Monday, November 28, 2016

Are you finished Christmas shopping?- Cyber Monday edition

My goal every year is to be finished Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. Seems super early, but I would much rather enjoy and take in the Christmas season.It is a blessing to be able to buy for our littles at Christmas, as well to be able to give to others. So planning our Christmas Angel activities (read here about last year!), finding opportunities to show Jesus to others with my children, and taking in everything Christmas is all about with my family is most important to me! So, I though I would drop a few gift ideas here to help someone out if they are in need, and want to put a period on their Christmas shopping! (Warning... gift ideas may or may not be geared towards 1 and 4 year olds... since that's what I'm working with here. :) I also do almost all my shopping online... you can't beat it in my opinion! 
Here is what my littles got from Santa last year... (he only leaves the one thing they continuously ask for :)

and it's adorable! We still play with it... maybe now more than ever! My sweet SIL even thought to grab some of these to go with it!

She loves the princesses!

She also LOVED Bitty baby, that was given to her by Ree and PaPa! 
This year sister is TOTALLY into dolls and will be getting Bitty Baby accessories and this stroller!

Last year, Burke was obsessed with Paw Patrol... 

as it's still a big hit around here, but you will see shortly what has taken the forefront this year...

(you remember Halloween right?... How can you forget? :)


Which by the way is on super sale right now! Note to self... wait till cyber Monday next year to buy kids toys on Amazon! :)

From Ryan and I... they each get three gifts. (To help relate the Christmas story if even a little!)
One of the big items Burke is receiving is this Step 2 toy... I was thinking he was too big, but I have heard it will be perfect for a four year old! The recommended age is 2-5.

(Not this one, but one similar... and a lot less expensive. :)

Lastly... you should know, since it's Cyber Monday LOTS of deals are going on!
- Target:  you get 15% off your checkout total (AND 5% if you use your Target RED card!)

I just bought a GREAT Lego set for my nephew at a GREAT price!

- Good Luck Trunk: In case you unaware, this is the discounted Matilda Jane website (and how I was introduced to the brand!) Right now, they have some 5$ deals! That's right! FIVE DOLLARS... free shipping too! Other items are up to 70% off, so you can definitely do some serious shopping if you're in need of some cute clothes or want to get a taste of the brand without paying full price for you or your little. (BTW- I totally didn't think I would ever be as in-to this brand as I am... but it's a go to for us!)
I own this dress and it's on the website now for 35$!

Here is a real life picture! (Because I really need these when I'm on the fence...)
I'm 5'9 and could wear it with flats (hit the ground perfectly) or wedges and it was at the height you see above!

A TON of stores are offering great deals online, so shopping in your pi's will pay off. :)

May the Christmas carting be with you! :)

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