Friday, March 18, 2016

It's already Friday, again?

I feel like we haven't stopped since last Friday! All fun things.... (well, maybe except for having to take an exam today), so I need to play major catch-up on the blog and have yet ANOTHER picture overload.

This boy had his four year check-up!

They confirmed he is indeed a healthy lil stinker. ;)

He is 18%ile in weight and 20% in height.

We went to the movies with our neighbors! Who are awesome and allowed me to drop off Libby at the dealership to get the ac fixed while we ran around in Birmingham for the day.

How awesome is this play area they have for kids?!

And how awesome is it that our kids coordinated?! ;)

The above MJ knot top may be my favorite spring piece she has in her closet. LOVE!
And that bow is a PERFECT match. DOUBLE THE LOVE!

Ms. Mary Grace is just the sweetest with Hylan Marie.

Later that same day Laura and I visited and brought dinner to this sweet bunch. 

Baby Camille is so beautiful! 

That was ALL Friday!

The weekend consisted of traveling to Cullman to get our taxes done, and having a lunch date at ... 
Taco Bell.

No. I'm not pregnant, but I do embarrassingly admit this was my choice. 

Monday, mom watched the kiddos while I headed to study for about two hours... in Starbucks...
Another confession.... I enjoyed it.

I don't know how people go back to school when they have little ones at home. There is a VERY small window of opportune study time, so a nice, calm, non-rushed study session was so welcomed. Thanks mom!

Then I got to take my grandma to get her first pedi (or that's what she told me!)

She LOVED it, and so did I. 

She and my grandma Moyer both suffer from dementia, but both have such sweet sweet spirits. 

"Your beauty should be the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight" 1 Peter 3: 3-4

That verse couldn't ring clearer in this season of her life. She has always been the best listener... (as I can remember many of days spent sitting at her kitchen counter filling her ears with the latest "boy problem" in the good ole' high school days,  but now, she's not quiet for the same reason as she once was...

I can't imagine her feelings of loss or confusion. I'm sure it's so scary, but she doesn't let it show. Instead she has this sweet smile on her face. 

She means so much to me!

We got the same color.

We then went to Chickfila hand-in-hand.
Grandpa and mom met us with my heathens. ;0)

4 generations. :)

What a great day!

Tuesday we went to the zoo with more family!

Hylan didn't want her partner in crime snoozing on the wait for the train (because let's face it.. these two are going to be trouble together. :)

We got back in time to squeeze in a baton lesson and then baseball practice.

Is he not the cutest lil ball player?!

My heart!

He even hit the ball pretty good. :) (And took out the tee, but that's beside the point.)

This week he also collected more rocks for me while at school...

like so many that he had to hold his pants up. lol
His teacher told me he couldn't be talked out of the idea and he convinced them that he would hold his pants up so they wouldn't fall down because of the weight of the 39,038 rocks he wanted to give me. :)

He's mine ladies.
At least for 50 more years, right?

Tomorrow I'm heading to ATL to one of my sweet friends, Lisa's (she blogs too, check her out!) baby shower! I'm so excited to see her baby bump and catch up with friends. Sunday is also packed, but like I said... all good things! Thank you Lord for this busy, crazy, amazing, exhausting, and joyful life and the wonderful people I have a pleasure of doing it with.

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  1. What a sweet memory with your grandmother. A good reminder to call mine more, even if talking in the phone with her is difficult. And can we talk about your Granddad's hat?!? Glad someone in your family has some sense ;)