Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This weekend, there was much progress... Can you guess where??? In the kitchen! (kinda)
I don't know if you remember, but the house was a 3 bedroom/1 bath... and the French doors were awkwardly placed in the back of the house, coming from the 3rd bedroom. You may remember this GREAT picture of my Dad helping in this endeavor. :)

Well, now the 3rd bedroom no longer exists. Instead, walls were moved which opened up our dining room, allowed for a laundry/pantry, and 2nd bathroom.
Here's Ryan and Dad after the doors had been taken out, closing up the "hole" in the laundry room.

So Ryan did a little more demo this weekend (I think he likes that a little too much), in order to make room for the French doors that we took from that hole.

We are closing up the original entry into the back of the house (which you can kind of see in the pic below... the single door opening on the left), and putting French doors in a new location (where the huge hole is :). Eventually we are going to build a deck that will hold a grilling area and access to the upper deck that's already there.
This is right after demo.
Building back...

Doors installed... almost! :) We ran into a little road block... The doors opened into the house, which is the way most entries into homes do, but since this is in our kitchen AND it's going out to the deck, we wanted them to open to the outside. So Ryan had to rebuild the frame, get a new this-and-a-that (sorry for my lack of vocabulary) and now we're set!
Ryan just has to build the connecting piece between the doors and assemble the locks and such.

Oh, and we also put up some of the siding on the back of the house! Once the doors are finished, completing the siding is the next thing on the agenda. 

A very productive weekend, I must say!

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