Monthly Q&A with Burke

1 month

               April 2, 2012

Mommy: This was your first month of your life? So... how has it been?
Burke: Well, I don't have much to compare it to, but I would say pretty darn good. It doesn't get much better than eating, sleeping, and pooping (and I don't even have to clean it up!)
Mommy: What has been the hardest thing about the first month?
Burke: I would say having to contain my laughter. I know there's a learning curve to this new parent thing, but when you bend down to kiss me while I'm on the changing table, do you really expect me not to take the opportunity to give you a personal shower? Come. On.
Mommy: What are the important milestones that you reached this month?
Burke: Milestones? Oh, well, I blew through those no problem. I had passed my birth weight by week one- 6 lbs 4 oz five days after I had been born mind you. I have grown 2.5 inches in length since being born. I now recognize my mommy voice when she talks to me, and am starting to get some control of this head so I can follow you and daddy around with more than just my eyes. I'd say I'm coming along pretty good!
Mommy: Yes, I would say so! Well, we love you very very much. You are the light of our life! It seems like I have always known you, even though you've only been here a short time. We pray for you every day, and are so thankful that you are in our lives. 
Mom and Dad

2 months

                   May 2, 2012

Mommy: What has been your favorite memory from this last month?
Burke: Definitely seeing the reaction on your face when I first smiled at you. Y'all are suckers for a toothless grin. 
Mommy: Speaking of firsts, what are the new things you accomplished this month?
Burke: Obviously smiling... in other news, I'm eating like a horse. (I don't think mom can keep up with me. ha!) I'm also sleeping longer through the night. You're welcome. And these things called "hands" showed up one day... those things are pretty weird, but fit well into my mouth! 
I am also trying to talk to you guys, but all that's coming out is this cooing and babbling sound. I don't think you are understanding what I am trying to say, because you're not answering my important questions about world events and the newest scientific studies, which is pretty frustrating. However, I let it slide because you sure do look happy just making silly faces and baby sounds back to me. 
Mommy: Oh, I had no idea! I will be more attentive next time. One more question. If you had to choose your favorite place that you visited this month, where would it be? 
Burke: Jordan Hare Stadium- hands down. That place is like heaven! Orange and blue was everywhere, and I especially loved Aubie. War Eagle!
Mommy: Your dad will be proud. :)
Your dad and I are loving seeing you change everyday! The only problem is it's all going by so fast! We are taking in every moment with you little man. Love you tons!
Mom and Dad

3 months

June 2, 2012

Mommy: Wow! I see you are able to sit in the middle of the chair now! You are getting so big! 
Burke: Yeah... didn't know I had that trick up my sleeve, did ya? There's a lot I'm not letting you in on... like why I won't take a pacifier. I think it's pretty funny that you want me to have this plastic object lodged in my mouth for no reason. I mean, would you want to have something with no taste, or purpose in your mouth?
Mommy: Well... it kind of does have a purpose. You know the times when it's a little difficult to go to sleep??? That's the time when paci would come in handy!
Burke: Oh... but that would be too nice.
Mommy: :) 
Mommy: Tell me about your latest achievements.
Burke: As you can see in my picture, I am able to hold my head pretty steady! I can roll over from my tummy to my back without help... but I'm not gonna lie... it's kind of by accident that I do this. Not really sure why you guys get so excited when it happens. I'm also smiling and talking to people like crazy. I love me some eye contact and one-on-one attention from family members and the random people at Publix. And as you also would like me to mention, I have started randomly sleeping through the night! I know you love me for that one.
Mommy: You're right. I do love that one, but I love every little and big accomplishment. You are one sweet little boy. We love you sooo much! 
Mom and Dad

4 months

July 2, 2012

Mommy: You are growing up right before my very eyes! 
Burke: Yeah, I know! I weighed in at 13 lbs 14oz. at my 4 month appointment today and the doc said I am 25.5 inches long! Growin' like a weed! 
Mommy: Yes, yes you are! And you're doing so many sweet and wonderful things. i have to say one of my favorites is the look on your face when you see me for the first time in the morning when I peek over your crib... since you are sleeping from 8:30pm-7:00am!
Burke: I knew you appreciated that, and I also LOVE seeing you first thing in the morning! That's why I give you that big-ole grin that you go gaga over. 
Mommy: What else do you love?
Burke: I love story time... I'm sure you can tell by the way I look intently at the colorful pictures and smile at you when I watch the way your mouth moves. You have also made my day with airplane rides on your knees, and the fact that you have found my most ticklish spot... on my back! And who can forget peek-a-boo! That game is awesome!
Mommy: I love doing those things with you more than you'll ever know! However... there is one thing we should talk about. It's the drool. It's as if you have a waterfall as a mouth.
Burke: I know, I know... I'm working on some teeth may be seeing them in the near future!
Mommy: Oh! Any other milestones you would like to tell about?
Burke: I am getting really good with my fingers! I'm actually able to grip my toys. You have seen me reaching for things and TRYING to roll over to my tummy. (I'm getting there... you just wait.) I can sit in a seated position if you support me, but I really prefer to stand on my feet, with your help of course. Those feet though... they are really fun to hold onto and put in my mouth.  I am also becoming pretty interested in your food... swatting at it and such... maybe let me try some soon? Pretty please?
Mommy: We'll see. :)
Before you know it you will be crawling and talking. Goodness, where is the time going? We love you Burke!
Mom and Dad

5 months

August 2, 2012

Mommy: Hey sweet boy! You have...
Burke: (cutting me off abruptly) Whoa there missy. We have something to discuss. 
Mommy: I think I know what you're going to say.
Burke: Daycare? What?!
Mommy: I know. It was hard this morning, huh? It was even harder for me. Promise. I know you are going to love the new friends you are going to make and the sweet ladies that care for you... and now someone else gets to see how precious you are!
Burke: Yeah... I suppose that's a bonus. Everybody deserves one of my smiles. Annnnnd... I can show them my new tricks! Passing toys from hand to hand (sometimes behind my back when no one is looking), pushing up and scooting around on my belly, sitting up without support for tiny spurts of time, and oh... they get to see me eat baby food! They have no idea how messy I can be! Muahahaha!
Mommy: Slow down now... you just started solids this week! They are only feeding you rice cereal (which you really like!), and we are trying out the new foods at home! I have whipped up some tasty avocado (your first food) and sweet potatoes, and you LOVE both! You are such a good eater! You even try to hold the spoon!
Burke: Did you get that on video?
Mommy: Of course, and we have the funny sounds you make on video too. The squealing and gargling sounds are favorites. :)
Burke: You rock.
Mommy: You rock more.
Mom and Dad

6 months

September 2, 2012

Mommy: Hey Trump!
Burke: I refuse to answer to that.
Mommy: :) That hair.... it's... out of control.
Burke: Are you finished?
Mommy: Yes, love. What would you like to talk about... because I can't get over the hair...
Burke: (crickets)...
Mommy: Ok. Done.
Burke: I know everyone is wanting to know my stats, so we'll start there. At my 6 month doctors visit, I'm a whopping 16.2 lbs and 26.7 inches long!
Mommy: I am going to have to put a brick on your head... and some Rogaine. 
Burke: Look, since I'm constantly rolling around, scooting backwards, and doing the worm, the hair has been taking a beating. The new stuff is starting to grow in, and since I'm learning how to sit on my own for extended periods of time, the head is getting a little bit of a break.
Mommy: I'm just kidding. :) I think the toupee is adorable on you, and you're right, you are now spending more time on your belly than ever. You actually like tummy time and sitting upright! You like the view from your belly. It allows you to see what's going on around you, and to find your favorite toys, which are the V-crawl ball and the mirror on your play mat. You LOVE to look at yourself. 
Burke: Well, I am cute.
Mommy: You got that right. What else is new?
Burke: Well, daycare is going surprisingly well, besides getting my first cold. I only stayed sick for a couple of days, but on the bright side, I got you to stay home with me on a weekday! hehe.
While I'm at daycare, I have found I really like Mrs. T. (I'm her favorite... shhh... don't tell the other babies.) She told me... and I quote... "I make her look forward to coming to work." I. 
Mommy: Those comments always make my day too. I am so glad you are loved so much when I can't be with you during the day. Anything else?
Burke: Two teeth erupted from my bottom gums! They are pretty sharp, so you better watch out with the Trump jokes.
Mommy: :) Yes, they did, and they have made eating solids a little more challenging... you now like to chew on the spoon after every bite. 
Burke: Speaking of... can you make me more sweet potatoes and apples please? I noticed you tried to feed me green beans tonight, and they ONLY reason I ate them was because you swirled in some avocado. It was bearable, but please, don't do it again.
Mommy: I promise. (fingers crossed)
Burke: Well, I love you mom and dad. I think I'm finally getting the ability to really show you. Mom, do you remember the other night (at 2:30 in the morning... that's beside the point), when I woke up hungry, and you came staggering in, looked over my crib, and I got super excited... kicking my legs and squealing, and when you picked me up...
Mommy: and you kissed my face? Yes... my heart couldn't have been more full at that moment. You are such a blessing, and I don't take any minute for granted. We love you little man.
Mom and Dad

7 months

October 2, 2012

Mommy: STOPPP! 
Burke: What crazy woman?
Mommy: Stop growing. When people ask me how old you are I have been saying 6 1/2 months. I no longer can say that, and it pains me.
Burke: Yep... over 1/2 my first year has passed us, and life has been good. 
Mommy: It sure has. We are so blessed. You have started doing some pretty awesome things lately.
Burke: Yes! I've learned to scoot around on my belly to get to the toys I REALLY want... you know... the ones that make all the noise. You love when I clap for you, and I can also sit up by myself!
Mommy: With an occasional face dive or two,  but I'm usually there to catch you.
Burke: Except yesterday....grrrr
Mommy: Yeah, sorry about that. Dinner was burning.
Burke: Yeah... it did smell a little funny. I was glad you saved me from that disaster and let me eat squash. It was delish.
Mommy: You're welcome... I guess. I also really love that you are mimicking sounds that we make at you. Making the popping sound with your lips has got to be my favorite.
Burke: What about saying dada? How do you feel about that?
Mommy: Well, I would like to think that you were saying mama really early on (I have it on video), but you are no longer saying that, instead you say Dada. I think you know what you are saying too! You say it more once you see your Daddy in the evening. You are also making the baa, maa, and aaaa sounds a lot. You are very vocal!
Burke: Yes, I like to talk. I put that to good use at my first Auburn game! 
Mommy: You mean your second? You slept through the first one by the concessions area because it was so hot. However the second game, which was a night game, you were so happy... talking, laughing, and cheering on our Tigers inside with all the other fans until 10:00PM!
Burke: Oh, I didn't even realize we went to that first one. Hope you didn't pay too much for that ticket. lol.
Mommy: :) Love you. You are the best thing since sliced bread.
Mom and Dad

8 months

November 2, 2012

Burke: Hi again!
Mommy: Wasn't it just yesterday we had your 7 month conversation?
Burke: Seems like it, huh? However a lot has happened with me since we last talked! Did you not take note?!
Mommy: Oh, no no no... I took note. The problem is there are too many things that have changed in the last month to even mention! You are learning and growing so fast now! Some things that I have noted is your hate of broccoli... Can you say gag reflex? You have amazingly good hand eye coordination. I'm especially impressed that you play ball with me by rolling/throwing your toy balls! You have recently started moving from sitting to falling forward to get to your belly, and also pulling up to your knees without help! I'm sure you'll be crawling by our next monthly conversation!
Burke: Possibly... possibly. Right now I am happy just sitting and reaching as far as possible without crawling to get to what I want.
Mommy: I noticed that. I can see where that is effective, but doesn't that belly flop hurt when you occasionally fall to reach that toy?
Burke: No mam'. That's why I have been eating more during the day. Those solid foods really have helped give me some padding! Oh, and by the way, I REALLY enjoyed eating those mashed potatoes and creamed corn from your plate at that yummy restaurant last weekend! Feed me more of that!
Mommy: I will... I'm just so nervous! The thought of you choking gives me a heart attack!
Burke: Come on. If your afraid of choking, don't give me pureed broccoli. My hate for that vegetable was not misinterpreted. Keep. It. Away. 
Mommy: I see. :) (Note to self-mix in broccoli to creamed corn.)
Burke: Yes?
Mommy: I love you so much. You have the sweetest personality, and I am so thankful for you every minute of every day. This month was so much fun... with all the new things you did, getting to dress you in costume for your first Halloween (you were a sock monkey and a tiger... they both were so cute I couldn't decide!), and going to all the Auburn football games together. Can't imagine life with out you.
Burke: Thanks mom, love you too. I'll make sure to give you one of my open mouth kisses in the morning. :)
Mommy: Can't wait.

Mom and Dad

9 months

December 2, 2012

Mommy: Hey handsome! 
Burke: Hola!
Mommy:  You had your first haircut today, on your 9 month birthday! This picture was taken AFTER the cut... yeah...not much of a cut right? I just wanted to trim your comb over bangs, but upon giving you a closer look Daddy had to go back and cut some of the wild and crazies that you can see at the crown of your head in this photo. 
I made Daddy a nervous wreak while he was trimming your Trump doo, however I think he did a great job. 
Burke: I think so too... makes me look all grown up, ya know.
Mommy: Yes, speaking of are growing out of your infant stage for sure. Remember in the last interview, I said "You have the sweetest personality"... well... 
Burke: What? You take it back???
Mommy: No, no, no... you are just changing. You are starting to let mommy and daddy know when you want something, (by whining or grunting... man I can't wait till you can use your words :),  your silly side comes out as contagious giggles and laughter that get us rolling, and I have a feeling you are finding that you get your way with strangers by giving them a sly smile or a two teethed grin. Like the way you earned yourself TWO suckers from the Chinese restaurant server... and you can't even have suckers yet!
Burke: Yeah, it works with most...hehe. Hey, do you mind putting those aside for me. In a couple of months I expect them to be untouched. *Hint hint*
Mommy: Sure.... you also have been saying "Uh-Oh" when you drop something and "Ba" for ball. I'm pretty sure throwing balls (and other objects) is your favorite activity.
Burke: What about eating... that's also a good time. I have to tell you, letting me have those little puff things was the best decision you have made in awhile.
Mommy: Well, I'm glad you're so excited about them. However, I have to break them apart for you... you have a tremendous gag reflex. It's crazy. You threw up in a coffee shop because I gave you a whole one once.... bad Mommy.
Burke: Don't be so hard on yourself. Rookies make mistakes... and you ARE a rookie. 
Mommy: Thanks for the reminder. Hey, why are you not crawling yet? I had visions of you cruising around the floor and pulling you out of the Christmas tree by December!
Burke: Good technique takes time. I don't want to look foolish... I want to glide gracefully as I show off my hand/knee balancing action. You have seen me preparing for this endeavor by going from a sitting position, putting my weight on the hands, and getting onto my knees. I'm not really sure how the next step works because I see you on two feet... not four like you SAY I'm supposed to do... I find this disheartening, and would hate to call you out, but a spade is a spade. I am thinking, and as you have noticed in my latest attempts to move, that the feet do most of the work. So I have started pulling up to my feet while holding onto your fingers. I think I'm onto something... but only time will tell.
Mommy: Whenever you decide to crawl... or walk is fine with me... in fact, if you could wait until after Christmas that would be great. You know... the wrapped presents and Christmas ornaments would definitely stay more intact if you could hold off. :)
Burke: Don't count on it. :)
Mommy: We love you.
Burke: Love you two crazy kids too.

Mom and Dad

10 months

January 2, 2013

Mommy: Look at that happy boy! Every month has been fun, but I think that this month I have seen the most changes and had the most fun with you than any other month thus far. It could also be that I got to spend two whole weeks with you because we were out of school for the holidays.
Burke: Do tell...
Mommy: Well, for starters, you started crawling! Actually, you do this really funny slap the floor, and pull your little chubby legs behind you move. It's hilarious... I will be doing a special post ... with video...on it soon.
Burke: It gets me where I want to go, doesn't it? That's what's important in life, right? It doesn't matter what you look like, what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have. The important thing is I set goals for myself (crawling... so I could get my hands on one of your Christmas ornaments before you took the tree down) and I attain them. 
Mommy: I see. I'm glad you set such high goals this early in life.
Burke: Oh, there are others...Have you, or have you not, seen me trying to take over my hygiene responsibilities, such as brushing my hair and brushing my own teeth? Repeating "night, night" to Daddy before you take me into my room to go to sleep for the night by putting me in a trance... with singing, rocking, and warm milk? (Not even a superhero can withstand your power with those skills) And what about my understanding of the word "no?"
Mommy: You understand the word "no?" The way I see it, you follow that command when your Daddy says it better than when I say it. Instead you get tickled and laugh when I tell you "no!"
Burke: Hehehe. You need to take lessons from Daddy. 
Mommy: Apparently.
Burke: Go on... keep talking about me.
Mommy: Well, all of a sudden, and this came about right before you started crawling, you could move from your belly to a sitting position without any help! In fact, I feel like you are so much more independent now that you do not need me to constantly put you in places around the house. Instead, you go where you want to go! Now my job is just to make sure there is nothing on the floor that you can fit into your mouth and that you shouldn't get into!
Burke: You mean like those magazines I tore pages from? 
Mommy: That would be one of the many. :) You made me realize very quickly, when we got back from our travels over the holidays, that our house was not baby proofed!
Burke: You had 10 months. Procrastinator.
Mommy: Watch it. I'll procrastinate buying your puffs.
Burke: You're so on top of your game. Mom of the year.
Mommy: That's more like it. 
Burke: Oh, and if you're not going to mention it, I guess I'll have to tell everyone... I have mad unwrapping skills (thanks for letting me practice with those empty wrapped diaper boxes before we got infront of everyone on Christmas day... whew!) My top FOUR teeth are coming in! Yeah... I'm gonna me the only kid on the block that looks like I have dentures at age one. My family rocks.... I know this because I met a billion people the week of Christmas and all of them said I was adorable. I gobble up pureed ravioli, yogurt, and any fruit you can whip up.
Mommy: Yes, sticking to purees for now... anything chunky makes you gag and sometimes throw up. It's that nasty cold... you just can't shake it! We even had to go to the E.R. in Cullman because you were running a 104 degree fever with chills. Scared. Me. To. Death! Apparently you had a virus and the beginnings of an ear infection. Tylenol, Motrin, and an antibiotic kicked that out of you, but we are still left with an URI.
Burke: Huh?
Mommy: Upper Respiratory Infection (Bronchitis) 
Burke: Stick with the English.
Mommy: :) We love you.

Mom and Dad

11 months

February 2, 2013

Mommy: Well, look at you. Almost one year old! I just can't believe it.
Burke: Hey, don't wish away 4 whole weeks mom... I still have some time before I reach the BIG one! Just 11 month ole me, right here!
Mommy: You're right... still 11 months. Not one... not one... not one... I may need a few tissues when you reach that milestone. 
Burke: Awww ... now I get to console you? You did a lot of that for me this month... you know... with the being sick and all. This past month has been a drag with all the doctor's visits, medicine taking, and not to mention the trip to the ER... again! 
Mommy: So true. Everyone in our house was sick off and on through the month of January. Glad that is over!
Burke: I hope so too. I don't think I can take much more of your whining.
Mommy: Do what?
Burke: :) What? You don't call my 12:00am wake up cries whining do you? They are called hunger pains, and you must feed them. Or else.
Mommy: Yeah, or else you keep whining. 
Burke: Whatever you say maker-of-milk. :) So mom, have you noticed any changes in me over the last month?
Mommy: Ohhh yes. I can tell you are learning things all the time. You are pointing at everything, as if to ask us to tell you what it is. Once we tell you, you make a sound back to us, like you are repeating it... it's so cute! You especially love to point at lights, light switches, pictures of your daddy and Cade, and at anything you want... like puffs, the remote, or our phone.
Burke: I have also learned how to look at my favorite pictures on your and daddy's phone and iPad! I'm brilliant. Better watch those bank account apps... I've been memorizing your password.
Mommy: ...uh oh. 
Yes, it's no secret you can push the play button and swipe your finger to look at pictures. It's also no secret that you have EIGHT teeth! It looks as if you have dentures child!
Burke: Yeah, too bad I'm not putting them to good use. The whole solid food thing has slowed down since being sick... hopefully I'll be picking back up where I left off soon.
Mommy: Yes, you had dropped some weight when you were sick, but now are on the increase again. You weigh a whopping 18 lbs 10 oz. and ___ long. You are also crawling... well army crawling all over the place. Your favorite place to go is in mommy and daddy's bedroom, where you love to play with the doors and dresser drawers. You also LOVE taking/playing in the tub. I can't wait until summer when we get to splash around outside all day long!
Burke: You mean... play in water... outside... I vaguely remember this concept, but it sounds heavenly.
Mommy: :) I am counting down the days till summer little man, and trying to savor them all at the same time. Is that possible?
Burke: Oh, it's possible. Can't wait to sleep in, splash in the so called "water outside,"have lunches with daddy, and go on a vacation or two! Yeehaw!
Mommy: Meee too! Love you sweet baby boy.
Burke: Love you too. Peace.

Mom and Dad

12 months

March 2, 2013

Mommy: Today we celebrate 525,600 minutes of you! 
Burke: Oh, that we did! That was a party I will never forget! 
Mommy: Yes, it was so much fun to plan and prepare for, but even more fun to celebrate you turning one year old with family and friends... even if you don't remember. :)
Burke: Whew!... Glad you are not holding me responsible for remembering all that. However, I'm pretty sure you have taken enough pictures of me lately that it will be able to account for every millisecond of my life on this earth.
Mommy: Sorry. :) I get a little carried away with the camera, but you'll thank me later... I think.
Burke: Well, what hasn't been recorded on camera is my height and weight! At my year visit I weighed 19 lbs and 2 oz, and am 29.8 inches long. 
Mommy: I am so proud of these numbers! You were sick all last month, and dropped in weight a actually gained 1 whole pound in the last week! Keep up the good eating! 
Burke: As long as you keep feeding me your leftovers from Maggiano's Italian Restaurant (I prefer the homemade lasagna if anyone out their wants to send me a late birthday present), and those delicious berries... I think you called them strawberries and blueberries, that number on the scale will keep moving on up!
Mommy- Take out from Maggiano's? Geez, you are high maintenance already! In fact, lately you have been being a little more bossy with that finger of yours.
Burke: What do you mean sweet momma? I point, you follow directions, right?
Mommy: Wrong. I see I few lessons to learn in our future. :)
Burke: You're right, you will need to follow directions better. While we are talking about you, can you manage to let me sleep in your bed the whole night instead of part of the night? I really get much more shut eye when I get to lay my head on your pillow and smell you all night long.
Mommy: Ummm... no. I have come to the conclusion that you got used to sleeping with us when you were sick last month (I do have anxiety about leaving you by yourself when your not feeling well at night). You were doing so good sleeping through the night again, but if you wake up, you expect to join us in the BIG bed. We've got to break that habit asap.
Burke: You mean- asip (After Sixteen If Possible?)
Mommy: Clever.
Burke: Well, looks like you are pondering the idea of making some other changes for me too. Real milk? I hope I like this stuff. And a sippy cup in place of the bottle. Hmmm... well see. 
Mommy: Yep, we are fixing to make some big waves in your lifestyle. Get ready!
Burke: Well, I am fixing to make sure changes in your life too. Noticed me becoming more agile? 
Mommy: Yes. I. Have. You are pulling up on everything... even in the bathtub (which is a no no by the way), still doing your silly crawl, but starting to walk while holding my or daddy's fingers or your walker. I can hardly change your diaper because you are such a wiggle worm now! Long gone are the days of being quiet and calm!
Burke: Yeah, now I like to mimic what you and daddy say, and see if you can catch me before I get into something I'm not supposed to! Hahahahaha! 
Mommy: Well one thing is for sure, I love watching you grow and change. Every day it seems you do something new to surprise me! Some are big, and some are little, but it is so fun witnessing the "next big thing" that you accomplish. I love being your mom.
Burke: Ahhh... you did get lucky. :)
Hey, are you going to keep up our conversations? I really like the idea of you recording fun memories and milestones that I can look back on one day. 
Mommy: Absolutely. Maybe one day I won't have to read your mind... you'll actually answer me!
Burke: And then will I be the one in bold print?!
Mommy: Sure thang.
Burke: You're awesome.
Mommy: I know. ;) Love you more than words can say!

Mom and Dad

13 months

April 2, 2013

Burke: So, what is life like with a one year old?
Mommy: Well, for one thing, you are more mobile than ever. You like to pull up on everything... and you like your walker because you are able to use it to get to your destinations. You are becoming more and more brave, and that keeps me on my toes, but at the same time you go through phases of "super chill Burke" where you just want to sit and watch what's going on around you. You seem very observant and cautious. ... hey, aren't I supposed to be asking the questions?!
Burke: Shoot.
Mommy: What is new since your first birthday? 
Burke: I've become a bit more... what's the word... independent. 
Mommy: You mean stubborn?
Burke: Oh goodness no. Not me. It is NOT stubbornness to fling the food off my dinner tray that I don't want to eat... I'm simply telling you what I like and don't like. You know, so I can become an independent eater. :) Surely you wouldn't want me eating those green vegetables?
Mommy: Actually... 
Burke: And I now weigh 19 lbs 10 oz... getting closer to the BIG 20 LBS!
Mommy: Yep, you are growing right on track with your curve, although on the lightweight end, you are steadily gaining! You are in the 10th percentile in weight and 25th percentile in height. You are doing better and better on table food, but you seldom give new textured food a chance. I do love how you make this "mmmm" sound when you are hungry or see food. It lets me know you like what you see or taste!
Burke: Well, just in case you haven't noticed... I have enjoyed buttered toast and cheese. Thanks.
Mommy: Well, we have to branch beyond that, but I'll keep those on rotation. :) You are doing quite well on whole milk now! I definitely over thought that transition. Once you realized that was the only option, and we warmed it a bit for you, you took it like a champ. Though, not as much as you did formula, but I guess that's supposed to happen now that you are able to get your nutrients from real food. Now... onto weaning you off the bottle... 
Burke: You're kidding right?
Mommy: Let's change the subject... You are understanding common words and directions!
Burke: Yep! Turning on/off the light is a favorite ...because I get to see the power of my finger. Ha! I know what a dog is (for which I attempt "woof"), and that awful term "no" ... ick.
Mommy: Yes, well just so you know, every four legged creature is not a dog (I think this because you "woofed" at our neighbors cat) and you will be hearing "no" a lot... due to our earlier conversation about your stubbornness, but it's only out of love. :) Hey, don't forget your ability to understand "Let's go" when I put you on your feet. You love to try to walk, all while holding onto my fingers of course. Speaking of... you are becoming a momma's boy. Your daddy is getting a bit jealous. Just today you wouldn't eat what he was feeding you. You had to have me feed you dinner. And what about that crying when I try to pass you off to daddy when it's time to go to bed? You may have to do some kissing up to fix that...
Burke: Well, the way I see it, he'll get his time later... no offense mom, but I'm going to want to play sports with dad and go hunting every other weekend soon enough. Right now, you're pretty cuddly.
Oh, have you enjoyed my blowing kisses and waving bye bye... though sometimes REALLY delayed... I do it none-the-less?
Mommy: Mmmmm... yes, the best detail for last. You melt many hearts with that move.
Burke: Even yours?
Mommy: Especially mine. We love you!

Mom and Dad

14 months

May 2, 2013

Burke: Well, are you proud? 
Mom: Excuse me?
Burke: Proud to have me ripped from my one true love (r.i.p. Tommie Tippee bottle), and enjoying the fact that I didn't actually NEED you to hold me while going to sleep at night?
Mommy: Actually, yes! We had not felt the push to treat you like a toddler because while you were at daycare, they never pushed for a change in your diet or sleep... and to be honest- it never occurred to me TO move you along! Guess that comes with being new to this gig.
Burke: Yeah, guess so. You are great at making first timers mistakes. A big shout out to Mrs. Beverly for help in that arena!
Mommy: :) Yes, and you are doing really well adjusting to your new home-away-from-home- besides the first day... that was rough. However, as soon as you get used to everything, it's going to be summer! Yippee!
Burke: I'm so ready! I love Ms. Bev, but nothing compares to hanging out with you!
Mommy: :) I'm so excited to see you learn new things and hit new milestones. The couple of hours after school aren't enough!
Burke: Speaking of milestones, have you heard me lately? I'm talking up a storm, and with expression! 
Mommy: I know, when you want something you babble, and raise your voice in the form of a question. And even though what ends up coming out is a string of "dada dada's?," it's like you know what you're asking! If I don't respond the way you want you repeat it or get angry!
Burke: Hold on... what? You do NOT understand me??? Unbelievable.
Mommy: Well, just work on your phonics a bit... I'm sure it will come with time. :)
Burke: And what about how close I am to walking? Is that just in my imagination too?
Mom: Well....
Mommy: Well, I think you are close...
Burke: Wheew. Thought I'd been working for nothing!
Mommy: Never! You now take that walker and show it who's boss! Turning it, speeding across the hardwoods, over books, and using it as an old woman would... to get you places! We have even caught you letting go of the handle and standing on your own a lot lately! Even in the bathtub!
Burke: Yeah, and have you seen how much I love the water? I even take the cup you use to wash my hair and pour it over my head... and laugh hysterically!
Mommy: Yep, your going to love the swim lessons we have lined up for this summer! And, now that you are on the move constantly, you NEVER stop eating. I know A LOT of it has to do with not taking your bottle anymore (because you still were taking it like a meal), but if you're not in the highchair consuming Poppyseed Chicken Casserole, mounds of sweet potatoes, strawberries and blueberries, and the list goes on... you have a snack container full of goldfish, veggie sticks, crackers, puffs, etc...
Burke: A boy's gotta eat.
Mommy: Guess so! Keep it up because you're sleeping great and seem to be happier than ever! 
Burke: Love ya mom. Bye-bye! (While blowing a kiss)
Mommy: Love you too! (Throwing you one right back)

Mom and Dad 

15 months

June 2, 2013

Mommy: Well, hello love!
Burke: Yo.
Mommy: Do what?
Burke: uh...uh... Hello dearest mother, how are you today?
Mommy: Yes, we do have to start using our manners. You have started some interesting behaviors this month. For example, not wanting to share toys, and saying no, no, no, no when someone else has something you want, or shaking your head from side to side furiously...
Burke: I'm just trying to get my point across.
Mommy: I can see that! You are becoming more and more independent. This has also led to you starting to walk! Although you still rely mostly on "the crawl" to get you to places... or that darn walker. :)
Burke: Don't bash the walker. But see... my "interesting behaviors" as you call them, have their perks too. 
Mommy: I guess so. We will have to sift through them and keep the good, and get rid of the bad... asap.
Burke: Yep, my feisty independence has allowed me to tackle climbing up and down stairs, climbing up the slide ladder and going down ALL BY MYSELF (with your tensed hand close behind of course... grrr.), feeding myself (that is if you feel like cleaning up my mess after I finish), and pushing around anything and everything that slides on our hardwood floors. 
Mommy: Yes, you are up and at em' now! I have to keep a close eye on you, because of the other things you forgot to mention... like, flushing the toilet... constantly, running the water in the bathtub, trying to climb OUT of the bathtub during bath time, the list could go on.
Burke: Speaking of lists, can you please add "take me to the playground"... everyday twice-a-day to your list? And maybe throw in a run? Your slow snail pace is killing me.
Mommy: You do love going to the various parks and playgrounds around us. You seem to love other babies, and seem to try to make friends... you even give out free hugs. :) However, you don't actually "play" with them yet. We even started swim lessons this week, along with your buddy Woody! Surprisingly, you have gotten over your fear of pools and are enjoying watching Mommy and Mrs. Lindsey try to hide their laughter from the instructor. As for the run- that's as fast as I go. 
Burke: Yikes. 
Mommy: Hey, when you can walk, we can start talking upping the pace.
Burke: Deal. And as for sleep... you couldn't ask for it to be much better! I go to bed between 8:00- 9:00pm, wake between 6:30-7:30a.m., take a short morning nap around 9:30 (usually), and a LONG afternoon nap 2:00pm-4:00/4:30. I also added "cat," "slide," and "drink" to my vocabulary. 
Mommy: Yep, and you now eat three times a day and have three snacks in between meals.
Burke: Yeah, couldn't survive without those snacks! My favorite snacks are bananas or popcorn puffs. (Both make the biggest messes... that's why I chose them...muahhhhaaa!) 
Mommy: :) Well, I'm excited to tell you that I will now have time for all the good snuggles you like to give in the morning, all the messy snacks you can possibly consume, along with the possible two trips to the playground, and maybe a run now and then, because I officially made a job change last week, and will be staying at home with you!
Burke: WHooo hoo! Yippeee! I love that decision.
Mommy: And I love you. 

Mom and Dad

16 months

July 2, 2013

Mommy: How is it that you are growing up so fast?! You are getting so big and so smart! We went to the doctor and you now weigh 21 lbs and are 32 in. long with 16 teeth. Yikes!
Burke: I know! The very night you posted my 15 month Q &A I started walking, and basically haven't sat down. I am also learning new words all the time!
Mommy: You're telling me! Keeping up with you has become a workout! And as for your vocabulary, it's expanding every minute. You often surprise me with what you can repeat, or follow a direction I give you. Some of your favorite words to say (often on repeat) are: outside, bubble, iPad, Bob (the name of the stroller), Auburn (that's right people!), Amen, eat, cat, and family names (mama, dada, PaPa, PawPaw, Nana, Cade, etc...). Now, you may need me or your daddy, your personal translators, to help people hear other not so clear words, like drink, knock, bath, brush, squirrel,... and the list goes on.
Burke: I do love to talk... and sing! I LOVE the Itsy Bitsy Spider and some War Eagle. 
Mommy: We notice that... and that they also calm you if you're upset. We are going to try out a group music class soon because you love music so much!
Burke: I  loved the swim class that we did with Mrs. Lindsey and Woody! If it's anything like that, I know I will have fun!
Mommy: I hope so, but can you tell me some of your favorite things to do in addition to the swim class that we are doing this summer?
Burke: Oh, well, I love the playground. Basically I like climbing up and down the steps (just to make you nervous). I also love when you hide somewhere in the house, call my name, and I have to look for you... Also, blowing bubbles, coloring (assisted of course), going for "Bob" rides (a.k.a. run outside), playing with  baby friends, going to the beach, and helping out around the house.
Mommy: Ummm, helping out around the house?
Burke: Yeah, you know... taking out the pots and pans, and "rearranging" them for you. Taking the baking soda from the spice drawer and helping you "clean" the floor, picking up the bathroom by putting my toys in the Porcelain Throne, or pooping in the tub... I just motivated you to deep clean the tub! See?!
Mommy: I do see. You are becoming more and more curious, adventurous, and brave every day. It's so amazing to see you do things that you couldn't do yesterday, even if they tend to be a bit a lot messy. :)
 You have no idea how much you are loved!

Mom and Dad

17 months

August 2, 2013

Mommy: Hey Chipper!
Burke: You just LOVE a nickname, don't you? Were you a bully? You know, like the kid who dragged me down the slide unwillingly this afternoon?
Mommy: :) Oh no, not me. But I know a good nickname when I hear one. 
Burke: Yeah, well I guess I learned that the bathtub is slippery and you don't have very good reflexes. 
Mommy: True. Call me a bad mom, but I almost close my eyes when I see something bad fixing to happen that I can't stop! Horrible mom reflex, I know. Anyway, you can hardly see it when you smile, and the doctor said that Mother Nature will smooth it out over time, and before you know it, it will be gone anyway!
Burke: Who is Mother Nature, and why will my tooth be GONE?!
Mommy: LOL. Oh, I love this age. Really, you are soooo much fun right now. Not that I didn't enjoy the other "stages" you have gone through, but you can communicate with us now, play silly games, you have become interested in books... beyond the pictures, you like to learn names for things, and examine the smallest details when you walk around outside. It's so precious.
Burke: I have learned a lot this month. I can get to my games on your phone on my own (you need to do a post on that soon- it's pretty amazing if I may say so myself),  I clean up my toys and sing along with your "clean-up jingle" when you tell me to, I like to pretend to wash my own hair and brush my own teeth, and I talk in martian language.
Mommy: Yes, I have to say the most astonishing thing to me is that you seem to enjoy cleaning up your toys and following commands! (I REALLY hope this phase stays for awhile.) To me it seems like you are understanding what I am saying to you and you enjoy doing it because you finally get it! I love it! 
Burke: You mean like when I clean up my Lego's and dragged the bag to my toy box? Or when you told me to put my clothes in my room and I picked them up and put them in my dirty hamper? 
Mommy: Yes! Instances just like those amaze me! It's like I can literally see your brain working! However, just your interest in exploring alone is quite amazing. You could spend HOURS outside; looking at every ant that crawls by, or tasting every leaf that falls from the tree over the deck :) You like to push boundaries, which sometimes gets you into trouble, but I know you are curious and want to figure things out for yourself. 
Burke: Exactly. "And go where no baby has gone before!"
Mom: Yep, I can tell that is your goal. However, you sometimes have to learn "no" is the answer that you have to accept, and that is still a work in progress! I can tell you finally accept it when you cry or get your feelings hurt, but know that it's all out of love and we are helping to mold you the best way we know how. 
We love you more than you will ever know Chipper.

Mom and Dad

18 months

September 2, 2013

Mommy: (panting)... 
Burke: Hahahahaha... I know! I am keeping you on your toes now-a-days! 
Mommy: Sure are! You have figured out how to open the back door to the deck (good thing we are moving next week!), and will head outside without hesitating; you are becoming fearless when it comes to heights. You will climb the highest slide on the playground and want to jump from the bed, and if we go to a department store, and I (stupidly) decide to let you walk, you love to try to run out of sight. 
Burke: Mischief should have been my middle name. I also have a love of "driving." You can't leave that out! If I go outside and see a vehicle in the driveway, I BEG to drive... you give in most of the time. :)
Mommy: Yes, let's get this straight... your driving consists of standing in the drivers seat, holding onto the steering wheel, and pretending to be daddy (you say bye-bye, want a kiss, and me to close the door :))
Burke: I have figured out the right key and how to put the key in the ignition... you *may want to pay closer attention to that.
Mommy: Oh, we have noticed! Just hoping you don't gain the strength to turn it! That will quickly put an end to your "driving." When you're not in an automobile, you have gotten into a funny little habit of trying to walk on your toes when you are barefoot and you also think it's so funny when you walk backwards! You are hilarious... what else can I say?
Burke: Well, in addition to the other words previously listed in the past Q&A's, I can say "drive," "Oh no!," "out", "hat," "eyes,""mouth," "nose," "Teddy," "pahpah (potty)," "pone (phone)," and I say please (pahhh) and thank you (ah oooo) and use sign language for those! Plus, I added Nana and Ree to my list of family names... among many other words you STILL CAN NOT FIGURE OUT! (What's wrong with you?)
Mommy: I didn't actually mean it like that, but I'm glad you told everyone about your expanding vocabulary! :) And yes... there are many words we can not figure out yet... but I'm sure "we" will get it soon. :)
Burke: Good. 
Mommy: You also went to your first Auburn game for the season! It was great... YOU were great! You played with Cade (you look up to him so much!), sat nicely on everyone's laps, and cheered right along side us the whole game! You are even getting the hang of War Eagle... specifically the GO, GO, GO part and the ecstatic clapping at the end! 
Burke: I'm like Dad... and dream about my Auburn Tigers... I'll be singing the whole song to you in no time. :) Just keep taking me to those football games; it was a blast!
Mommy: 18 months has flown by sweet boy. I can't believe we are now looking at you, once again, at a half way point. You are growing perfectly as God would have you. He is amazing... amazing in that He has allowed us to experience the love for you, and from you daily. We are endlessly grateful for your sweet spirit, and love you more than you can ever imagine.

er, xoxo, 
Mom and Dad

19 months

October 2, 2013

Burke: Can I color? Let's take out Legos! Can I have a drink first? Wait, I want to watch Thomas. Is that your phone?! Gimme!
Mommy: Whoa whoa whoa! One thing at a time! You have become such the busy bee! Always wanting to "go, go, go!" Those exact three words come out of your mouth if we stay in the house past 9:00am! 
Burke: Yeah... one hour too late if you ask me. I say feed me breakfast and I'm ready to bolt outside and enjoy the outdoors!
Mommy: That seems about right. You are loving the out doors more and more. I think that has something to do with us being in an apartment. I feel kinda trapped too! You love just taking a nature walk, or throwing a ball around on the tennis court. Of course you still love going to the park, and especially love it when other kids are there for you to play with or watch. It seems that you are drawn to the older kids. You enjoy mimicking what they do... I think it reminds you of your cousin, Cade.
Burke: I also LOVE music, and going to music class.
Mommy: I know! You have gotten so into the songs, and you love interacting with the other babies (especially Gracelyn) and your teacher, Ms. Kathryn and playing with the cool instruments that she has for the class. I am so impressed with your ability to repeat some of the songs, movements, and see you turn your own music on and off when Daddy and I tell you too.
Burke: I do understand a lot of what you say (so no more secrets hahaaha), and follow directions on the tasks I WANT to follow through with. :)
Mommy: Yeah... I've noticed! You have gotten bored with cleaning up when your told (my excitement and exuberance must have gotten boring to you), but new favorites are commands such as turning something on or off, or getting your shoes.
Burke: What about when you tell me to go find my stuffed giraffe that you have hidden?
Mommy: Yeah, well that's called "hide and seek," and you do love it... but still haven't quite got the hang of it. :) It is too cute when I tell you to go to daddy and close your eyes while I hide the toy. You try to peek!
Burke:  I just want to make sure you take care of my stuffed animals! You know I love them!
Mommy: Yes, you have gotten quite attached to some of them. What's funny to me is that it changes about every week, which stuffed animal is your favorite! The top candidates are Teddy, Aubie Tiger, bunny, and baby fox.
Burke: Can we be any more original with the names?
Mommy: Look- you can't talk yet.
Burke: Sure I can... you just don't speak all my language. I am getting better and better at yours, trying to repeat everything that you say and such, but you?.... I don't hear you practicing your babbling young lady!
Mommy: You're right... I should try harder. You add a new word, or understand new words everyday (some of the alphabet, some colors and numbers, airplane, etc.) ! It's amazing! Most of them I'm not sure a stranger would comprehend, but some are crystal clear. You also have gotten quite a bit boisterous! As in... I'm pretty sure I see the terrible two's coming in on us... fast.
Burke: In other words, taking me out to a restaurant is about as much fun as driving around Atlanta for five hours to get Daddy's truck from the towing company?
Mommy: Had to get that in there didn't you? But, that's about right...and when we forget how awful it is, we go out again... then three weeks go by, and we go out again... then we remember...It's a vicious cycle I tell you. 
Burke: But no matter how good or bad I may act, you love you anyway? Right? (crossing fingers)
Mommy: That's right, there is nothing you could do to make us love you less! You bring so much joy and happiness in our lives. We are so thankful and love you SO very much sweet boy.

Mom and Dad

20 months

November 2, 2013

Burke: "Treat!"
Mommy: It's "trick or treat," but yes... you only received treats this Halloween... and no I will not give you candy every time you say that word/phrase.
Burke: But mom... it worked last Thursday night. Those people were so nice! I mean I nabbed some king sized candy bars! Speaking of... where is that king sized Twix?
Mommy: I'm sure your dad ate it. 
Anyway, you did get a lot of candy considering we only went to about 15 houses, and your dad and I had sooo much fun watching you catch on to this fun tradition. 
Burke: Yeah, my costume was a hit! I loved showing off my muscles and chest hair in my strong man get-up. P.S. I don't believe dad ate it...
Mommy: You were super cute (biased maybe?)... and it didn't hurt that it was cheap and easy.
Burke: You know what else I love... Auburn.
Mommy: Aubie or Auburn?
Burke: BOTH!
Mommy: Sigh... we know you know the difference, because when we say Aubie you look for him at the game (or look for your stuffed Aubie when we are at home), but you refer to him as ...
Burke: ...Auburn! See I can say his name!
Mommy: Right... You are weirdly into football though. You have sat through EVERY game this year, and not once cried or gotten restless. You even watch it intently when it's on T.V.!  It's as though you understand the game! You even cheer when we do something good! We get there an hour before kick off and never leave early, and you are only taken out for a random diaper change. You have yet to miss an Auburn football game in your lifetime! 
Burke: What can I say, I was born to be an Auburn Tiger! Besides my Auburn lingo I'm saying a lot now-a-days. I love saying my letters (somewhat infatuated with the letters A and O), arguing with daddy when he says you are HIS MOMMY (please tell me this isn't so)... because when I say "My mommy," I believe it with all my heart, and I now request some of my favorite treats by name! (gummy, milk, water, ball (home made protein ball), cheese, cookie, jello, etc...)
Mommy: All of which I'm probably the only one that can translate... :) Your phrasing is also getting more frequent. It's fun to hear you say "Bye, dada" or "Ah da dada" (Ah da means love yo :)... or "eat cookie" ect. But you know my very favorite thing that has started recently... and I'm not sure that I can pinpoint exactly when it happened...
Burke: What's that?
Mommy: You initiate how to show your feelings. When you are mad, you have started throwing a little fit... they usually don't last but 10 seconds, except the one that lasted 10 minutes because I wouldn't take you for a walk in Bob. (Ekkk!) When you want to show me you love me, you randomly come up to me and grab my leg or neck and say "My mommy" and give me a hug or a kiss. Melts my heart... oh, and you are the best cuddlier. Unfortunately, your sleeping habits aren't as stellar as they used to be, but I'm not complaining too much. Since I don't have to get up for work, I don't mind that you wake up at 1:00 AM and sleep with me until morning. Granted the times that you do sleep through the night are niiiice, but I have to admit that I look forward to the cry for "Mommy," only to find you already standing in your crib with Aubie Tiger and whoever else you dragged with you to bed, hugged tightly to your chest, ready for me to pick up and bring to our bed. I know this won't last forever... better soak it in.
Burke: Well, I'm glad you like my sentimental side. What else have you noticed about me?
Mommy: I see that you are branching out beyond trains... you now love looking for airplanes when you hear one fly overhead, you request "Mouse" aka-Micky Mouse Club House, instead of Thomas all. the. time., you like to feel useful. You take pride in completing a task I ask you to help me with, and you have a sense of humor... if you burp or poot and I say excuse you or laugh and kid you about it, you try to do it again! It's quite hilarious to see you get all red faced and giggling....and you still are a lover of the outdoors. We spend most of our days exploring outside, playing at the tennis courts, taking walks at a park, or playing on a playground. I absolutely love seeing the big and small changes in you each and every day. I am so honored and thankful God choose me to be your mom.

We love you little man.
Mom and Dad

21 months

December 2, 2013

Burke: Well... it's about time.
Mommy: I know, I know... things have been keeping me from writing this month's Q&A.
Burke: Like what? Reading the Catching Fire books, wrapping gifts (that I'm sure are for me) only to see me distort your handy work, or watching the Iron Bowl.... over, and over, and over.
Mommy: Well... as a matter of a fact. Yes. Those are just a few things too. We have not been home on a weekend since mid-September! We've been gone to the lake, football games, visiting family, a trip to Tennessee, and more! So we have been busy, to say the least... but a good busy.
Burke: That's right, we've been to the lake and to Auburn numbers times to see our Tigers play, and I LOVE it.
Mommy: I know it, and it's so fun to watch you get excited when we walk into Jordan Hare. You adore the band, and request to watch pre-game on my phone whenever we travel somewhere in the car (or those moments when we are shopping that I need to keep you happy).
Burke: You know what else I wish you could get on your phone... the hot dog dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... I really could care less about the show... just the song will do. Oh, and the Curious George show. I dig that monkey.
Mommy: You request Curious George by making the monkey sound, and say "hot dog" when you want Mickey. However, sometimes you try to say "mouse," but it comes out sounding German... as well as "bus." It's the "S" sound you haven't mastered... for example, you call Santa- "C-ta."
Burke: Well, do you know what I mean?
Mommy: Yes.
Burke: Mission accomplished. Speaking of letters, I'm recognizing more and more! When we went to Hobby Lobby the other day, I pointed out the "B" and the "O."
Mommy: Yes, you are still in love with the letter O... but you are branching out. Kudos kid. 
Burke: We also started our next music class session. I love the new music... and that Gracelyn... her and I have really become buds. She's one cool gal.
Mommy: She sure is, and music class is so fun! You get so excited when it's time for the instruments, but sometimes you seem to go a little nuts and just start running around the big circle, like your playing duck-duck-goose.
Burke: I just get so excited... I just can't contain it! I also have starting singing songs to myself... some favorites are Jesus Loves Me, and Glory, Glory to Ole Auburn... priorities.
Mommy: My favorite thing you have said recently is the start of your dinner time prayer. You can make our "God is great. God is good," but then you go ahead and say Amen, so I have to finish it for you. :)
Burke: The hunger gets the best of me. 
Mommy: And what about YOU went to the bathroom on the potty this month!... BUT, you have refused to do it again. WHY?
Burke: Didn't you see it? That was terrible. I prefer you to do the dirty work... and I'll just wear the diaper for now.
Mommy: Not much longer my friend... not much longer... Potty training 101 is coming January 2014. 
"Prepare yourself."
Burke: You took the words right out of my mouth.
Mommy: :) We love you son!

Mom and Dad

22 months

January 2, 2014

Mommy: You are such a cheese.
Burke: I know, I know. Helps me get out of trouble too, eh?
Mommy: Hmmm... sometimes I suppose. However, the mention of "time out" (which we never thought would actually work may I add) or "Do you wanna get in trouble?" usually puts a stop to a questionable behavior.
Burke: Yeah, but sometimes you go through with it... and I cry. A lot.
Mommy: It's only for your own good, and we are probably a little TOO lenient on you... just so you know.
Burke: Nah :) This is off subject, but do you happen to know why we stopped going to Jordan Hare?
Mommy: The season is over my son.
Burke: NOOOOOO, you mean no more Miracles in Jordan Hare, or Kick-Six to make my weekends complete?
Mommy: I'm afraid not.
Burke: Well, the only thing worse would be telling me I have to wait a whole year for Christmas to come again or something.
Mommy: Actually, you nailed it. I'm sorry to tell you, but the jolly music, fun festivities, Santa, and Christmas Story can be had throughout the year, but you may get some funny looks if you walk around singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" come June.
Burke: Oh dear, just when I was starting to become fond of "C-ta."
Mommy: I know, right? At least you enjoy other things like dancing with your Rock and Roll Elmo, singing to familiar songs we do in music class, identifying letters of the alphabet (which you now know all but 8 or so!), playing on the Ipad, building and destroying towers, playing with all types of toy automobiles (especially trains), exploring outside, and we are fixing to try an art class!
Burke: Sounds fun! I'm in. 
Mommy: I knew you would be. This past month you also started talking in sentences! Some favorites are "Where did _____ (insert name) go?" and .... "Burke's turn". You have even started referring to your father and I as "mommie" and "daddy" in place of mama and dada... once-in-awhile I'll catch you saying "Ryan" :) I guess you have picked that up from me. :) Everything you say is becoming a lot more clear, and here's the funny part.... if you know what you're saying isn't being understood you will do one of two things: Get mad and pout (if it's something you really want) until I figure it out, or two (my favorite) start babbling away and moving your mouth really fast until you break! You usually give a sly look and crack a smile  and then start laughing, because YOU know that I know you are just being silly. :)
Burke: You know me too well.
Mommy: Probably, but you change every day, so it's all I can do to keep up! Always know your daddy and I love you very much, and love seeing you grow up into a sweet and spunky little boy.

Mom and Dad

23 months

Mommy: Seriously? 23 months? TIME, SLOW DOWN.
Burke: No way! I'm ready for my birthday par-tay! Having been to cousin Cade's recently made me yearn for my own personal cake and ice cream!
Mommy: Well, in due time child, in due time... no rushing from this momma. This past month you have grown up so much! Your vocabulary and speech has developed so well. There are only a handful of times when we can't understand what you want or need. In fact, you have been listening to mommy a little too well... for example, when Daddy was tickling you to death the other night, instead of saying "Daddy, bop (stop). Daddy, bop!" You said "Ryan, bop! Ryan, bop!" Your dad and I both got a kick out of it... :) I guess you have heard that come from my mouth a few times!
Burke: And what about my ABC's and 1,2,3's?
Mommy: The alphabet is coming right along! There are only a few letters that you still don't recognize, and you can count to 3... but most of the time (especially when you are excited), you say "1,9,10!" 
Burke: Oh, and my colors?
Mommy: Well, I think your favorite color is green, because everything is "green" by default in your opinion, but if I catch you in a serious mood or ask you be bring me the "blue Lego" you do it!
Burke: Oh, and you can't forget about my potty skills!
Mommy: Hahahahaha....  no I can't! You were also progressing in the potty department, but that didn't quite work out.
Burke: I wasn't quite ready to make your life too easy, ya know? If I were to start going potty like a big boy, what would you do with all that extra money and time???
Mommy: You're right. WHAT was I thinking. Back to those size 3 diapers we go! I figure we will try again in a few weeks. 
Burke: Mom... you are forgetting a BIG memory from this past month... (tapping foot).
Mommy: ???
Burke: 14 hrs. In a car. Las Vegas. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. HELLO, anybody there?
Mommy: Oh, my goodness! I almost forgot! Yes, at the beginning of the month we traveled to The Rose Bowl in California to see our Tigers play! It was a blast! A great, long post has been written on all the details, from our plane turning around mid-flight, to our 14 hr. drive, to California and back! I can speak for you, and say that you had an awesome time and did as good as a one year old could possibly do driving and flying cross-country. 
Burke: This brings up something I've been thinking of for awhile now... you know since I'm talking so well, what do you think about letting me answer a few questions on my own next time? You know, instead of trying to brainwash me read my mind. (Because I REALLY would like to share important details you overlooked about our California trip, like how I could have tripled your money at the Blackjack table and shown you a better route to Las Vegas that wouldn't have taken 14 hrs.)
Mommy: I think that's a great idea, and exactly where I want to take this interview thing. We'll start next month... when you're two! (Que tears)
Burke: Awe, mom. It's not so bad.
Mommy: No, it's not at all. It has been AMAZING being your mom and dad (which you now have started calling your dad "daddy" and using "momma" and "mommy" interchangeably for me)  and we can't wait to see what the next stage of preschool years brings us. It saddens me your infant hood is coming to an end, but one that I am so honored I got to experience and see first hand. Being a parent is truly one of the greatest gifts we have ever received on this Earth. It's like no love I can ever explain to you, until you get to experience it for yourself.
Burke: Soooo mushy mom, but I do "A-da" (love you.) However, I can't wait to lighten this thing up with my own words of wisdom. :) 
Mommy: You got it.

Mom and Dad

24 months

Mommy: Happy Birthday Burke! Do you know how old you are today?!

2.5 Years

So.... I've decided that I am going to leave it to a video to sum up your newest changes, stats, and big events since the last time we talked (which I now see didn't save back in March... sorry 2 year old Burke.) As you already know, you are loved beyond measure and are our most favorite little boy in the whole wide world. We love you, Burke!

*Note: for some reason he is scared of an anteater that he saw in Bubble Guppies. :)  Ever since then he looks for "noses" (that he relates to the anteater) which you will see him do here...

(Since the videos are larger than normal, there were issues... so you will have to copy and past the links below in a new window in order to watch).


Intermission was needed due to my streaker.

Part 2:

Mom and Dad

3 Years


  1. I can tell that this is EXACTLY what Burke was saying. He's a cool little dude!

  2. It keeps getting better and better! He's a gorgeous 9 month old boy.