Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I go through phases where I feel I can carve out the time to blog, and then times where I want to put it on the back burner. Then I remember that I haven't even written HM's third birthday post and want to cry. haha
So, I'm going to try my best to catch up quicker because I feel like I can get back into the schedule of blogging (at this moment.) :)

This was a moment when TV was taken away from B as a punishment... the next thing I knew he had created an antenna TV out of a package that had arrived. Where had he seen that kind of TV before? ha! I thought it was hilarious. We played "cooking show" and he turned the channel on all my dance moves numerous times. :)
Sometimes it pays to be bored.

Auburn days continued!

Lunch with NaNa!

My little ballerina looks forward to every Monday!

And some daily happenings... like 

roaming Hobby Lobby,

and practicing making words... this was Burke's first choice for "TH" lol

Soccer Party! These kids had a great time!

Daddy/coach :)

Burke also led his grade in song at their Veteran's Day Program!

For PawPaw's birthday we met in Birmingham for dinner.

The best lighting and sweetest smiles from these cousins!

My friend, Vaughan, hosted a Friendsgiving! She even baked the turkey! So impressed!

We naturally got our Christmas decorations out early. :)

And one day when I had B all to myself (sister had one more day of school), he and I went on a hike. One on one time is so so good.

We traveled north to Cullman to see family.

and take in the fall foliage for some Christmas pics. :)

Then back down south with the Coleman side!

The to the Auburn side. :)

Ryan traveled to Tuscaloosa with me! We lost, but it was a fun trip!

The same weekend, we hit up the Christmas tree farm to find the perfect tree. 

I promise I will do a better job of watering it every year, and every year I kill it within two weeks. lol So you can look, but don't touch our tree. :)

We also got festive early and made Nutcracker themed cupcakes in anticipation of our big night the next day at the Alabama Theatre!

This was the BEST. 

I don't think she could have been more excited or entranced the whole show.

Favorite picture below!

At intermission, the dogs from the show were outside where you could visit them!

Her heaven.

I will always cherish that night! 
She said her favorite part was the Sugarplum fairy. She literally "oooohhh" and "ahhhhhed" the whole time. She danced the aisles at intermission and picked out the sweetest snow globe ornament as a keepsake that she would not put on our tree because she wanted it in her room. :)
Oh my heart!