Saturday, May 14, 2011

window post 1,351 and counting...

I'm not sure it will ever end...

Granted you've seen our windows at their weakest moments, and

can probably remember this post.!

A lot more goes into redoing this part of a house than I had originally thought... especially since each window has 12 or more separated panes. Panes are a pain! :)

Yes, I am delirious.

I'm tired of working on windows, but boy am I glad I'm not doing this!

What's is hubster doing under the house you ask?

Well, I'll give you a hint; when I came home from searching the entire city of Atlanta for window treatments, this is what I found!

Yep, you guessed it! We are going to be crankin' AC in the very near future... like possibly tomorrow! Ryan is putting it in all by himself! Pretty amazing right?!

For the past 2-3 weeks us southerners have been having bursts of 80-90 degree temperatures. To be honest, I love this weather. It means I can put on flip-flops, a sun dress, let my hair air dry, and walk to the grocery store without putting my entire winter wardrobe on! However.... and that's a big "however," walking into a house in the afternoon that doesn't have air conditioning or ANY air flow for that matter, is stifling. I found myself going to the gym after school ONLY because I knew they would have AC... I guess that was a positive... anyway, you get the point. My parents had given us an old box fan they had, but we kinda butchered it while demoing the house, so we bought a new one at Home Depot (only $15 dollars). It has been a lifesaver, but a little box fan only moves air across your body... nothing like the cold, controlled, lovely air we so desire to experience. Ahhh... we can't wait!

But back to windows...

After Ryan put the trim up, sanded down the joints, and then I painted...

it was time to decide on window treatments! After considering lots of different looks...


(just kidding about the frilly green one)

I deciding to go with curtains AND roman shades, as seen here. So I went on a hunt for affordable cheap rods, curtains, shades. Here is a list of places I hit up in no particular order:

Tuesday Morning (two different locations...each one is different!)
Home Depot
Habitat Restore
Pier One
Ikea (kill me now)
Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Home Goods
Hobby Lobby

I found and bought all this at Tuesday Morning.The C and framed cork board will be awaiting my summer break for some easy and fun crafty projects... you'll have to check back and see what comes of them! As for the "1,2,3" mason jars... I just loved them.

And I scored these matching curtain rods for ALL the windows for under $100 dollars!

I just wished that I had thought it through... once I got home I realized that I only needed two, because the rest of the windows will only need Roman Shades. grrr... Do you ever get caught up in a great find or buy and then regret it later? So I obviously had to truck them all back to the store, except for two to go on the big windows.

I plan on taking the advice here, at, for my window treatments, but actually making my roman shades following this tutorial from Domestically Speaking. After figuring the lowest I can come out in Roman Shade treatments for the dining, living, and bedroom is around $240.00 from JC Penny... I thought I would give the "do-it-yourself" version a whirl. $240 dollars is actually not that bad... so if it's a complete disaster... I will not hesitate to call on someone more experienced (like JC Penny) to help me out! :)