Monday, April 11, 2016

Pre-weekend/Weekend Recap

Because it's been a week since I blogged! Whoops!

Early last week we made a trip to Birmingham to run some errands. Trader Joe's was on my radar because Burke had never been and I knew he would totally dig the kid sized carts, free snacks, and the find the hidden stuffed animal game.

I was right.

And now he wants to go grocery shopping at only this store so he can find the hidden stuffed animal and ring that glorious bell. :)

Trader Joes- you are good. You kept my four year old entertained my entire shopping trip... however, he might need buggy driving training. (Sorry surrounding shoppers.)

We ran lots of random errands and then rewarded ourselves with Chickfila (and momma made a pit stop for a beverage of choice.) :)

Have you tried this new side from Chickfila??? I typically stay a million miles away from kale, but THIS. This is so good!

Sister and I... muah!

This girl LOVES her dolls. She already pretends with them!

Thursday evening we headed to Burke's tee ball game. This wagon saves me.

And this happened.

Friday afternoon I ran Burke and Hylan Marie to Ree and PaPa while Ryan and I went to see our hometown's production of Steel Magnolia's. It was SO good! It's my favorite movie of all time, and the play was right on the money. They even had a reception afterwards... 

with armadillo cake!
(We did not get to stay and eat because babies awaited us at the lake and I was STARVING!)
We are so happy to have Sylacauga Community Playhouse!

Saturday we had a nice relaxing morning at the lake and then headed to God's Country.
Where my child then consumed ALL.THE.SUGAR.

I promise I don't deprive him! But I will say that he must share my love for sweets (Because did I mention I had a smore's DQ blizzard for lunch? #guilty) 

She did pretty good at the game! Definitely the hardest age to get to sit for a few hours, but she was able to move around more because everybody spreads out on A-Day. 

She also made the jumbo tron AGAIN!
Ryan said it was the little house on the prairie look. lol

We came back home late that night and went to church where we started a new Sunday School and bible study with young families. We are doing the War Room study, and right now we are just watching the movie together. I look forward to meeting with our group weekly! God has great things planned, I know!

The rest of the day was spent teaching baton, driving to Birmingham to meet mom so Burke could spend the night with my parents ... plus more errands, while Ryan worked a bit on the house and had some quality time with Hylan Marie. 

Sooner than later I will do a before and after house post!
There have been lots of changes and I can't wait to show you!

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