Sunday, January 8, 2012

baby shower, big buck, and the "yuck"

After Christmas, my family hosted us a baby shower! It was absolutely perfect.
They used the colors we are going with in the nursery: grey, yellow, and white.

I decided to wear a navy dress... after only trying on 1,502 options. (as you can tell from the mess in this picture)

The hostesses from left to right:
Shanda, Amy, Stacy, Shireen, Me, Mom, Danielle, and Aunt Sharon... and in spirit- Aunt Kathie and Aunt Tracie... one couldn't make it b/c a family emergency and the other was sick... we missed you! 

Grandma B hand crocheted her great, great grandson a beautiful blanket. *Such a treasure!*

And my mom also made a blanket for our baby!

Baby boy isn't going to be spoiled... nah.

Meanwhile... while nugget was "racking" up, so were the boys! Ryan, Wesley, and Billy went hunting in South Georgia. They always try to plan a hunting trip between Christmas and New Years, and this year was no exception.

Wesley and Ryan both killed an 8 pt!

Then my dad got one last week...

and then Wesley got this yesterday! No, it isn't fake... crazy right?!

Needless to say, we will be eating deer meat for the next couple of months years.

Oh, and if you ask Cade what he thinks about the big buck daddy killed... he responds, " I don't like the yuck." :) That's okay Cade, you stick with us girls and you don't have to see the yuck... but I have a feeling you will change. :)

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