Monday, September 22, 2014


First of all let me say... these really aren't problems. In fact this pregnancy is going very well, and baby girl is growing and doing great! I got to see her this morning. Her heartbeat was 140bpm, she's measuring on track, and my body is behaving this go around. Praise Jesus!

Since I'm two weeks away from 3rd trimester I have noticed some OBVIOUS differences in this pregnancy vs. when I was pregnant with Burke (you can read here, here and here). Here they are in no particular order...

1) I can't tell when I'm hungry or really full. Seriously.
This leads to number two...

2) When I weighed in at the doctor's office today, the scale said I was 7 lbs away from what I weighed when I GAVE BIRTH to Burke. Either the scale is a liar or I need to reevaluate my hunger ques. (I'm thinking the later.)

*However, I did have on A LOT of clothes this morning. By a lot, I mean I wore real clothes... jeans, tank, sweater, and HEAVY SHOES. :)... did I mention I had earrings on?

Next time I will be walking in with leggings and a tank. THAT. IS. ALL.

3) I get food on my belly every time I eat.

4) I somehow managed to get paint on my belly (not my shirt... my skin) when we were painting the kiddos room yesterday. HOW???? This can only mean my shirt rides up to expose it... that's what. :(

5) I get out of breath if I walk too far. (like go check the mail.) I'm pretty sure the morning before I was put on bed rest with Burke I had logged in 5 mi. on the elliptical BEFORE teaching school at 7am.

However, meet Mandy.

I work at her studio teaching baton. Well, guess what?! She is so very very sweet and I have nominated her to whip me into shape in 2015. ;)
She is a fitness instructor (among other talents), and a great friend already. I love working for her, and can't wait to join in on her classes post baby! (Cus we all know it ain't happening now!)

6) The "name game" is killing me. We named Burke the day we found out the gender at my 20 wk. ultrasound. We are already a month overdue for a name, if you ask me. I'm tired of calling her baby girl, but at the same time, we can't settle on a name. I NEED to order something with her monogram BADLY.

7) This shared room thing. I had this brilliant idea for baby girl and Burke's room. I haven't even considered other options. So we executed it yesterday. I'm not sold yet. We are going to make some tweaks to it and hopefully I'll fall in love soon. (pictures to come).

8) Shopping... oh, the shopping... might be a little more enticing this go around. I am going to make a separate post of my favorite things for baby #2. Some of them I have since having Burke and others ... I'm drooling over (and involve the color pink.)

9) I cry at stupid stuff. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be emotionless for this pregnancy, but nope... it kicked in full force. The Today Show did a segment on the Simba cam... does this make you cry too? It's just so adorable.
(p.s. I'm really thankful there are no Publix commercials around here).

10) I try to squeeze through small spaces... forgetting that my actual size at this point. It ends two ways. One, if its through people, they apologize like it's their fault, and I'm left red faced and saying "no,... it's me, it's me.. I'm so sorry.). Two, if it's things I'm trying to go between, they don't move or say excuse me. Baby girl gets battered or I find another way to my destination.

ALL in ALL...

Therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the nations, and I will sing praises to Your name... 2 Sam 22:50

for everyone of these "pregnancy problems."

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