Thursday, June 30, 2011

Organization makes me happy

1) If someone walked into your house RIGHT NOW would they think Mr. Clean has just visited your home?
2) Do you make those living with you strip down as soon as they come in the door so you don't have to see the hamper with any clothes in it.

The people that say yes to these questions are rare... and I'm not one of them.

However, after stalking reading the Getting Organized Challenge at A bowl full of lemons, I was inspired to take hold of the chaos that has snowballed out of control since the move. Of course, this renovation dealio puts a little dent in organizing every facet of our house... since the 2nd bedroom is mostly filled with boxes-o-stuff we can't put away yet because of lack of a kitchen and shelving, but I'm going to do what I can this summer to get all areas that I can in tip-top organized shape!

Monday, I started with our closet.

This is how it looked before:

It was messy to look at, and that bothered me. As you can tell pants are falling off the shelves, my tennis skirts and shorts are a disaster... so I did a few things to improve it!

1) I took everything out of the closet... this lead me to taking everything out of our bedroom furniture in order to rearrange things... yes, this entire job took me about 4 hrs. And yes, I did Ryan's too. I know... I'm an awesome wife. ;)

Oh, and let me introduce you to our newest addition... Alex! I saw him at Ikea, and new it would be perfect for my closet needs! He fits in well, and they all get along. :)

2) I jotted a list of what needed to be separated (his/her list) and where I wanted them.

3) I placed only the hanging clothes and clothes that I wanted in the bedroom furniture first, and then headed to Home Goods to pick up some baskets for our shelf items.

The only problem was that I HATED the baskets once I go them in!

Man... and I spent like an hour picking those babies out! Anyway, I returned them the next day and found some different baskets, and may I also add... much cheaper one, at Tuesday Morning!

So here are some after shots:

Much better right?

The only two closet "to do's" left are to paint the mirror and mount, and put up shelving in the little cranny!

Next, I am going to tackle our filing system! I can't wait till it looks like this:

 Yay for clean organized spaces!

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