Monday, April 4, 2016


We went hiking on a pretty day...
Homeboy loves a map.

(Have I mentioned that "4" is my favorite???
I get flowers, "thinking of you rocks," and countless "I love you's" every day.
Please, PLEASE do this forever sweet Burke.)

Surprisingly, sister walked most of our hike.

She was so so tired from being sick last week because, bless her... she couldn't breathe. She often fell asleep when she wasn't "supposed" to ...

Pure sweetness.

The newest MJ release included this! (Drooling!)

And we will be sporting it poolside this summer!

We've been doing some summer shopping... specifically for specific patio furniture... all of which we haven't found yet. Instead, I found my girl shares a love for Barbies. 

Like a moth to a flame.
I may have squealed a bit.

We ventured out to enjoy some hometown Blue Bell ice cream,  

where we got more than we bargained for! A fishing tournament was weighing in at the pavilion. These kids had a blast seeing the HUGE fish and getting splashed when they threw them into the oversized live well.

And tee ball has begun!

This child.

I could eat that little ball player with a spoon! Him + that uniform is too much I tell you!

So far, sister has NOT done very well at games. She wants what everyone else is eating, and is ready for bed all at the same time. It's kind of a disaster, but all worth it to see the chaos that we call baseball being played by 3 and 4 year olds. :)

And I've been more busy in the bow department... which is so much fun!
This is the bow Hylan Marie wore to Burke's first ball game! It turned out so cute!

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