Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anyone want to help clean the kitchen?

You probably remember the picture of the kitchen demo that made us reminisce of the early days of our household demo. Well, we finished demoing the floor last weekend!
Just to give you more details when we demoed the ceiling and walls, it took about 4hrs. All that was left was the floor, and that had to be done later... we had to head to Birminham for Russ and Dana's wedding!

Of course when we picked back up on this task last weekend... there was three layers to pull up. This was no surprise. Especially since we had experienced the bathroom floor, in all that tile/cement plaster glory... click here to see that disaster! We finished though... another four hour task, and we were off once again to another wedding! (Yay Tim and Shanda!)

However, the kitchen floor took much less time than the bathroom floor. There were two layers of tile, and then hardwoods. Unfortunately, the hardwoods under the kitchen tile didn't match the hardwoods throughout the rest of the house , plus they were really damaged. They had to come up.

So this is how we left it last weekend, and this is what I started on yesterday morning... cleaning the kitchen definitely has a new meaning to me. :)

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