Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thankful and Blessed in 2016

The holiday season is so very wonderful... however, I am close to friends and family who may have a person missing at the table this year, or maybe have been missing a loved one for years now... and gatherings without them will never be the same. I pray for all of you who hurt this time of year, and hope comfort is found in knowing your precious ones are healed, made new, and TRULY blessed.

The kiddos and I started out Thanksgiving break with a LAZY morning (we stayed in our PJ's till 9am- gasp!) and then we decided to enjoy the great outdoors and take a hike at Lake Howard.

Burke loves a map!

We came home after the hike and some errands around town, so get in naps and to start our Thanksgiving treat baking!

These turkeys were on our list to make.... (mine did not turn out like this... #pinterestfail. It's what I get for making homemade cupcakes and made from scratch icing... everything was too moist!)

But the pecan pie was perfection.

Thanksgiving Day we headed to Cullman with my side of the family.

At G&G Bartlett's!

Burke loved hanging out with Sophie and Nash.

And Cayden was obviously a hit. lol

As was Caleb. haha
Poor guys.

All the grandkids and great grandkids... minus us old ones. ha!

It was oddly warm for Thanksgiving, but in my opinion- perfect! So nice to enjoy the day without having to layer up!

I love this sweet lady so!

The next day we headed to the lake to feast with the Coleman crew!
Hylan Marie is in love with the puppies. :) 

And can I just point out that this dress was the same one we wore last year at Thanksgiving?! 

Got to love girl clothes and their long lasting wearability! It's size 6m and still fits like this!

We celebrated Carson, Bryant, Griffin, and Shanda's birthdays!

Which by the way... we got Bryant,  THIS, 

and it was a huge hit.... except for sister... who ugly cried for about 10 minutes after she thought she would be eaten by Chewy. haha It makes sounds when you open your mouth!
If you have a Star Wars fan, this would be a hilarious gift!

 Speaking of sister... she was super attached to me the whole time we were away from home. I'm not sure if she thought I was leaving her somewhere or if this is a new phase of attachment issues... but bless her, she wanted momma 98% of the time. 

However, 1% went to Griffin on this particular night. :)

Saturday... GAMEDAY, we said goodbye to a lot of the crew, but took a short hike first!

Lots of playing was done...

After the loss, (UGH), we headed home... where sister decided she wanted a snack and wanted to watch more "fh-bawl" with daddy. :)

(Why yes, our lamp is on the floor... I decided to take on a painting project in the middle of the holiday season and with Hylan Marie's birthday crafting beginning to take off.) More to come on home improvement projects later!

It was a wonderful time spent with those we love. 

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