Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Come on... sing along!

This post is dedicated to....
My sweet husband. :) He is super pumped with his new toy... the nail gun. He will be using it to put on the siding on the back of our house in the near future!

Wait... before we go on,
you must listen to this song while reading this post. :)

Did you push play? Perfect. :)

Ryan is so very handy...  not just anyone could fix up the house we are now living in. I am so very thankful! Just take a look at all the things he tackled on Saturday and Sunday.


He replaced the nasty pipes... 
 Filled plumbing holes in the yard...
 Put together Alex! (from Ikea)
You will read more about Alex in my closet post coming later!

 Put up our bathroom mirror... the screws to hold it to the wall were too big... not exactly what this saw was made for... but he had to improvise. :)
*Warning: Do not try at home. :) Leave to the professionals (a.k.a. husband)...
 He hung the lighting in the bathroom...

Ahh... such a hard workin' man.
(P.s. It's okay if you listen to Brooks & Dunn again... I won't tell. :)

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  1. You are too funny-love this post! But remember the Sabbath is a day of rest-haha! :)