Sunday, August 21, 2011

French doors, baseboards, siding... oh my!

My parents and brother came last weekend. Whenever this crew comes, we get a ton accomplished. Looking at the before and after pics, it's pretty amazing. Take a look!

The pic above is the old entry into the "kitchen." Ryan spent the weekend closing it up and putting up siding in that spot.
Below is a picture after the demo of the door and old siding had been taken off. What you see here is right before the siding went up!

He also ran two more vents to the house. One in the dining room, and the other in the kitchen. Here Mr. Handy is cutting into our hardwoods to insert the new vent.


Here is what the other two manly men were doing... baseboards! You have NO IDEA how happy this makes a girl.

Here's the before:

and the after:
(please ignore the closet that doesn't have a door and the unstained hardwoods that are in it. :)
They finished the whole house! (minus the kitchen of course)

And not to forget the women folk...
Mom and I were hard at work painting the baseboards prior to dad and Jon putting them in. (We got to skip the priming step b/c we bought them preprimed) Can you see them layed out in the "back yard?" Yes... beyond the junk pile...
 After the siding was up Mom and I put wood putty in the nail holes, and sanded... this part of the house is ready to paint! However the other three sides of the house ... not so much. :) Paint scraping party coming soon!

We (mom more than me) also got ahold of our weed problem. Wait... that's an understatement.
 More like the weed-stravaganza.

We pulled weeds and chopped a few small trees down, and sprayed weed killer in all the overgrown places we cleaned up. Hopefully we will be getting some mulch or pinestraw in the near future to prevent this from reoccuring. Then in the spring, do some landscaping and plant some shrubbry!

All in all, this was one of the most productive weekends yet! Thanks Mom, Dad, and lil Bro! We couldn't have done it without you!


  1. What a nice renovation! Looks like all the sweat was worth it when I saw the finishing touches. I especially like the additional vents you installed for the kitchen and dining rooms. These are very useful for maintaining good air circulation inside the house. Kudos for a job well done. :)