Monday, June 27, 2011

earring solution!

I have a love for earrings. All other jewlery, except for my wedding ring, I could do complety without. I think I would like necklaces if I just gave them a chance, but for right now my love for earrings is undeniable.

I not only have an earring fetish, but also an earring fetish in a 5 x6 inch box. The more earrings I add to this mess, the more tangled and damaged they are becoming... so, meet my solution:

I liked this one from Queen of DIY
DIY Jewelry Holder

or this one
Framed Organizer By

in fact, their are thousands of tutorials on this project, so I just thought I would add to the chaos. :)

1) I found a framed corkboard that I loved from Tuesday Morning. You probably remember me mentioning it here in a previous post.
 2) I took it apart. First removing the brown paper backing,
 taking off the mounting brackets (but making sure to save them to reuse!),
 and then pulling the wooden pieces off, that you see here, that were stapled to the frame.
3) Then to find the "screen" to hang them from...
I thought this task would be easy, since many tutorials mentioned that you could just pick up chicken wire or hardware cloth at your local hardware store, but when I went checked at Home Depot and Ace Hardware you had to buy in bulk.... and that would cost anywhere from $10.00 to $40.00 bucks... ummm no thanks... I'm looking for free. So I remembered taking off the screens from the dreaded windows that you keep hearing about, and when to the "dump" (a.k.a. our backyard) to hunt them down. And I found them!
 I think it will work perfectly!
 I cut a large piece out...much bigger than I'll need, and gave it a good washing.
4) Spray painted my frame and screen turqoise.
 and distressed the edges...
 and then tried to staple it to the inside of the frame... as you can see I guess the staple gun was a little to heavy duty for such a thin piece of wood... it blew right through. So I sanded this little problem right out and used a little hot glue gun magic to attach it instead. Luckly, all was well.
5) Using a drill, I made a starter hole so I could then screw in the hooks.

6) Then I Ryan hung it in my closet! Right where I can decide on my earrings once my outfit is complete!

And remember this egg crate from Anthropologie? I will have to go get another one (only $14.00!) because it's perfect for holding my studs and rings!

*Coming soon: Closet organization
I can now tackle this, among any other house to-do's since I am finished with school for the summer! Yay!

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