Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Auburn Tigers deserve a blog post!

We went to the once in a lifetime opportunity to the town of Glendale, AZ to see Auburn "win, win, win!" Wasn't it great?! Thanks to Billy and Shireen, we got an experience a possible once in a lifetime event!

Let's recap the weekend...
Ryan and I headed to the farm, so I could drop him off for a hunt with his dad and brother... something he has not gotten the opportunity to do this deer season b/c of all the house projects, and I headed up to Cullman to spend Saturday with my family.
 Mom and I headed out in the am for the annual Frosty 5k run in Cullman... it was a lot of fun! Heck... running is a lot of fun... all you have to think about is your legs moving and whatever is coming through your earphones... love. it. Anyway, both ran the whole thing, and guess what?! I came in 1st place for my age division! Later that day, we cleaned up, got a pedicure, and went to the movies! GREAT DAY! Ryan saw a doe while hunting... but not the BIG one he was hoping for. :)
Ryan, Wesley, Coach Simmons, and I left for Pheonix, AZ! It was an all day traveling event, but we arrived around 7:00... ate at Big Bear (picture below), went to scope out the stadium, and went to bed in preparation for the big game!

Monday (in pictures)
Yes... Big Bear Restaurant was so good, that we had it again the next morning... ugh, I'm full just by looking at this picture.

An Auburn fan and Oregon fan... making for a good pic. (The Auburn fan is dragging his team mascot.) :)

The four of us!
There was no official tiger walk, but you better believe Auburn fans made one!

Going in with our gigantic tickets!

 Pregame... boy, was our band good!

And we win, win, win... UNDEFEATED NATIONAL CHAMPS!

The rest was travel, travel, travel... and soon we were back home... to our humble, iced over, abode. :)

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