Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let me introduce you

to our kitchen!

We bought all cabinets from Ikea, however it had to be custom designed because it's not a "standard" size. So far, WE LOVE IT!!!
My favorite things about this kitchen are the glass door fronts. It allows me to finally show those pretty dishes that were bought for us when we got married... and yes, I actually use them! Why own it, if you don't use it?
Secondly, I LOVE (that is an understatement) the slow close features on all of the cabinets and drawers. No banging or slamming! I have a feeling this will come in uber handy once the little one arrives! Lastly, the sink. There isn't a casserole dish, a pot, a pan, that won't fit in this apron sink.

When we eventually build our dream home, there are many things that I will want to take away from this kitchen. Really... this is a dream kitchen... just on the miniture side. :)
There are a few things that need to be completed still. One is backsplash, and the other is to get a coat/key hanger for the space between the fridge and the door. But, all in all, it is finished! I will never complain about having to wash dishes again (picture 6 mth pregnant woman washing dishes in a rubbermaid container in the bathtub... yeah.)

Shout out to impressive planning and construction on this house to my sweet husband. I had no idea what this man was capable of! In addition, my parents have been a huge help during this process... I know that we wouldn't have been as productive on many weekends if it wasn't for their help!

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