Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nice and pretty and organized!

This is the "nice and pretty":

You probably remember this post, showing Ryan putting up the mirror and lighting in the bathroom. Well, here is the after shot!
It's even better in person. I love it. :)
Mirror and light fixture are from Ikea. (And yes, we plan on getting a fixture for the lightbulb hanging by it's wires in the mirror :)

Also, for the past week I have been on an organizing kick. So far I've tackled the closet, our filing system, my subject binders for school, and the car.
Here's a few pictures of the filing oranizing extravaganza!
Before: Many mislabeled folders, outdated papers, and this caused for major file back-up to occur (as you will see in the next picture.)
 See the pile of papers on top of the Rubbermaid container, next to the Ryan's basketball trophy? (hehe... yes, he is a grown man and still gets a trophy for his recreational activities)

Here's mid-project... I was beginning to wonder if it was getting better or just getting worse.

 After: "The organized"
Nice, pretty, and organized, which makes for a happy wifey.
Here is the tutorial I took a lot of suggestions from:

Today I'm going to work on the second bedroom and the attic... this may take a few days...

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