Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016- Part 1

This year Easter really caught me off guard. It seemed so early and so close to St. Patrick's Day (and for some reason think a holiday can't be skipped in the household or I'll combust).

So before 1 pm on St. Patty's Day, we had our Easter decor up. :)

This is my most favorite (and treasured) pottery I had printed by Let's Get Personal Pottery last Easter. 


And this is what we did last week at home.
I think I may keep it out! So simple and so precious to me... especially since printing Burke's foot is coming to an end. He's getting so big! 

We were also able to fit in some  cheesy photos of this girl. 

She makes the cutest lil bunny!

Saturday morning we went to our church's annual egg hunt!

Burke's response when he walked up... "Well... they didn't hide the eggs very good." hahaha

Can we just pause a second to compare these two to last year at this same event???

Baby girl has grown over three times her size... and she's still tee tiny. haha

Sweet friends and neighbors!

Daddy trying to talk egg hunting strategy to Burke. lol

You see that light blue shirt WAY in the back.... yup... that's our son. All part of "the strategy." :)

Sister totally got the hang of it. :)

The competitive streak wore off once he realized there were enough eggs for him to fill his basket twice. haha

I love how he checks the eggs to make sure they are worthy of his basket. :)


Mary Grace showing Hylan Marie the real reason for egg hunts. :)

Burke and his sweet buddy Jack.

The rest of Saturday was spent lying around the house trying to get over the terrible cold and allergies that have attacked us (No bueno!) while Ryan took his date, Burke, to a wedding reception in Birmingham... since I was under the weather. :)

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for Easter Sunday!
(Thank You Mindy McKinney for ANOTHER beautiful bonnet!... I was so thankful it arrived in time to put in Hylan Marie's basket!)
I'll share in the next post more info about her... y'all, she is GOOD. And so sweet to include the nicest note!

When the boys returned, Ryan and I were most entertained by this the rest of the day. (Please forgive the no pants/half pajamas look sported by my gal... it's real life.)

Using (what I call) her only defense mechanism against those bigger than her. (which is everyone)

Easter Sunday up next!

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