once or twice a night and I have to let you cry yourself back to sleep ;( I usually feed you around 5am (when you wake up) and then you go back down for another 3 hours.

Eat: You eat more than you nurse now. I'm taking in all those sweet feedings for sure... knowing that breastfeeding will be ending soon is kinda sad!
Your typical schedule is nurse when you wake up, eat breakfast sometime before 9am, you may or may not want to nurse mid day... (I'm going with your cues for now)....eat lunch sometime before 1, snack around 3, dinner around 5, nurse around 5:30, and then to bed. 

You eat everything. It's awesome. You do love a french fry and some ice cream. :) But you will also eat squash casserole and hummus... so we're good. :)

Favorite moments this month: 
-THAT finger. It is so cute and funny. You love to point and us following your lead. :)
-Blowing kisses. It's the sound and the way you hold your mouth... it's so precious!
-Watching and listen to you sing and dance to your favorite Christmas jams.

-Bells... particularly the two antique bells we have of GeGe's in the kitchen.
-When daddy tuffs your hair on your head and then you try, and want him to do it again. :)
- Music... and Dancing... you got rhythm girl. :)
- The way you sing with the Christmas CD for Burke's Christmas pageant is hysterical... you love it. 

-not getting what you want :) You will make fists and squeal or grunt if things aren't going your way! 
- changing clothes or getting your diaper changed
- getting out of the bath tub (even when you poop in the tub)

I can't believe you are almost ONE! I can't wait to celebrate your precious year of life with all our family. xoxo,

12 months

January 3rd!

Story behind the picture: I can't believe we've come full circle. Seems like yesterday that I had to prop you up in the corner of the rocker. :)

Weight: 16.4lbs (-1%ile)

Length: 27 inches long-(-1%ile)

Head Circumference:  43.8 cm- (16%ile finally on the chart with something!)

Diaper size: 4

Clothing size: Not much has changed in this department... I would say you average  

- You are almost walking... but haven't quite decided its how you want to get around. You crawl at an amazing rate... so I get it. :)
-Your top FOUR teeth are coming in at the same time! It's been awful! You are not a happy camper until they break the skin... then happy baby returns. :) On a side note...  I'm 99% sure you too are going to have an underbite. :( Looks like daddy will have to take a second job with all the dental work in this family's future.

Sleep: Usually you take 2 naps- one mid morning around 10 and then the other around 1:30/2:00. You usually wake just once at night, putting yourself back to sleep, and then up at 4:30 or 5 to nurse. (This is all pending on weather or not you are sick or teething of course...)

Eat: You no longer need me! You are such a good eater. The only feeding that you are holding on to is when you wake up in the morning. Just last night you went to bed without that nighttime feeding (so I guess technically at one year old you nursed twice a day... yes this is over two weeks late :). You love grapes, bread, green beans, turkey, hummus, casseroles, ... I really haven't seen you turn anything down. :) Baby Led Weaning is the way to go!

Favorite moments this month: 
-Your sweet birthday party
-Seeing you take three steps for the first time.
-Watching your vocabulary take off... I think you can say a lot for your age! (My recent favorite being "squirrel" :)
-receiving your sweet cuddles, kisses, and hugs... you are so loving.

-ice cream sandwiches
-loves to throw a ball
-to sit and bouncy on the couch or bed
-to swing inside (playroom) or outside
-hit Burke

- being told no... you give the worst pouty face and big bottom lip!
-getting dresses
-being still in church

You are so loved baby girl! Happy first birthday!
Love, momma

15 months

March 3, 2016... who am I kidding, it's actually March 25th ;)

Story behind the picture: I am going to blame the fact that I waited so long to do your 15month update on the fact that your monthly chalkboard is MIA.... when infact, that is a lame reason to wait over two weeks. :) Can we talk about how BIG you look in this picture??? This is the first time you have worn a bigger bow without a band in your hair. It's really starting to come in now! (Come on piggies!)

Weight: 17.12 (not on the chart)

Length: 28 inches long (also... not on the chart) Do you sense a theme here??? The doctor was concerned, and wants to have your thyroid checked... but if you're anything like your brother, you will both just be late bloomers. :)

Head Circumference:  44.5% (13%ile)  <----- whoop whoop!

Diaper size: 4

Clothing size: Mainly in 9-12 month stuff... however, you can still wear a lot of 6mth clothes and also have gotten by with pajamas that say 18months.... who knows!

- You began walking at about the 13 month mark, and now power walk on occasion... it's hilarious. You got the swinging arms and everything. :)
-finally saying "momma" (it's about time!)
-Talking... mama, papa and pawpaw, Buuuuk (Burke), nak (snack), dada, hey, hi, bye-bye, dog, cat, dink (drink), May Gace (Mary Grace, our sweet neighbor) and LOTS of others! Vocabulary has really taken off.
-you can point to nose, eyes, ears, mouth, belly, and toes on yourself and me :)
-you can tell me how old you are

Sleep: You go to bed between 7-8pm and (when you're not sick), wake about 4 or 5am, and then go back down for a little while longer (usually till 8, but sometimes up at 6:30 for good). Sometimes you wake in the middle of the night, but I usually let you cry for about 5 minutes and you put yourself back to sleep. We are moving to one nap a day... but it really depends on your wake up time. If you wake at 6:30am, then you will take a morning and afternoon nap, but if you wake later, around 8am, then one nap it is!

Eat: You eat everything, and you have discovered sugar a little bit. :) You love some ice cream, oatmeal cream pies, and m&m's that brother leaves behind accidentally. :) You love "baks" (snacks) especially pretzels, and to "dip-dip" things (like pretzels in hummus, chicken in a sauce, etc.) We are still hanging onto one feeding (yes... at 15 months!) or on a rare occasion- if you are really really upset... it calms you instantly. The one feeding is definitely out of habit and comfort, and I'm thinking it will disappear after this coming weekend when daddy and I go away on vacation. (Good luck grandparents! haha) No, but really, I had no idea or intention of keeping this one feeding... I was just following your lead with the whole Baby Led Weaning thing. It's been such an easy transfer from nursing to real food, and you never want to nurse during the day anymore-at all!, so the one feeding in the wee hours of the morning isn't a big deal to me and doesn't seem weird (maybe because you're the size of most 6 month olds). lol

Favorite moments: 
-Getting your hugs and kisses, complete with sound effects! It's like... the very best.
-You saying "hi" to EVERYONE you see
-Watching you LOVE to dance and twirl to music
-Have a love for your dolls and playing pretend with them
-Chasing Burke and pretending your counting and playing hide&seek
-pointing at books like you are reading and telling me what things are
-learning to "tater" and "blow it up" (daddy)
-learning to sing your first song.... The Star Wars theme song... haha (Daddy again.) It started out sounding like the hymn, Love Lifted Me (patting self on back), but nope... upon more of the song being memorized, it is indeed... Star Wars (hands over eyes)

-dancing... seriously LOVE music. I sense a ballerina!!
-shoes. You wanted to sleep with them the past two nights, and threw a screaming fit because I wouldn't let you. lol (Shoe fetish anyone???)
-being chased or running away from someone trying to get you
-ALL the "doll-dolls" and everyone else's "doll dolls"
-anything big brother has or is doing
-girls and babies... you are instantly attracted to them. You think every baby is your real live doll to poke at and squeeze and you make fast friends with any girl at the ball park you see. :)

- diaper changes... you still HATE!
-being told "no"
-being pushed/touched when your walking... you like to be Mrs. Independent!

You are so feisty and your own. You have a big personality (with LOTS of different facial expressions) that can go from sweet to sassy in .01 seconds. I know we have our hands full with you little lady... and I'm so thankful for your sweet, sassy, loving spirit!


July 3rd 2016

Story behind the picture: There were no shots scheduled for your 18 month checkup... so why the band-aids you ask? Well... blood was "supposed" to be drawn again. They want to test for reactions to certain foods, but they couldn't get your veins to cooperate. :( We are supposed to go back to have this done again at the hospital... but I'm going to try to figure out if we can solve the rash mystery on our own before we go through this again. 

Weight: 18 lbs 14 oz.  (not on the chart)

Length: 30 inches (10%ile)

Head Circumference:  45.1 (15%ile)

Diaper size: 4

Clothing size: Mostly 9-12 month stuff

Milestones: See 18 month post for everything below!

Sleep: You sleep through the night (most the time) but sometimes have a small intermission in the middle of the night, where you want to cuddle on the couch... then I put you back in your crib. 

Eat: You eat everything, but we are cutting out lots of things to try and find out what is causing this rash.

Favorite moments: 



You are loved so much! I can't believe you are already a year and a half. Oh how we love our Hylan Marie!


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