Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pregnancy Wierdness (1st trimester)

Things nobody tells you about the first trimester... basically it's all about food.
*No one's the same... so these are my personal symptoms. ::)

1) I've mentioned this before, but morning sickness raises it's ugly head at all times during the day...morning, noon, and night. One minute you think you feel great, and then somebody says "what's for dinner?" and you want to barf.

2) Food is not appealing. I eat only to not feel sick. (b/c it seems like if I let myself get too hungry "morning sickness" is more likely to kick in.)

3) Which leads me too... I don't want my usual staples, like animal crackers, sweets, and yes, that includes chocolate! Crazy right? I can count on one hand the times I have had a piece of chocolate in the last 2 months. If you know me, THIS is bizarre.

4) Number #3 is probably a good thing though... b/c when I eat I do feel like I would rather have a "hearty" meal. No snacks. No desserts.

5) I went a couple of weeks not wanting ANYTHING we had to eat in the house. If I had to fix it, it grossed me out. At one point I was going out to get lunch and dinner! Yeah... that hurt the wallet there for a little while. For the most part, that has passed, but we definitely have been eating out more lately.

6) I think going back to work has helped ease the sick feelings... it keeps me from laying around and thinking about it. So, yay for school starting back!

7) I don't want to exercise nearly as much. My stamina has plummeted, so I just walk, do the occasional home workout video, or go to the gym to do the elliptical or take a class- like zumba, yoga, step, or a dance class. I haven't run in almost 3 months!

Even though there are seemingly pitfalls to being pregnant, I can't help but thank God for everyone of these symptoms! It just means that we have been blessed with a miracle only God has his hands in.

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