Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All about the outbreak with BONUS: Labor Day Weekend 2014

Some fun times were had on Labor Day weekend and I wanted to document!

This was before the hand, foot, and mouth madness hit our house. (When it rains it pours, right?) As you know, Burke had it last week. I kept him out of school all last week and yesterday (just to be on the safe side because he's feeling perfectly fine and his bumps are not contagious anymore... but the remnants of it can still be seen, and I didn't want to freak out the mom who comes in with her child at drop off.). Apparently it's really rare for adults to contract, so thank you Lord for sparing me (so far), however, poor Ryan started with a fever and sore throat on Saturday morning. By the time game time rolled around (yes, he made the drive to Auburn with everyone else), he was vomiting. (Who would have thought Burke and I would have made it to the game this weekend, but Ryan wouldn't?!) Billy drove him back to the lake, and he's been a sad, sad case ever since.

So around here we look rough... with a gimpy pregnant woman (yes, still from the infamous golf cart accident), a 31 year old who looks like a teenager with acne (except the pain apparently is much much worse than your standard teen break-out), and a two year old that is recovering from what looked like a disease you would get in the 1900's... we're fine. Really. We just may not appear that way. :)

And we decided, if we do fall over dead, that this is the picture authorities will need.

Back to the pre-diseased days... Labor Day Weekend.

Before the first game of the 2014 season!

THE BOYS... and their hilarious hats.

Monday morning the guys were going to the farm to check deer cameras and pick the pumpkins that were ready at the farm... of course these two giggle boxes went along.

Why yes, let's get in the back of Libby and smell Ryan's shoes... (and we wonder why we're sick...)

I love these boys!

Sitting on the front porch of the farm house with their crop. :)

And reminding everybody that Auburn is number one...

What a great kick-off to the Auburn football season! 
A win for the Tigers, wonderful family time, pumpkins, and sickness that makes those who are not sick shutter at the thought they might be next.

War eagle.

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