Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lesson of the day: There's always a project that procedes the one intended

Ah... so we are back on the saddle again.

After a good, long break, that included Christmas, family, friends, Auburn football, ice, surpise birthday parties (which I'll share later), we are back on a time crunch of two weeks till we have to be out of our apartment and into our new home! We had to rent another month b/c basically we couldn't live in a place without a John. :) No, no... there are many other reasons too, like we have to stain our floors, tile the bathroom, sand the windows... and here my friends lies today's lesson.

At the beginning of the week the plan was- Ryan tiles the bathroom, and I begin preparing the floors to be stained (a.k.a. cleaning- apparently my specialty). Well this gets you to thinking... does anything else need to be done before we unveil these precious, bare, and newly sanded floors? As much as I wanted to ignore it... those windows and door frames were staring me straight in the face. So I began this sequence of events (it lasted 3 days).
Sunday: The supplies are ready... the tool: hand sander, 80 and 150 grit sand paper to go on the sander, and a sanding sponge for the ridges and hard to reach areas. (All can be found at your local home depot) :)

This was done to every doorframe and window.
The way to get this great finished product is first going over it with the 80, more coarse grit, and then follow it with the 150 or finer grit.

And then the windows...
Since the sander can't get the small places, I had to loosen the old paint and then hand sand it. Fun times!
 Supplies: Chisel (to get the loose, old paint off, and sanding sponge)
Scraped off the old paint, and slightly sanded...
and then followed up by vacuumimg all the paint debris with the best invention ever: the wet-dry vac. Thanks mom and dad! Great Christmas present! :)
Now... I had planned on cleaning heavily with a toothbrush, muli-surface cleaner, and windex...but ya know... that will have to wait. I'm preparing floors to be stained tomorrow, so we can begin the process on Thursday night.
So as you can see...being aware that one (if you're lucky), two, or three steps may need to happen before that "intended project" actually gets done. I am now prepared for that... but do not embrace it.
What has Ryan been doing you ask... well that will be our next post! Tune in later this week! It's going to be magnificent!


  1. I am so proud of you! That is hard work. I'll bet your poor hands are torn to pieces. You two are doing an awesome job.

  2. I Will be needing a manicure. :) I think we're doing pretty good myself.