Tuesday, April 14, 2015

393758384 mini cadbury eggs later...

Does anyone else have more candy around their house than Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's day combined??? (And somehow have eaten your weight in mini Cadbury Eggs? No?)

I think it's because we participated in one too many easter egg hunts!

The Wednesday before Easter we joined Danielle and Wesley's church for some fun. Bounce house,

egg hunts,

(Hylan sporting the preppy chic look)

and they even fed us! Burke loves doing anything and everything with Cade, so he had an absolute ball (that is after he warmed up to the scene after taking a short car ride nap... those are the worst!)

Thursday, we joined his class in an egg hunt.

It had to be moved inside due to rain, but I don't think any of them minded. :) This year, Burke would shake the eggs to make sure they had something in them before tossing them into his basket.... this is an improvement from last year. 

Friday, we were going to take it easy and get ready for the big traveling weekend ahead.

Then our neighbor friends said the words "egg hunt." The Coleman's don't miss an opportunity to hunt eggs- (if you haven't noticed... you will soon enough.)

The sweetest neighborhood friends... Payne, Anderson, Owen, Sam, B, and Thomas.

The gals- Hylan and Jane Paschal
And don't get me started on that car seat cover. I'm about to ditch it. Don't get me wrong, I love how fun and girly it transformed our boring black carseat... BUT it does not stay put if you move the shade. Drives. Me. Crazy. I've tried using velco dots to hold it in place. No success. I'm going to try one more idea, and if it doesn't work... it's coming off! It's not worth the cute!
Ahhh... rant over.

Back to Easter.

Summer (the egg hunting hostess) brought out the popsicles and made everyones day. :)

Not quite sure what's going on below, but it looked picture worthy...

You know it's a good day when you get to eat a melted chocolate cookie lying on your back and no one is running behind you trying to wipe your face!

Saturday, the Easter Bunny visited our house! Why yes, we get that a lot around here... everyone must just know we travel. :)

He did something different and fun this year... Burke was led on a scavenger hunt to find his and Hylan's basket. He went everywhere from the mailbox to the carrots that we are planting outside.

He really started getting into it! So much fun!

We were eventually led to a note from the Easter Bunny himself. A special poem about the wonderful celebration we would get to sing about, hear about, and celebrate with family and friends the next day... along with one last clue to where our Easter baskets might be hiding.

 We got to have fun with the treasures that were left for the kids and then we headed to our church Easter Egg hunt!

(Are you really going to let me hold me mom?!)
And can you get enough of that baby in a bonnet? I can't. So you will be seeing it until it busts a seam. :)

THEN we headed to Cullman for Easter weekend!
We went to (yet again!) another egg hunt. Our sweet friend Amy always invites us to her church's festivities... and it's always so fun and Christ centered!

(You know when you can tell you hunted too many eggs? When you decided to blow dandelions instead.) ;)

They had inside games. For one, they were asked to roll an egg across the floor with only their face. It was as funny as it sounds. 

I was kind of impressed with Burke's army crawling skills!

Then they hunted eggs with flashlights. It was starting to get kind of cool, so it didn't last long. It was a fun twist on the traditional egg hunt though!

They won GREAT prizes that have somehow been misplaced.

I just know that the kids of this church are going to grow up and say "Who in the world are those two boys who are ALWAYS in our Easter pictures?"

Easter morning, we went to my parent's church, and snapped a picture with the fam.

 Then to Ree and PaPa's church. 
It was busy, but a wonderful morning to celebrate our Savior with family!
Hylan's first Easter!

Then we took a few snapshots with the Coleman family.

Sibling LOVE.
Yeah... it's the best we could get. :)

Shireen edited this one... and I think it turned out pretty good!

 Ree and Papa with all the grandkids!

 And then... ONE. MORE. EGG HUNT.

 We ended the weekend with a visit to Sportsman Lake Park, where we attempted to float a boat Nanna gave Burke for Easter, down a stream... it resulted in Nanna having to fish the boat out of a few predicaments. :) We had fun though!

We are so very thankful to have families to celebrate this wonderful holiday alongside.

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