Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring is Here!

And my allergies officially kicked in this evening. Boo!
I have allergy insomnia currently... you know- where you are exhausted from the day, but can't rest because you're uncomfortable... ugh.

So blog it is...

If you have a Curious George lover, like me, this post title will send you into a fit of rage because I have just cursed you with a song you will be singing for the next couple of hours. hahaha!

We have really been lazy this week.... and it's been wonderful!
We've staying in our pi's way past the appropriate time on most days, and have been enjoying the beautiful weather!

These girls!

Tuesday this week, we even went so far to wear them to the mall to get pictures with the Easter bunny. :) (And ride these cool animals! What?!)

Yes... so cheesy, and not worth a half what I paid. lol
But it's one of those things that I love doing... and obviously my son shares the same love. :)
Hylan Marie did better than I anticipated... but definitely liked the bunny more from afar.

This morning we made "Resurrection Rolls," and I seriously don't know why these have never been in my life before now. I mean... SO GOOD, but oh so bad for you (which is why they are so good!)

It was a sweet little reminder of our Easter story to start the day.

We also helped (I use that verb loosely) stuff the eggs for Saturday's big Easter Egg Hunt at church. The kids lasted about an hour before the fascination wore off. :)

We also went to our neighborhood hunt this evening! This group keeps growing and I love it!
What sweet sweet memories are being made! So thankful for our friends!

HM did pretty good considering the basket is almost as big as she is.

 Love this pic of Same and Burke.

Alana and Hylan Marie decided to go big or go home in the egg department.

Hobbs was proud of his accomplishments. hahahaha #numberoneisoverrated

And we capped the day by going to the carnival.
Burke was SO excited. But by the time the ferris wheel really started moving he was ready to get off. ha! Hylan, on the other hand, could have ridden all night. 

Friends take pictures of friends. :)

Lets note... that this is the response I got when I said lets take a picture. ha! #strikeapose

Big thanks to Mrs. Summer for riding everything with this clan and going down the slide with Burke! :)

Hylan Marie liked watching Burke ride the kiddi coaster, but really just wanted to run like mad around the carnival. She more independent that Burke ever was!

NOW... allergy meds are kicking in... so this post may or may not make sense in the morning. 

Good night and have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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