Monday, September 15, 2014

We have survived... and the latest!

*NOTE: if you don't want to read about the lovely journey of potty training... skip this post. :) I find it an important milestone and may need to refer back to this in two years when I'm contemplating the same thing with baby girl! However, you can head over to Burke's monthly Q&A and check out his 2.5 year interview! :)

WE are back to normal around here! Finally! Ryan went back to work today, and we were out of the house by 6:30 to serve breakfast for Morning Glory at church! (A great new outreach!)

We went to Auburn last weekend (when Ryan found he was indeed sick) and come to find out, our virus was passed on to the smallest Coleman. (Sorry sweet Hudson.) Apparently you are contagious before you even have symptoms ... so we blame this handoff on Ryan. I sure do feel terrible and pray that it doesn't make anyone else in their house sick!

Since Burke was well, we got back on the wagon and went to story time. 

And dove into potty training! I figured while we were trapped in the house, it would be a good time to try again, and guess what?! It worked! This little boy only wears a diaper to nap and sleep in (and even when he wakes up he is still dry!) 

So what do you do when you go potty on the throne?
You celebrate by going to Walmart and "ride the rides!" :)
(Can you tell our options are limited around here?)

None-the-less, he had a great time.

Yes, the first two days were AWFUL. Constantly cleaning up and doing a lot more extra laundry, but just when I was about to break and put those diapers back on him, he did it... PEE PEED in the potty! So I kept pushing, and sure enough he figured it out!

However, we have had our share of accidents. The first one included Ryan. I left for 10 minutes to go get Subway and when I came back home I heard a story that left me laughing so hard I was crying. I told Ryan to let him go pee pee outside (because it was time) and I would be back shortly. Well Billy and Shireen pulled up shortly after I left only to find Ryan cleaning up poop on the front porch and gagging. :)

Our next big accident occurred while at our celebratory Walmart excursion because B was going in the potty so well (except when left with Ryan.) :) It was completely my fault... it had been two hours or more since I had last brought him to the bathroom, and sure enough I hear "MOMMA!" When I look, he had peed a huge puddle on aisle 9. I mean filled up his shoes kind of accident. I cleaned the mess up the best I could with wipes. Told the employee at the end of the aisle we needed a clean-up asap, and scooped up my child like an infant so I could bee line it to the car where new clothes awaited.

Same situation happened while we were out shopping... it had been too long since bringing him to the potty, and well... this time is was #2. I find this to be a more smelly situation, but over-all an easier clean-up. All it took was a trip to the bathroom to clean-up and change and we were back in business.

So what worked for us in the potty arena are...
1) Just go for it. Put the underwear on, and get ready for extra laundry, and lots of disinfectant.
2) For goodness sake, take your child to the bathroom (even if they say they don't have to go.) when you get the gut feeling its been over two hours since the last throne visit! (Rant to myself.)
3) Rewards? Well, we did Chucky Cheese the first time he went poo poo in the potty (for some reason this came first for Burke instead of #1), and so EVERY time he goes potty he says "Go to Chucky Cheese!" While this would be really expensive if we acted on it every time he went to the bathroom correctly, we are going to go back soon because he is now doing SO well.

Since Chucky Cheese is 40 min away, and daddy is still a bit spotty from being sick, on Friday we celebrated for making it through the last two weeks of sickness and potty training in one by going to DQ. 

So proud of him, but really just thankful to save a bit of $$ before diapering starts all over again in January! 

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