Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First Day of MMO!

This Tuesday, HM started Mom's Morning Out!

She did so good. :)
I did not want to start her at the beginning of the school year, just because I was spending so much time in the afternoons at band practice... and had major mom guilt. So now that she never gets a break from me (lol) I think she was ready. Ha! 

(^^ That face! SASSY!)

Thank goodness she is very familiar with the people and place she will be attending, since I do a dear friend's exercise class there... it made the transition much easier! We shall see how day two goes, now that she knows I'm leaving her more than just my exercise hour! ha!

We celebrated big with Burger King afterwards. :)

 What is even more awesome is that Burke gets out 45 minutes earlier than she does on one of the days... so we got to have a little just Burke and mommy time! We were totally headed to get ice cream- BEFORE lunch at Bluebell, but the parlor was closed for clean-up! I had one disappointed little boy.... just another reason to go to Burger King I suppose. :)

I'm so grateful for the good caregivers both my kids have while they are away from me during the day!

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