Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter- Part II

After a super busy day, and then fun night at the carnival...

where this went down
(yes, I forgot to post it to Part I, and it was WAY too sweet not to have documented!)

We hurriedly put out carrots and milk (Burke demanded there be a drink!) for the Easter bunny.
Sorry for the terrible quality of photos!

He also insisted they be right in the middle of the yard... I honestly don't think he liked the idea of a huge bunny coming inside his house. haha!

Of course the Easter bunny was REALLY tired, but managed to drag herself out of bed at midnight to get the baskets ready (because he/she mistakenly laid down and closed the eyes...). :)

Last year I did so much more (HOW?! I HAD A NEWBORN?!) for Easter and did the most meaningful activities and little scavenger hunt prior to the big morning... but nope... not this year. Allergies struck hard Friday and I skimmed by ... making do with whatever I had.... which honestly was a few dollar store toys and little things I picked up here and there the weeks prior.

Thank goodness we had "happy mail" the day before that would allow their baskets to be more than candy and dollar store harmonicas (don't buy them... they don't work. ;)

They both got bunny ears, the same candy and chocolate bunny, a harmonica, bubbles for their bubble machine (they already had the one pictured!), a wind up chic (Burke) and bunny (HM), and a pattern beading puzzle- that they can both use (just practicing different skills!)

Burke's basket also included a small water gun, and a summer shorts set (that I'm in love with!... and only cost 11$ from the Printed Press!).

He was the first one up ... and went straight for the candy.

No one stops you on Easter morning. :)

Cute, right?! And SO SO SOFT!

As for Hylan Marie...
that bonnet stole the show.

Ahhh! I love it!
I LOVE The Beaufort Bonnet Company- like with all my heart I love that company... but I tried out Mindy McKinney (a suggestion from a mom's group on Facebook) and haven't looked back. I love supporting small business, and she does an impeccable job, not to mention affordable!

Here's the one she made Hylan Marie this fall.

These I will treasure, and hopefully Hylan Marie can use with her own sweet babies!
Find her on Facebook and tell her I sent you!

Back to baskets...She went straight for the fuzzy bunny. :)

We quickly got them dressed (in what Ryan announced was his LAST "collar like that" shirt. :)... I have other plans. lol) and HM in a very special dress... 
She wore my first Easter dress!
Here's a little comparison. :)
I'm 9 months and Hylan Marie is 14 months, and both being held by our aunt or uncle. :)
Just one more thing that I can't wait to stash away and pass down to her!

After Easter baskets were opened, we snapped
the Easter Sunday morning pics (that barely happened because we were running so late! #storyofmylife.)

HM also got a book that she adores. :)

The pictures were only going south from here, so we called it.

 Burke and Ryan went ahead because the children's choir was singing, and HM and I were close behind!

Easter service was beautiful.... just look at the cross.

You feel so unworthy, undeserving... but SO LOVED- especially on Easter Sunday. 
I am so thankful Our Savior! 

These sweet kids sang and brought joy to my soul!

These two did their best to pose for me. :)

My heart burst at this moment. :)

And we had a family shot taken...

And we got home and took even more pictures....

HM is saying "cheese!" :)

Then we loaded up and headed to Cullman for Easter lunch with both of our families.

It was very very wet and rainy, so we opted to have the lunch catered and bring to The Coleman's church fellowship hall.

These FOUR cuties!

And I stole this one from Shanda's FB page! :) They arrived after our photos, boo!

After some amazing food, the kids got even more goodies from the grandparents.

And what's Easter without the egg hunt?!
Very thankful that we even got to do this considering the weather!

Sister helped more the big playsets in the gym! :) So strong!

Afterwards, we headed to my parents house, where to my surprise my Aunt Shelia and Uncle Herm were down from Michigan! I love seeing them! Uncle Greg, Chastity, Cayden, Adam, Tawanna, Nash, and Sophie were among the fun too!

The weather cleared up, and after baskets from Nanna and PawPaw, we were able to hide and hunt Easter eggs!

I have to say, this is where I have egg hunting etched in my memory... it was fun to be on the other side watching the excitement in these little eyes.

That night we landed back at Ree and PaPa's.

And headed out early the next morning for Sylacauga.
Where we got back into our normal routine. :)

Happy Easter! 
He is Risen, indeed!

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