Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SBS now at Pickle Patch!

So SugarBean Scout now has a booth at Pickle Patch!
(And it will look lots different if you go visit it now, as the fabric banners have sold out! Will be getting more up soon.)

Shireen and I decided to try our hand at selling some new, old, crafty, (and who am I kidding... random) things here at the antique market in town. 

We by no means have our booth how we envision it, but it's a start! We are adding to it constantly and will be making it more "southern vintage" (is that a style?) as time allows!

Shireen has made a few fun and festive Easter wreaths. (LOVE that bunny!)

And I am selling more of the personalized mats! GREAT for end of the year teacher gifts or a happy for your neighbor!

But last, and definitely not least... BOWS!

Here are just a few that are in the booth... feel free to go check them out in person!

And take a look at how GORGEOUS these chiffon flowers look on this older model.

I mean.

(Not only is she beautiful... she's a sweetie too! And has a love for Hylan Marie like no other.... I really need to get them in a picture together sporting SBS hair pretties. ;)

We can't wait to add more things to the booth very soon! 
Hope you go check us out!

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  1. So fun and a citing! Wish I lived closer to be able to stop by and see!