Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Recap- with a little St. Patty's and Easter mixed in

Recap of late last week...

St. Patrick's Day traditions ensued....

Green milk, rainbow pancakes, and lucky charms. :)

We did not catch the leprechaun, but he once again left his mark by leaving the toilet water green... haha
(B gets a kick out of this!)

We were not pinchable ...

except maybe this face. xoxo

We left Burke, in all his green, and some festive rice crispy treats at school for the morning.

And while Burke was at school enjoying his St. Patrick's Day with friends, sister and I did a little cleaning of the playroom... and I found my bow stash... HIDDEN. 

Y'all, it's been over a month I've been looking for this container!
It was in the waffle blocks box,,, among Goofy and a Mickey instrument. 

Of course he redeemed himself by being sweet to sister. :)

The very next day, we prepped for an Easter Party at school. 
Yup, that's right... St. Patrick's Day and Easter, back to back. That's what happens when Easter is early and Spring Break is too I guess!

I BOUGHT the cupcakes for the party (if you really wanna know- they were St. Patrick's Day cupcakes and had the green rings on them... which I cleaned and sent the day prior... see rice crispy picture... #mommaisgood... #orcheap) and decorated them myself with a crushed Butterfinger and   some yummy mini chocolate bunnies!

And this girl got in the spirit with her new bow I made. It's so so cute in person!

Then Ree came to watch the kiddos for the rest of the day while I headed to Birmingham to take my Praxis... ugh... not sure that went well, but I rewarded myself non the less.

The kids had a great time with Ree. Egg decorating, puzzle playing, and much more went on while I was away. So thankful for her!

Saturday, my parents came down. My dad and Ryan went turkey hunting, while my mom was going to keep the kids while I headed to Atlanta for a baby shower... only Burke got sick twice during the night. :( 
I thought he had caught a bug... because just the day before he mentioned that a boy in his class threw up his lucky charms (which made me giggle-I won't lie), but that's all I kept thinking of as he was getting sick... is that he caught the St. Patrick's Day bug... that did not include a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But nope- after sleeping it off he was absolutely fine.
If only I had known, I would have went. I was so looking forward to seeing my sweet friend Lisa and her baby bump!

Instead, we made the most of it, and did some more Easter egg decorating.

Then mom volunteered to help me fix our yard.
Yes, please!

Here is the before...

 Burke played in this hole FOREVER! He was really putting those yard tools to work!
We pruned, pulled, and planted for about 3 or 4 hours total. I'm pretty impressed with how much we did in such a short amount of time!

It's really sad that we hadn't done anything sooner... now that I know that mulch can make you feel like a million bucks... well... this will happen more often!

And the AFTER!

(Love my new Hydrangea!... Totally my favorite flower....Now if I can keep it alive!)

My parents stayed for lunch and we had a great time!

Sunday, we went to church, and heard the sweetest sounds!

And then we exited. 
Thankfully we had company. :)

These kids are so precious in His sight!

Looking forward to a low key Spring Break and then Easter!

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